Pacers Sign Gerald Green

We knew this already, but — as was first reported by Peter Vecsey and Mike Wells — the Pacers have officially announced the signing of Gerald Green, a 6’8″ swingman who until a break-out stint with the Nets last year seemed like he was going to turn into an NBA has-been: a never was. But the former Slam Dunk champ will at least get a chance to prove he can play at this level over the long-term as he comes of a Pacers’ bench that is essentially devoid of proven scorers on the perimeter outside of DJ Augustin, who was himself just acquired today.

What else did Green, the subject of this wonderful article by Jonathan Abrams, do as a Net?


And just like that, Paul George becomes only the second-best dunker on Indy’s roster.

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  • mossberg

    i know a ton of people who can dunk. who did he dunk on…. houstons bench players gimme a break. come on this guy is a bum who played ok for a shitty team. this is a bad move. i say we protest and get walsh outta here before he trades danny granger to the hornets and doesnt even get gordan back in the deal!!

  • NoLookPass

    This move will end up being a negative one other than cool dunks. He played good on a bad team but that isn’t going to translate when he gets less PT and shots and his percentages all fall.

  • dwain

    ok where do the Pacers stand on cap space now…ie: was that the last move they can make?

  • gregor t.

    That’s more like it! Is the Pacers bench better or worse with these moves? If they cant score points against playoff teams, they better be able to defend. If they don’t, Walsh and Pritch should be on a very short leash.

  • mossberg

    i still think we should have got a pick in the dallas deal. mahinmi is not going to do shit and green is not the answer to our shooting guard problem. its looking like we may use hill more at the 2 now and possibly alot more lance. i dont see green helping us more than barbosa. i think hansbrough will be shipped out shortly for another forward and possibly a guard. wouldnt mind then trading him to clippers for eric bledsoe and trey thompkins since clippers need a big man and with griffin hurting hansbrough wouldnt be a bad fit. the clippers have paul and billups and dont need bledsoe who i may add is a great passer. think about it walsh u stupid bastard.

  • NoLookPass

    If the playoffs shooting percentages drop and right now we have 4 guys who shoot poor percentages and like to shoot on the bench with Ian Mahinmi who can’t carry offense unless he makes every shot. One would think Ian has a ton of PO expect with the Mavs and Spurs being in 10 series over his career but he only has 122 MIN in the playoffs posting 4.1/2.2/0.0

  • mossberg

    ian is garbage and lou is way better. does it piss anyone else off that paul george buys his first house and its not even in indy? i think we need to move him or granger now. move one to the hornets along with hansbrough for gordon and ryan anderson. anderson is a great player and he can shoot the 3. he is a better verison of troy murphy in my opinion. gordon doesnt want to be a hornet and granger is new orleans native plus george is a 3 not a shooting guard. we either need to make this guy happy or trade george and get something for him while hes uninjured and playing well.

  • http://@Fowler The Other Ian

    @mossberg. Anderson is a power forward, not a strong forward, plus I’m pretty sure he can’t be traded for a few months. Even aside from that, trading granger/geoge + hans bro for anderson + gordon would be a horrible trade for the Hornets and they would never do that, as they shouldn’t. Plus Paul George is too light to be a true 3, he’s better as a two. I also haven’t heard one word of discontent from him (I’m assuming that’s who you were talking about…), plus he’s on contract for two years. Why on earth should we look to trade him? Chill out man

  • Joe B

    So much anger. mossberg, you might want to check individual stats and maybe rewatch the Orlando series to see how “great” of a player Anderson was…ick.

    Green will be better off the bench than Barbosa: he can defend and is more athletic. Granger now has a true back-up who can be a big 2 or an average sized 3. The Pacers are better because of their moves, even if its only incremenally. The were not going to sign a star player, so they upgraded by degree at every bench position and added size…

  • gregor t.

    And to suggest that Lou Amundson can defend, rebound, or hit a free-throw better than anyone in the NBA is just plain silly.

  • Tom

    I don’t get all the uproar here. We will be as good or better than we were last year, you can’t look at these moves as an attempt to make us WAY better. that’s not the point. we’re biding our time, trying to compete, waiting for the right opportunity to make a bigger move next year or in the future.

  • Chris D.

    I agree with Tom. No big time game changers were in the cards for us this year. Pacers need to 1) rebuild the dedicated fan base, 2) remain a top 4 team in the East, and 3) put a team together that will attract a true star–hopefully–next year.

  • AintNoPacerHater

    it’s all about the BENCH SQUAD’S IMPACT this year….here is some background on Green and how he fits into the Pacers…..

  • nathan

    that was some hate for lou. he works harder than the whole rest of the team put together! he does fine rebounding.

    as for the green pickup, i think this is great. now we can rotate george/green/granger through the 2 and 3 spots, giving each a lot of time. green has a lot of potential for sure, hopefully it works out.

  • Derek U

    Unless someone can dish the ball to green, find him open lanes, open shots, open scores period I don’t see this working.. He had a good amount of playing time with D.will, a previous thread stated he had almost 70% of his buckets were on assists.. This guy couldn’t create a shot for himself if humanity depended on it. He’s not Crawford, he’s not Mayo, he’s not a scorer. He’s a poor mans paul george with less potential and less size who had a good year with one of the best points in the league. I’ll be surprised if he comes close to matching last years output.

    Mossberg, quit crying like a bitch. If thats how you think sports wise, please quit following cause you have not a clue of what you’re talking about. Not only are those trade scenarios not possible, they’re beyond retarded.

    Pacers will have a good season, but the east teams are getting better everyday. Will be lucky to be above a 4th seed honestly. Depends on output from teams like the Nets, Celtics, Bulls, and Knicks..

  • Ronal Eugene is Right!!

    Lou sucks. He tries hard and it’s fun yelling Lou, but he is way undersized as a 6’9 center and he actually sucks. He was a huge liability in the playoffs. Dahntay “MVP” Jones never learned to play within himself and not try to drive on 3 guys. Nothing is more frustrating that watch Jones turn the ball over as he tries to dunk over 3 people and he never lived up to the defensive stopper reputation he came in with. A wing who plays average defense and hits corner threes is a dime a dozen. I don’t know much about Mahinmi or Green, but being angry over replacing 2 of the worst rotation players on the team doesn’t make any sense. Green and Mahinmi can’t possibly be worse.

  • PG

    Derek U, I agree with you 100%. With all the player shuffling I think we’re at best treading water. We might have ended up making a slight downgrade. Not sure how anyone could have watch DJ Augustin and Collison play the last two years and not see that as a downgrade. Not to mention that the Pacers signed Augustin for $1.2 million more than Collison would have made this year.
    Mahinmi looks to be a reliable backup center so at the very least he should be Hibbert’s immediate backup and initially more qualified to play there over Plumlee.
    Unfortunately I think Green is going to really struggle with the Pacers. Most of the reason he was successful last year was because he was playing alongside one of the best point guards in the league. There is no one in the same mold of Deron Williams on the Pacers. While I didn’t think much of Dahntay Jones, I think Green will be a slight upgrade on offense and slight downgrade on defense. At best a wash.

  • Ronal Eugene is Right!!

    Hey Mossburg, Gordon sucks. You can’t pay max money to a guy who get’s hurt all the time. You can’t pay max money to an undersized guy who struggles defending bigger guards, which you probably aren’t aware of because there’s no way you actually watched him play in LA. And you can’t trade your best player to max out a guy who isn’t that good. He is a good scorer, but not worth max money and not worth trading Granger. Stop living in your IU bubble, don’t you realize that team was a disgrace. Why don’t we get Kelvin Sampson too? That way we can fully live all the glory days of the most dispicable team in IU history. Go wash out your vagina, you’re crying like a little bitch.

  • Ian

    A lot of ignorance here. You can debate the value of the moves the Pacers have made but it seems like no one bothers to actually check the stats.

    Green is a career .366 3-pt shooter. So he’s 6-8, super athletic, and can shoot 3s. Yeah, he’s yet to prove he can do it over the long haul, which is why he cost 3M a year instead of 9M a year. But Mayo has never really put up good numbers in the NBA, is smaller, and would have cost over double. If he comes anywhere close to what he did with the Nets last year he’ll be a huge upgrade over Barbosa.

    Mahimni is a big upgrade over Lou. Yeah everyone likes Lou, but he was undersized and a poor finisher. Mahimni is a true 6’11, a leaper, and a finisher (.561 FG percentage, and draws FTs). Augustin will give us essentially what Collison did last year.

    With those 3 and Plumlee, our 2nd unit just became one of the most athletic in the NBA. I think its clear the idea is to use the 2nd unit to wear down opponents with pressure, size, speed and athleticism. I don’t know for sure if it will work but lets remember, again, our bench was actually quite bad last year. It just played a lot of minutes. It is a huge myth that we had a good bench.

  • Jack

    ronal eugene is right

  • mossberg

    derek u…….ive watched the pacers since u were in pampers……anybody can have there own opinion thats what these forums are for u jackass. ive been to more pacers games than u take showers u smelly bitch….with that said i dont get why people get all pissy when someone brings up trading granger and i still say we shouldve traded him for kevin love when we had the chance. really think we gonna get lucky twice being that dahntay jones was in and outta this league for years and found a home with denver…then we give him pretty much same type of deal green gets and he turned out good but green not so much. say what u want but numbers dont lie……hill is a great player but not a great point guard…… must be fed the ball in order to get the shots he takes…..hill is not gonna be able to do that like d-will therefore i feel green will struggle. as for the granger comments thats only an opinion so fuck off it obviously got under ur skirts. whats the words im looking for….o ya freedom of speech u pricks. ian cant rebound cant block shots cant do what he should be able to do for his size so get over yourselves. ive been a pacers fan for 20 years and an nba lover for 25 i dont need teenagers and grown men who act like teenagers telling me my opinions are garbage when ive been there and seen it all. i know whats going on and fully aware of the situation and players coming and going and there stats and my opinion stands as previously stated. let me quote a show it sounds like most of u watch…..”you don’t like it then you can get out”….south park. you dont like my opinions then dont read them and then bitch about them and u guys wonder why we have such low attendence record cuz our fans are to busy sitting on there asses defending the team in online chat rooms than to go to a damn game. ronal eugene is right…..u are correct in lots of your comments i agree with you alot and yes i did watch him in LA which is also another favorite team of mine. hes a great scorer and decent passer…injury can happen to any player at anytime but yes he is injury prone but honestly i feel last year he just didnt want to play for the hornets….i wouldnt either. i dont watch IU basketball cuz its terrible and honestly never saw 1 game gordon played in college cuz of that fact. to go back to the granger/george trade…..i would trade george for gordon 8 times outta ten. paul is good dont get me wrong just irked me when i found out he purchased his home and wasnt even in indy like most players do when they plan on being with a team for awhile they buy a home in the state they play for. manning just bought a house in denver cuz he plays for denver. granger is getting older and was just saying we should try to get something for him while hes got life left. sorry to get everyones panties in a bunch…i figure you guys are pissed the fever lost so u take ur hate out on me but whatever. love the pacers and always will but the green and mahinmi moves will most likely backfire like the awesome trade to golden state for the clean cut white boys or when we couldnt figure out what to do with artest then rented peja for like 20 games or when we couldnt decide whether to trade or keep al harrington. we had better moves to improve the team when bird was around and now that its back to walsh i find myself wondering are these moves to improve the team or to just get us through the season….IN MY OPINION.

  • mossberg

    ronal how are you gonna say something about me and not even spell my name correctly when its posted in front of you?

  • Special K

    I don’t know a lot about him, but now that he’s been amnestied by the Rockets, maybe Luis Scola would be a nice upgrade over Psycho T? Let’s face it, T doesn’t have the athleticism to be a consistent scoring or rebounding threat in the NBA. Find a way to move him for a second round pick and pick up Scola and you’ve got a consistent big scoring threat and decent rebounding. That gives the second unit Augustin/Stephenson, Green, Scola and Mahinmi to score with.

  • gregor t.

    If the Pacers could get the numbers to work, Scola would be a great fit.

  • gregor t.

    Hey Moss, Love the passion. I didn’t hear about P. George buying a house. Was it in SoCal? I believe most of his family lives there. If he’s buying a brownstone in Chicago i might be worried. I remember seeing Reggie Wayne wearing a PNX Suns jersey once during his rookie year, and i railed on him big time. Of course, he turned out to be as loyal to Indy as a born Hoosier. If P.George continues to improve like he has, he will soon be receiving a long term contract with a big raise. Hopefully, then, he makes that kind of commitment. Besides, renting is not a bad way to go these days, even for millionaires. Just Saying.

  • Ian

    Scola would be great but I imagine there might be a few bidders for him. As I understand it there’s an amnesty auction where all teams can put in bids on how much of his salary they are willing to pay, with the Rockets eating the rest.

    I am pretty sure we still have our full midlevel amongst other things right?

  • mossberg

    i agree gregor t. i want scola as well but im not sure if we have enough money to get him without moving hansbrough for nothing and not getting outbid by another team. thanks for the kind words. i dont understand some people and why they have to insult people for saying something there thinking. its just sad that people cant express there own opinions about something only to have it bashed harshly for no reason. u can simply give the answer i disagree then follow it with reason to back ur opinion. because everything on here is an opinion not fact. hopefully we make a play at scola but if not i still like the idea of going after brad miller. miller is a class act and stand up guy who can shot the ball well. plus wasnt he a boilermaker? big white guy thats from indiana or at least went to college here fits in with how we’ve been building the bench lol.

  • dwain

    saw on Hard Wood that the min bid on Scola would be 10.5 mil, not sure we got that kinda space left….

  • dwain

    ooops Hoop World…not hard wood :)

  • gregor t.

    True enough! This is a Pacers fan site and a good one. If we all didn’t occasionally go a little overboard with our opinions, it would be boring. I am guilty, but justify it with a love of the Pacers. I still think Stipo would have been a Hall-of-Famer, had he stayed healthy. Well, maybe not, but he is still one of my favorite Pacers. I was ten when he was drafted in ’83 and he is the only Pacer, or person, i ever asked for an autograph. Got it. On a program. Might just be buried with it. Go Pacers! Wait, what were we talking about?

  • gregor t.

    Scola made 8.5mil last year. Pacers don’t have half that left to bid under the cap. I could be wrong.

  • Derek U

    lol mossberg, are you the creepy old fuck who brings his bincoluars to the game just to watch the pacemates, and only the pacemates? I see him every other game I go to. Probably at 6/9 games I went to last year. Dry that drool-line up and calm your tits, and look at the trade scenario you posted just because you don’t like the fact that a player bought a house that isn’t in Indianapolis.. What kind of over reaction is that? And the fact you think lou is a good center is even more laughable. I’m not denying his energy, I’d play him at the 4, but not over Ian Mahini.

    And just because you have an opinion, and you believe in free speech, doesn’t mean you’re free of critiscm. You want to post muddled run on sentences that don’t make sense and aren’t plausible, then prepare for the internet son. It’s not just for pedophila as you may know; it’s for talking shit too, and putting idiots in place that find there way into the hood.

    PG, I agree slightly. Green will be a large upgrade over Dahntay Jones. He has more size, athleticism, scoring ability, potential and better defensively, I just don’t believe he will be the greatest fit. It will all revolve around Stephenson and Augustine, and how this new bench runs. I’ll be putting all my chips into Lance Stephenson this season coming off the bench and scoring efficiently to make all these moves an improvement.