Pacers Sign DJ Augustin for 1-Year/$3.5 Million

The Pacers have now completed their three-part deal that confused many Indiana fans and NBA writers alike. First, they sent backup point guard Darren Collison and reserve wing Dahntay Jones to Dallas in a sign-and-trade deal for Ian Mahinmi, who they reportedly gave a 4 year/$16 million deal. Then they reportedly inked free agent wing Gerald Green to a deal in the neighborhood of $10 million over 3 years.

And now, according to a report first broken by Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star, Indiana has signed DJ Augustin, a diminutive point guard who will presumably take over the role vacated by the Collison deal. NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Augustin will only be here on a one-year deal for $3.5 million, which is interesting in the sense that you wonder whether that was Indiana’s preference or his.

This marks at least the second time the franchise has tried to acquire DJ Augustin. They nearly got in him a trade-deadline-day deal in 2010 that seemingly fell apart at the last minute.

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  • mossberg

    i personally like the move. i used to be a bobcat fan and really liked DJA. besides last seasons terrible stat line he has been a good player for charlotte when they where in playoff contention and the one year they made it to the playoffs. really tho we did a big circle and this doesnt make us worse but IMO doesnt makes us that much better either. i like augustins ability to score. he has the george hill scoring and is a better passer than hill. he will allow hill to move to the 2 sometimes and still be able to move the ball and score like hes play point. green is still a big ? on how he will fit in our system and not have a deron williams type pg dishing him the ball. green cant create his own shots so hopefully augustin can help set him up. dont like the move but i cant say i hate it either…..

  • Tom

    we aren’t really getting better. but we’re not getting worse, either, I don’t think. so… yeah…

  • http://Circle...butbetteroverall David

    I feel like with Augustin/Green/Mahimi instead of DC/Jones/Amundson, our offense improved in the second unit overall. Or at least, the offensive upside did. While I was shocked and disgruntled over the DC/Jones to Dallas trade at first, looking at it now, it’s hard to not see that there should be more fluidity to the second unit now.

    Plus, Augustin/Green/Mahimi have way more upside than the outgoing three. There’s interesting potential, and they are also extremely fast. I am intrigued now.

  • mossberg

    wait we gave green a 3yr 10mil deal. thats insane when there is better talent out there for the same price. we need to offload green and hansbrough and get a good shooting guard while the getting is good.

  • NoLookPass

    Bobcats make some dumb moves but Pacers are up for some free players.

  • Marcus

    thank you for some move and for picking up some veteran leadership. A plus
    for a back up center. bring in some fire power is a key for the bench. now hibbert got his biggest pay day better play over the top. or he is a bust.

  • Mike

    so we’re keeping hands bro?

  • Ian

    I kinda like these moves.

    The goal here was to get a more athletic bench with Mahimi and Green they have definitely done that. Both of those guys are in their prime, aren’t very expensive, can score in spurts and are extreme athletes. Green can play both guard and forward, and is a good 3-pt shooter. He put up better numbers than Mayo and is bigger. Mahimi is an excellent finisher around the rim, and Augustin can fill the same sort of role Collison could, but without the PG controversy that we would have had keeping Darren.

    I think we all wanted more for Collison but have to understand that the market for tiny PGs is not very good.

    The Pacers bench is significantly better than it was last season while the starting unit is intact.

  • Don

    PACERS 2013 CHAMPS!!!

  • gregor t.

    Jared. Wow, my friend. You must really not like these moves. Calling DJ Augustin a diminutive PG sounds like a thinly, very thinly, veiled insult at the player. Should you not be directing your anger at the people who signed him instead of at the player who is coming to town? I love this site and not for its objectivity. Some of these moves do not make a lick of sense to me, either. But can we really blame the players? If so, Say so! And bring a Strong opinion. Otherwise, you end up sounding like a petty, unreasonable commentator. Like Me.

  • charlottean

    As a bobcats fan, just wanted to tell you all…’re welcome.

    His numbers are way worse than they would be if he played on a real team. He is a solid passer (not rondo or nash but that next tier down), is a solid shooter (90% free throw guy, solid 3 point shooter even though his numbers have declined there the past 2 years, his FG % will surely rise now that he’s on a team respectable enough to get calls. he was hacked all the time with no call here in charlotte)

    NOT A DEFENDER and probably will compliment hill a lot better than people think. hill is big enough to guard the 2 and augustin is a solid off-ball shooter. had some awesome games as a rookie playing off the ball to felton.

    he has the pedigree. mcdonald’s all american. number 9 pick coming out of texas as a sophomore. 2 solid years in college, 1 as durant’s running mate and roommate, and 1 with him running the show. 24 years old, he’s the same age as collison but more experienced. And he’ll probably have a huge chip on his shoulder given that he signed for 3.5 million and he’s probably worth about 6 a year for 4 years.

    and since we didn’t get hansbrough via sign & trade……..we’ll be picking top 4 guaranteed watching augustin in the playoffs.

  • mossberg

    DJ will be good addition but green is gonna be a bust like he has been for every team. why do we go out and get all the crap other teams dont want?

  • Tim Donahue

    gregor, “diminutive” simply means, “small.” It’s not an insult, and it’s a pretty common appellation for guys like Augustin, Collison, Ty Lawson, etc.

    Besides, Jared rarely veils his insults, thin or otherwise.

  • Robert

    To get Green at that price is a steal. Plays SG and SF thats going to be strong 3 man rotation. Would have like to gotten a 6’4” big PG but D.J. should work pretty good cause he going to work hard to get another contract. His being one yr makes him more likely to excel so he can get sign next yr. Ian going to be an upgrade from Lou……just need to sign vetern back up center for like 1million for 1yr for 10 mins a game. Brad Miller would be perfect!

  • mossberg

    yes somebody besides me wants miller back in a pacers uniform. hes one of the few people who we traded that said he wanted to play for us. who did we get for him….a lousy danny ferry that never played a game after that. another one of those trades were we got nothing in return cuz of walsh. i like pritch but im sure walsh has him on strings controlling his every move like a puppetmaster. why didnt bird leave like an offseason do and donts list before he left?

  • IU Fan

    Active day for the Pacers….Here’s a comparison of the games of Collison vs. Augustin and a little more about Augustin…..

    thank you

  • richard

    great moves! now if we can just get rid of hansborough.

  • gregor t.

    Tim. Agreed. Strange day for this Pacers fan. What JW said was true. I, however, am still confused. No ill will intended. Thanks.

  • Mike Tinkle

    DJ averaged more points and more assists than Darren Collison while averaging fewer minutes per game over the last 2 seasons. Can’t argue with that

  • statz

    why did DJA suck so bad last season? i mean he was so bad he was basically the driving force behind the worst team ever. he played 0 defense and was worse on offense than… DC anyone? hell, he was worse than AJ price!

    i hope he plays like he did 2 years ago. or even his rookie season. he was legit.
    sucked the season in between though

    this guy is super inconsistent, but so far it seems like an every other year thing. I guess this is the right season to offer him a 1yr contract

  • Joe B

    And with this move the Pacers solidify the last of 4 weaknesses which caused their loss to Miami: passing. DJA is an upgrade over DC off the bench, both by numbers and the “eye test.” Also, the fact he signed a one-year deal means he will play like a monster to get a nice contract, most likely on some other team, after next season.

    Weaknesses Addressed

    Size for Defense and Rebounding: Plumlee, IM
    Scoring: Green, DJA
    Passing: DJA

  • Chris D.

    If we got the DJ of 2011, he should be able to steal a starting job. He was smart to get a 1 year deal to see if he can raise his stock.

  • JT Clark
  • Derek U

    I like DJA. Was disapointed the trade for him fell thru in 2010. Should be better this year, playing for a team that has players that can hit shots. Sadly, he was pretty much the best player last year on the worst team in the league.. I’m sure all those losses at some point get depressing and hard to come to work some days. Lets see what he can do.

  • Special K

    The Pacers are doing the right thing in getting more athletic. The problem is that it’s only happening on the bench. Good moves, but just a start. Regardless, it doesn’t explain why they gave away DC for free. He’s a serviceable point *and* a decent sized expiring contract. You should be able to package that with someone like Psycho T for a legit asset rather than donating him to the “Save the Dirk” fund. The acquisitions make sense, the means don’t.

  • gregor t.

    Just a quick question. Who won this free agent battle? DJ Augustin leaving the worst team in the NBA for the Pacers, or Ramon Sessions leaving the Lakers for the Bobcats? Someone is about to lose an agent, and i don’t think it’s DJ. Just Saying!