Larry Bird Is Better and Funnier Than You

Could the 2012 Team USA squad beat the Dream Team? Kobe thinks so.

Bird agrees. Sorta.

(photo via @Pacers)

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  • Realist

    Bird is better, but Donnie Walsh is funnier.

  • granville w. ghost, esq.

    The line (or at least the joke) is from Jerry West. Someone asked him if he could beat Michael Jordan “in his prime”, and Jerry answered “Sure, but Michael Jordan was only 8 years old then” or some such.

  • Tap

    I love this.

    It shows one thing clearly to me — Larry Bird knows the situation.

    Kobe Bryant isn’t a dumb guy, he clearly said the 2012 team was better to fire up his team, create some buzz in the fan world, etc.

    Everybody wanted to know what the Dream Team of ’92 thought.

    Jordan acted like he had been disrespected and said some upset and condescending things about the Kobe statement (typical of Michael Jordan’s personality).

    Bird just took the situation for what it really is and made us all laugh.

  • ElRoz

    Well, I also heard this story about how much Ted Williams would hit today.

    A baseball hall of famer was asked who he thought was the greatest hitter of all time. He said – Ted WIlliams.

    How much would he hit today?
    Well, about .300.
    That’s it – the greatest hitter would hit .300.
    He said, well Ted Williams is 60 years old!

    Larry – I love you and thanks for the autograph in the summer of 1992 when the Dream Team cam to practice in Sand Diego before heading out. It was AWESOME to see them there and get Bird’s autograph (I also go Barkely – in a bar!) and David Robinson’s who was perhaps the nicest and most personable guy there (after Larry of course!)

  • Tom

    Bird knew the only way to answer this properly. All the hypothetical arguments are for internet morons looking to make others mad with hyperbolic nonsense. Bird knew brushing it off with good humor wast the best bet

  • Zack

    This was extremely funny by Bird. He knew Kobe was supposed to answer the question that way (what was Kobe supposed to do, say they would lose to the Dream Team? even if that is TRUE). This joke made my day better.

  • Ronal Eugene is Right!!

    Any thoughts on signing DJ White? Sure, he got cut by the worst team in NBA history, but he went to IU so I’m sure he’d be a great player on the Pacers. Maybe we could do a sign and trade and ship out West.

  • Zack

    You want to do a sign and trade of David West for DJ White?!? You must be out of your mind.

  • Jack

    ronal is only kidding. DJ white deserves to play on a big market team with the untapped talent he has. pacers need to try to bring in bracey wright (and perhaps kirk haston?) from wherever they are. can u imagine the bench we’d have.. top notch

  • gregor t.

    Three words: Matt Freakin’ Nover!