Ian Mahinmi Is Blue Robe

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  • Steven

    I like this guy already. First game I’m wearing a blue robe.

  • Jesse


  • trifecta3131

    Great, so he’s got some muscle to him. So do I, & I can’t play bball worth a d@mn either.

  • nostradamus

    wow this has made me forget all about the fact that George Hill will now have to play 48 minutes per game to avoid letting turnover factory Lance take reigns of the offense.

    or wait did that rumor about Augustine come to fruition already? I heard it will be official exactly one minute after the Dwight-to-Brooklyn trade.

  • Jordan

    I hope him and Hibbert get along. That could be the start of some fun off-the-court stuff.

  • Matt S

    Do you love blue robe ?

  • http://search.espn.go.com/john-hollinger/ John Hollinger

    Pacers-Mavericks deal: Who won?
    On paper, Indiana gave up more than it had to for no apparent reason.

    I don’t get it.

    On the first day that teams could start making official deals, we had one of the most baffling trades in a while — Indiana’s move of Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones to Dallas for a signed-and-traded Ian Mahinmi.

    Pacers fans complained that they were trading a starting-caliber point guard, one who led the team in PER during the playoffs, for a backup big man, but even that misses the more flabbergasting point.

    Indiana was several million dollars under the cap. Mahinmi was an unrestricted free agent. There was no reason to deal anything to Dallas since Indiana could have just signed him straightaway.

    I have no problem with the Mahinmi part. This was a good value deal for a big guy who has been consistently productive and is fairly young. He’ll certainly be an upgrade on Louis Amundson.

    So help me out here. Why in the name of all that is holy would Indiana agree to donate two helpful players on low-dollar salaries to the Mavericks? I know the Pacers were worried about paying Collison beyond this season, but that doesn’t mean he had negative trade value. Sources confirm there were no draft picks involved. This was just a straight giveaway, with Indiana giving away two useful players for a marginal cap savings.

    The Pacers made that task a whole lot easier. Jones is exactly the type of active defender against big wings that the Mavs’ roster was missing, and he comes with a reasonably-sized expiring deal of $2.9 million. Collison, meanwhile, offers an immediate upgrade on Jason Kidd at the point, and his cap hold for next year is small enough, $6.9 million, that the Mavs can probably play the free-agent market and still keep him in restricted free agency.

  • Realist

    Hollinger hears us

  • Ian

    On the surface Hollinger is correct. I can only assume that the market for Collison was bad and that the Pacers have plans for the 4m+. By doing a sign and trade they stayed cap-netural, still giving them freedom to add more parts.

  • NoLookPass

    Man this summer league ball is hard to watch, its all wild shots or fouls down low. 85% of the calls these guys are getting now will never been called in the league unless they become names.

  • NoLookPass

    Was a great move by the Mavs to move a guy they didn’t want anymore and could just bounce anyway and get a guy who was our starting PG up until he lost his job due to injury and a very serviceable player in Jones both on fair deals.

  • mossberg

    pacers signed augustin so it look alot more fair now

  • NoLookPass

    Bobcats aren’t good at working out deals! The Pacers want something they have so they just let them have him for free, lol!