Pacers Unveil Summer League Roster

The annual NBA summer league in Orlando starts next week and the Pacers now have an official roster of the players they will send down there. It features Association “veterans” Lance Stephenson and Jeff Pendergraph in addition to both of Indiana’s 2012 draft picks, Miles Plumlee of Duke and Orlando Johnson of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

They have a few practices this week and then they head down Sunday before their first game Monday evening against the Pistons. They play one game everyday and fans can watch them all on NBA TV.  They have also generally been streamed online somewhere in the past but I can’t find any information on that right now. The league sure doesn’t do much to promote the summer league in Orlando compared to the one in Vegas. Google it Monday if you don’t have NBA TV, I guess.

Here is Indiana’s full schedule.

Indiana vs. Philadelphia Detroit – Monday, 7/9 at 5:00 p.m.
Indiana vs. Oklahoma City – Tuesday, 7/10 at 1:00 p.m.
Indiana vs. Boston – Wednesday, 7/11 at 11:00 a.m.
Indiana vs. Utah – Thursday, 7/12 at 3:00 p.m.
Indiana vs. Brooklyn – Friday,7/13 at 3:00 p.m.

  • PG

    Also of note is Ben Hansbrough, Psycho T’s younger brother. I don’t know much about his athleticism (not sure if it’s NBA caliber) but he sure could make it rain beyond the arc in college.

  • Jordan

    I’ll be watching Lance Stephenson for some marked improvement this year. I’m hoping he stands out and show the promise he had at Cinci.

  • John Hollinger

    What’s the next move for Nash?
    Breaking down the top possible destinations for the star point guard

    Indiana: And this, my friends, is why non-glamour markets are always operating at a huge disadvantage. The Pacers are a good team with a need at point guard and a bunch of cap space; with Nash, they could be champions. In fact, I would be hard-pressed to find a more perfect free-agent fit.

    By all rights, the Pacers should be the favorites to land Nash. At the moment, they aren’t even on the radar.

    The Pacers will have about $12 million in cap space this summer, including the cap holds on restricted free agents Roy Hibbert and George Hill. Indiana could offer Darren Collison in a sign-and-trade with Phoenix and give Nash a three-year deal worth about $45 million, which would put the Pacers on equal or near-equal footing with every other suitor for his services.

    Meanwhile, basketball-wise this is by far the best team for which Nash could sign up and still be paid market value. The Pacers would just need to re-sign Hibbert and Hill and fill in the gaps on the wings with exception money, and Indy would give itself a three-year run at winning a championship. Could you imagine this offense with Nash at the controls, all that outside shooting at spots 2 through 4 and Hibbert in the paint?

    Alas, imagine is all you’ll ever get to do. It won’t happen, because it’s Indiana, and it doesn’t appear Nash has any desire to go there. And I’m sorry, Commissioner Stern, but all the lockouts in the world aren’t going to fix this.

  • Jade

    Way to rep. that IU go Vaden!!

  • Mike

    You can see how much maturing Lance has had to do. This will be his third year in the league and he’s still more than a year younger than everyone else on this team. I agree. I hope he can take his game to the next level this year. Become a decent rotation player. He def. has the tools. Just has to put it all together. Let’s hope he’s been hanging with vets all summer.

  • ADB

    The games have been streamed in the past through the magic website stream, by their local anouncers Dante and galante. however, this year the nba has decided to black out their web stream from every area aside from orlando itself. So the only way to watch is NBA tv. here is the link to that news,

  • Jason

    I would love (LOVE) to see Ben Hansbrough in blue and gold. Notre Dame stud, proven winner, killer instinct, Big East Player of the Year. Considering you’d only have to pay him dimes and quarters, it’d be cool to have him on our bench.

  • Chris D.

    I’m curious about Reggie Hamilton. He’s one of the 10 best players who went undrafted and should be better than Plumlee by far.

  • Chris D.

    BTW: You can get Summer League Broadband at:

    $14.99. I’m on it. I’m dying to see what our first rounder looks like.

  • 7IHd

    Awesome! My childhood friend Chris made the summer roster!

  • nathan

    excited to see kramer rep purdue! i would love to see that work out, even though I’m sure it’s a looong shot it works out.

  • Mike 2

    Can’t wait to see what Orlando Johnson can do in the big leagues. How could you not root for that kid? Hope he makes it. Lance could be a pretty special player if he could put it together and hit a pull up jumper and a floater. 6’5″ wicked handle, athletic, long, great passer – could be a poor man’s russel westbrook, just hope he forgoes the hipster glasses.

  • 7IHd


    Yeah, excited that he even gets a chance to work out with the summer team. He’s always been super-competitive and is a real battler. Would be awesome to have a Huntington native in the NBA, especially Chris. Very unlikely, but hey, you can always hope.

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