Pacers Re-sign George Hill to 5-Year Deal

Indianapolis’ native hero isn’t going anywhere. As first reported by Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star, George Hill has come to terms with Indiana on a five-year deal. We still don’t know the dollar amount so it’s hard to know exactly how good of a move this is, but the Pacers were the only team that could offer him a five-year deal (as opposed to four), so they were presumably able to use that to their advantage in negotiations that were finalized about 36 hours after the free-agency period began. We can probably presume the contract will pay Hill somewhere between $35 million and $40 million ($7-$8 million annually). Much more than that would be approaching fiscal irresponsibility.

The money question is obviously the most important. But the timing of this may also come into play.

If the front office can get Hill — and, more importantly, Roy Hibbert, who reportedly has been offered a max four-year contract by the Portland Trailblazers and at least one other team — to hold off a quick minute before signing their deals once they can on July 11, they will have a little more flexibility as far as signing one other marquee contributor.

This is due to “cap holds.”

Right now, as incumbent free agents, Hill and Roy only count $3.9 and $6.5 million, respectively, against the Pacers’ cap. This leaves Indiana about $10 million under the cap. Obviously, that is plenty of room to add a major piece like OJ Mayo, Brandon Roy, Jamal Crawford, Ersan Illysova, Brandon Bass, and perhaps even Steve Nash if he is willing to take a discount.

Then again, it’s more up to the Pacers front office to ensure they can use this (sorta) cap loophole to their advantage. They still have 9 more days to hammer out an agreement with any of those guys before they lose their fortunate team-building position.

Regardless, the Pacers now have their starting point guard back. The Pacers went 7-2 in their final 9 regular season games after Hill took over as the team’s starting point guard. And they went 6-5 in 11 playoff games with him at the helm as they put a scare into the Miami Heat in the second round by taking a 2-1 series lead before losing their final 3 games of the season.

If Indiana also brings back Hibbert, they will return their entire starting lineup from last season.

  • little B

    I like the move. Wasn’t expecting 5 years, but I believe it is the right move for a small market franchise. Bring the starting 5 back(pending we sign Roy) and let them get strong and get more experienced together is the only shot the city has at winning a title. West will be the only starter not here the following season so this core could sit together for a while. Pacers don’t ever suck bad enough to land a actual superstar. So building players and a team is their only shot.
    Now let’s get the off the dribble scorer for the bench…next year will be really exciting.

    Go Pacers!!!

  • Chris D.

    I’m curious if he had other suitors. I still think DC is the better PG. We’re so much stronger right now at guard than at forward that I feel like the starting lineup is lopsided. My final estimation of re-upping any players will be what we do at other positions. If you aren’t getting better in the NBA, you’re getting worse. Returning the starting squad is not enough to break us out of round 2 versus BOS, CHI, or MIA. Someone on this team must be trade bait. The suspense is killing me.

  • Special K

    ^^^^ THIS ^^^^^. The Pacers need to do more than bring back the starters and add a role player. They need an impact player that can either lead the 2nd unit, push PG down to the second unit or push GH down to the second unit – meaning an impact forward (scorer) off the bench, a penetrating 2 guard or a penetrating point. Nothing short of that will make them legit contenders – and anything that leaves them short of that is kind of pointless.

  • Emos

    You’ll see. The kid is has only been on the team for a shorten season and has done nothing but good things when he is on the court. He controls the offense, the tempo and nine times out of ten makes the right pass or play to the open man. You will never see him play erratic. He is a monster and his ceiling is still climbing. You obviously still don’t know what you are getting. This is a battle tested player, raised under the credo of Coach Pop, endless practice battles with Parker and Ginobli. Not scared of competition actually rises to the occasion (remember face jawing with Kobe, battles against KD battles against Dirk) don’t matter the size the kid has heart and if you watch match ups closely, he more than holds his own against the over hype Williams and other pgs and sgs in the game just ask Chris Paul, Westbrook, Brandon Jennings, and Monte Ellis) you won’t find another young up and coming guard entering his prime at this point. Quit your complaining and observe. Collision is not better, he is just trade bait at this point. Bird knew it, Pritchard knew it, Vogel knows it and everyone who battles him is practice knows it. He still remains undervalued and over looked. Small market fans and the like look at IUPUI the fact he is a hometown kid and choose to discount him,just look at his overall talent. You finally have a good leader at the helm not since Mark Jackson except this one can defend quick guards from both positions. You want a forward? Trade Collison and HansSolo. Be happy and thankful he didn’t put heat on the Pacers. I would have asked fro 9 per year. Ungrateful fair-whether Pacer fans. You just now started sitting your behinds in the fieldhouse for the first time in years and you are already yapping complaints.

  • Ray Finkle

    Emos – the readers of this blog in July are not the “fair weather” fans you compain about. They are the diehard fans who have never seen a title and stuck through this team through a river of sh#t. So watch your insults.
    The bottom line is correct. We love this team, and love Hill, but we are still a piece or two away.

  • richard

    i agree with chis d, if we are not getting better then we are getting worse. i really wish we could trade danny.

  • Emos

    @Laces Out

    If you are a diehard you shouldn’t be offended. That message was for the arm chair Qbs always thinking something is better. No different than the jerk husband over looking his wife for the chick in the blue dress. Hill has that same blue dress in the closet and titties are softer. Point is people need to appreciate what they have before they lose it. Just like everyone is ready to lose Hibbert. Damn shame. I understand the need to still improve but trust me someone else comes in here and before the first practice armchair willy will start yappin. I’ll watch the insult when you stop taking offense.

  • IU Fan

    love this move by the Pacers. check out why at the link below.

  • Joe B

    Hill is a class act. He can score and has the ability to grow into a better passer. He has the Dwight Howard shoulders going for him, too, which means he adds to the “boss” factor of this team. Good move, assuming the Pacers did not overpay.

  • 7IHd

    I either like or really like this move depending on the dollar amount. Hill is solid and still has plenty of potential to grow as a starter. He’s a good kid and it’d be hard not to root for someone who works like he does.

  • Mike

    Hill is a great player. I don’t know why more teams aren’t up on him. He can hit the three, beat people off the dribble, distribute, play defense and can do the small things. He single handedly won the Pacers a few games last year. And had some big games when others struggles. Very glad we got him for 5 years.

    Richard, instead of sitting there and sulking in the corner how about you add something to the conversation? Oh and here comes the trade DG bs again. Really? Is trading one of, if not, our best players going to make us better? Do tell….

  • little B

    I’m not getting the thoughts on”if we aren’t making this team better whats the point” meaning if we arent changing the team that went 42-24 we arent getting better? 42-24. Wow. I would take that every year. This team was 3rd in the East. Lost to the the eventual champion in 6 games. This is the first time this team was together and they had less than 10 practices together due to a shorten season. Bringing back the same starters for a full year is a dream that they are about to fulfill, plus with only one of those starters having 1 year left on his contract. This team is great and only looks to get better. Paul George will be on the only none veteran on this starting squad and his game is only getting better. This team just needs to learn that they are the most complete team in the NBA(if they resign Hibbert) and learn to make sure they exploit that every game.

  • little B

    For all of those people that think we need to have a little change to the starting lineup this thought is kind of intriguing:

    Nash was offered 36 mil over 3 years. Jareds statement above says Pacers will likely have about 10 mil to use after Hill signs and if we sign Hibbert to max contract.

    My question to all of you is, if the Pacers could get Hibbert a 5 year deal that would bring is yearly price down 2 mil less per year(65 mil over 5), giving the pacers 12 mil left to use this year (not sure what the next couple years look like on the salary cap)…

    Do you go after Nash for with a 12 mil a year deal, and move Hill to second string, but not be able to afford a scorer?

    Or is the scorer coming off the bench that important?

  • Realist

    Nash/George/Granger/West/Hibbert can win the title, I say. But that’s just me. I’m fine with us returning same starting lineup and agree with you little B. Give the same team another year together and see how we do. Everyone seems ultra keen to blow up the unit that delivered big-time last year.

  • dwain

    i can’t see how Nash on the team hurts us, P George can interchange with Danny easy and Hill can sub for Nash or P George. that gives us a rotation that is hard to beat, every good team has the solid starting 5 but it is the bench that wins and loses games alot. i would love to see Nash Hill George West Hibbert starting sometimes too. or Hill and Granger….somewhere in there is a title winning starting line up

  • Jack

    Little B – Thanks for the possible Nash scenario. Let’s say that happens.. Here’s the starting lineup I’d put in place: Nash, Hill (at SG), Granger, West, and Hibbert. Collison, George, Stephenson, Hansbrough and Plumlee come off the bench. That starting lineup is SCARY. There’s not a player on that lineup that isn’t a hell of an NBA player. (Can you even imagine?!) And the bench is fairly deep, too. I see George as being more valuable to us off the bench, as his immaturity cost us many times in the playoffs last season.

    But our first order of business needs to be to sign Hibbert. If that’s our only remaining move this offseason, I’d be content. We need him back. We already have the potential to win a title. If we play all coming season like we did down the stretch of this past season, we’ll be big-time title contenders. We’re a solid, unified team right now, and resigning Hibbert is paramount to keeping our potential high. Acquiring Nash is just a tasty bonus idea, which I think we should go after, if our finances permit.

    PS – The idea that we’re only going to be title contenders if we make a big offseason move, such as trading Granger, going after Gordon/D Williams, etc. is just false. We’re already a great team, and, if we resign Hibbert, we will only improve.

  • gregor t.

    Pacers Fans, please calm down. Stop looking for the big home run when we have a team that continues to hit sharp doubles off the wall. Every team that has made a march to the Title has had to pay there dues. Most of those teams kept the core together and made the progression. Pistons over Celtics. Bulls over Pistons. Lakers over Rockets. Spurs over Lakers. Etc. The Pacers went from an 8th seed, that battled the Bulls, to a 3 seed that battled the Heat. They went from 45% win PCT to 63%win PCT in one year by adding a PF(West) coming off major injury and a PG/SG(Hill) learning a new role. Thats a +15 in wins over an 82 game season (52)! I will take that every year. Now, our team has solid playoff experience, a good young core, and a solid future that can only get better. Can we beat the Heat? Maybe not this year. Can the Pacers stay together, win 50+ games, and strike when the iron is hot? Damn Right! Be patient, fans. The Pacers are on the cusp of making another winning run, with a team we can root for. Bulls? Brooklyn? Boston? S. Beach? Bring on those teams. The goal for the Pacers next year should be Win the Central and the #2 Seed in the East. And face the Heat in the Eastern Conf. Finals. Anything less would be disappointing. Then, if progression isnt made, changes should be considered. But, for now, we need to let this team do what it can do!

  • Joe B

    Little B’s and Jack’s comments are on point. That starting lineup would be scary, and the bench would arguably be the best in the league (with two legit starters coming off). My voice to that move, though, is that if the Pacers get Nash, they will lose DC. That leaves Price as the bench guard, which would not be terrible, but I like DC’s game way more.

    Still, without Nash (and I think that is 99% most likely), the Pacers retain a solid PG rotation and hopefully Plumlee fills one key gap in bench D and rebounding. If Mayo, Barbosa, Crawford, or B Roy are not signed to be the spark off the bench, the Pacers title chances come down to Stephenson or (maybe) Orlando Johnson stepping up to be that force. Chances of their potential Harden-esque force off the bench <10%. So, the Pacers bow out in the second round two years in a row or make the finals on the potential offensive juice of an unproven NBA player.

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