Frank Vogel Discusses Miles Plumlee

The Pacers’ coach seems happy that his team got a guy he calls “probably the best dirty-work player in the entire draft.” He says they wanted someone who “fits our identity,” and he thinks Miles Plumlee is that player. Time will tell.

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  • KP

    This does not look like the face of a happy coach. The “smiles” are painfully forced.

  • Ian

    I tihnk you are reading into it what you want to read into it. He seemed the always upbeat Frank Vogel to me.

  • Mike

    Pritchard said after the draft that a team tried to get in front of the Pacers to take Plumlee.

  • Jordan

    Hansbrough is a “hard worker” but we need results. So since the Pacers wasted their picks, what are they going to do in free agency to get a star player in here (ftlog)?

  • Tom

    I’ve gotten over my disappointment in the pick, and am ready to cheer this hoosier guy on as a pacer. not happy with the pick, but overall what’s our option as fans? stay mad? hope he fails? I say we at least give him a chance and hope for the best

  • Mike

    @Tom That seems like the right attitude. If we get another Jeff Foster out of the deal, I can’t possibly be upset. Plumlee is also surprisingly athletic, and he allows the organization to package Hansbrough in a deal (with Collison?) if Tyler ups his value on the court.

  • NoLookPass

    Everything points to looking to add more scorers but no pass first PG, we have tons or scoring we just need someone to get those guys open looks and make them even better. We are going to load up to scoring and still brick tons of shots from guys not getting enough looks to get in a groove and still have a stagnate offense with everyone standing around watching whoeavers turn it is go one on one each trip down with another year of no defined roles.

  • dwain

    so Portland and Dallas just offered Roy max contract? maybe this draft was a stop gap in case they can’t come to terms with Roy…Roy stay a Pacer please this team needs u bro, area 55 needs u :)