Chad Ford Fake-Trades Collison, Drafts Austin Rivers

In a recent column on Grantland Bill Simmons and Chad Ford went back and forth creating a mock draft in order to preview tonight’s big event.

When New Orleans’ number 10 pick came up (the team’s second pick of the draft), it was Ford’s turn to make a selection. In this scenario Ford recommended the Hornets deal the 10th pick to the Pacers for Darren Collison and the 26th pick. He then advised/predicted the Pacers to draft Austin Rivers at the 10th spot.

Ford’s logic is as follows:

The thinking: Indiana wants another shooter and a guy who can get to the basket at will. Kevin Pritchard won’t care too much about chemistry … he’ll want talent. I thought about Terrence Ross here, but now I’m thinking Austin Rivers is a Kevin Pritchard type of pick. An alpha dog for a team without an alpha dog. I’m not in love with Rivers, but he might be a good fit here on a veteran team that can keep him in line. As for the Hornets, they need a good point guard to pair with Anthony Davis. I’m just not feeling Jarrett Jack. They could go with Kendall Marshall here — he’s an elite passer who sees the floor as well as anyone in the draft. But I think he’s going to get killed defensively. Killed. They had a lot of luck with Darren Collison when he played there; since the Pacers have replaced Collison with George Hill as their starter, he’s expendable.

Giving up a quality talent in Collison and another potential talent in the 26th pick might seem like a bit of a reach for Rivers who critics might claim has the ceiling of about … well … Daren Collison. But perhaps there is something to Ford’s “alpha dog” point.

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  • trifecta3131

    I’d rather see the Pacers trade up & get Kendall Marshall in the 14-20 range. The Pacers need a PG w/a pass-first mentality, capable of executing an actual offensive set. The Heat made the Pacers point guards look really bad on their entry passes in the paint to our big men. Marshall can fix that issue. George Hill would be better suited as a 2 guard anyhow. Collison should be the trade bait that makes this Marshall deal happen

  • Jonathan Auping

    @trifecta: A solid point and possibly a more reasonable move. Marshall’s nearly 10 assists per game seem slightly more appealing than Rivers’ nearly 3 assists per game. Rivers seems to lie somewhere in between Jason Terry (the kind of confident and savvy shooter the Pacers could use) and Sebastian Telfair (the kind of overconfident shooter no one could use). MArshall’s game is pretty limited to passing, but that can be a heck of a commodity in this league.

  • Donald

    I’d be disapointed to take austin rivers at 10; many good names on the board here. I’d trade darren collison for a younger version of darren collison to get more years on a rookie deal. I would not trade darren collison and the number 26 pick to roll the dice on a 19 year old kid.

  • Jack

    Why does it seem like I am the only person who doesn’t want to trade DC??? I really like him coming off the bench at PG. That’s his perfect NBA role, and he’s solid at it. Now is not the time to make big roster-altering moves. We have most of the pieces in place to make a title run, and now all we need is a bit more experience, more confidence in playoff situations (which I think we will have next season), and maybe a good addition here and there. I think we should keep our 26th pick, and hopefully draft Draymond. He would be excellent; I don’t care what people say about his quickness/athleticism. And signing a nice, pass-first PG like Nash is our other necessity, which involves moving George Hill to shooting guard (which I believe is where he’s most effective). We already have the potential to make a title run with the lineup we have, and with these two pieces added, we’ll be in a great situation to compete with the Heat and Bulls to make it to the Finals, where we will almost inevitable face the Thunder… KEEP DC!

  • trifecta3131

    Jack, I like your idea – sign Nash. You’re preaching to the choir. But if you’re gonna sign Hill & Hibbert, then I don’t see how that’s finacially possible. Simon won’t exceed the cap. I think that was Bird’s issue with Simon. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE Nash (PERFECT fit for Indy), but if you go down that road, then we’d have to watch Hill or Hibbert walk. Gun to my head, I’d let Hill walk in that scenario. Solid bigs are more scarce than guards.

  • NexSerenade (Mike)

    Normally I’m a Pro-Collison individual, but they first two posts really spelled out a plan I would be 100% for because Marshall is the by far the best passer in this draft, and I think is better suited at the 2 with some minutes at Point. With Marshall coming in you could have him come off the bench behind Hill at Point, and maybe by the end of the year or next season he could start (throw in a potential Brandon Roy signing and there is your backcourt. This does put the pressure on to find a legitimate big through free agency though, so I think the Pacers would need to put all their eggs in a one Chris Kamen-basket. The only other option would be trade a combination of Price/Jones/DraftPicks for SOMETHING, but I doubt anyone substantial could come from that. Maybe, maybe not.

  • Zack

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want the Pacers to trade Collison to move up in the draft and pick Kendall Marshall? He is a great pass-first point guard, but I just don’t like that pick. He will get demolished defensively against both 1′s and 2′s. I don’t think his offense is good enough (it is only passing, he isn’t much of a shooter or scorer) to hide his defensive shortcomings.

    I also don’t really think Austin Rivers should be the pick, but like Chad Ford said, if the Pacers can really move up to 10 and get him, Rivers could thrive in Indy. He needs guys like West and Granger (especially West) around him to keep him in line and show him how to be a winner. I think Rivers is definitely an upgrade over DC as the first guard off the bench.

  • Jason

    Austin Rivers is one of the last guys in this draft class that I would personally like to see in a Pacers uniform. He thinks he’s Kobe without realizing he has nowhere near the athletic ability or skill set of Kobe. Doc knew his physical capabilities and maximized them as best he could. Austin, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to realize his limitations, and he’s trying to squat in the Big Dogs’ yard. He’s no Alpha, and he’ll quickly realize that I think. I’m with a lot of people around the web thinking he is the most overrated prospect in this draft.

    Marshall doesn’t necessarily excite me, but he’s a much better option for the sacrifice of DC than Rivers is. If you cut one legit point guard, it’s smart to replace him with another, or a different position of real need (like a solid two-guard, or a forward who can work the 3/4 spots). A shoot-first gunner point guard is the last thing we need.