Pacers Among Teams Pursuing Brandon Roy

Brandon Roy has already made it official: he is making his comeback to the NBA after retiring before the 2011-12 season started due to chronic knee injuries. Roy has already drawn interest for GMs across the league, with teams like Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks and Minnesota Timberwolves as the top suitors, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

Woj has also stated the Indiana Pacers are also looking to pursue the 27-year-old shooting guard. While Roy’s knees will never be fixed entirely, his health reportedly has been improving. Wojnarowski notes that the therapy he’s been receiving may help expand his NBA career like other star athletes.

Roy’s recovery from chronic knee problems has been recently spurred by undergoing the platelet rich plasma therapy procedure that Lakers star Kobe Bryant popularized with NBA players, sources said. The blood spinning procedure gave profound relief to the knees of Bryant, Tracy McGrady and baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

Roy would definitely fit well with the Pacers. He almost certainly wouldn’t start over Paul George or Danny Granger, but he would be a solid fit off the bench who could add scoring, play-making and veteran leadership. While Brandon likely has his choice of destinations, Indiana may have one advantage: Kevin Pritchard, who served as the GM of the Portland Trail Blazers when Roy used to play there.

Woj thinks this could increase Indiana’s chances.

Pacers executive Kevin Pritchard made a draft day deal for Roy in 2006 as Blazers GM, and his relationship could play a pivotal part in Indiana’s recruitment of Roy, sources said. Roy trusts Pritchard, and values the fact that he brought him to Portland. Nevertheless, Roy hasn’t begun the process of narrowing his list of possibilities. After Thursday’s draft, more teams could express interest in him.

The Pacers will need to make a quick offer to entice Roy. Reports say that the Timberwolves are already prepared to offer him a two-year deal once free agency begins. (Teams cannot officially sign anyone until July 11, but players, agents and teams will begin negotiating on July 1.)

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  • little B

    Why did both professional teams in Indiana decide to reface their front office at the same time, this is nerve wrecking. Good thing we will know in about 2 weeks what the Pacers whole team situation will look like. The Colts on the other hand we will be waiting for a while to see how that pans out.

    To the Roy article:
    Interesting, very interesting. If Pacers pick up a point guard in the draft (which will then send Collison or Hill out the door) Roy would be a great shoulder to lean on for a rookie point guard, but I don’t see the Pacers throwing enough money out there to make this deal happen, but who knows since the front office appears to be in big question.
    Is Bird actually gone?
    Is Walsh actually in?
    Is Pritchard actually the GM?
    Is Morway even fired?
    Is Shaw coming back?

    Too much excitment 2 weeks after the NBA season has ended. Shoot me now.

  • Derek U

    This would be a crazy upgrade over Leandro. I’ve always loved BRoy’s game, and am positive he an still play as long as his minutes and back/backs are regulated. I doubt the pacers can make this happen, but it’d definitly make them a immediate threat.

    Great player, great person.. Shame his knees couldn’t hold up.

  • Derek U

    lol @ little b.

    I understand, it’s been a tulmultuous off season for naptown, but it isn’t that bad.

    Bird is gone, but to what extent remains to be seen.

    Unfortunately Walsh is somehow making his way back into the organization, to what capacity (beyond free agent acquisitions we will see).

    Pritchard seems to be on his way up, with Morway’s ass out the door.

    Shaw will likely comeback, but I can’t believe this guy is not getting more looks for head coaching positions. Was actually shocked that the bobcats didn’t take more interest in him, but then again I know nothing of Mike Dunlap.

    definitly not too much excitement, as a sports fan this is what you live for. OTA’s are firing up, and NBA draft / Free Agency is kicking in. hell yeah.

  • Jesse

    I wonder how much truth there is to Mike Wells apparent speculation on the Grady and Big Joe show that Bird left because Simon wouldn’t spend…

    Also, Pritchard’s draft record is decidedly mixed. We fleeced them, for instance, in the trade that brought Jarrett Jack and McRoberts.

  • Aj

    People shouldn’t be upset or worried if (and its a big IF considering we haven’t heard anyone with real credibility YET) that Bird is leaving. Yes, he’s the one who has rebuilt our team into a top 5 team (based on record). However, we already have a great core group in Granger George West, and if they’re signed Hill and Hibbert which I’d almost bet money on at this point. As long as the next guy (if there is one) doesn’t tear up the roster and if Shaw returns as Associate Head Coach we’re still in a very good place and we still have flexibility and tons of young assets. I think we really have a shot at landing B Roy though. As Josh stated, Pritchard already has a strong relationship with him, so he’s probably already talked to him to some extent. I don’t think it’s going to take as much as some people might think. Yes, the Timberwolves said they were going to offer him a two year deal, but that’s because their 2 spot is awful with Wesley Johnson who sucks and recently acquired Chase Budinger is a bench player at best, so obviously why not go for him, right? However, I think most teams will be more hesitant with the way he up and retired and people not being sure how his knees will hold up.

    Which brings us back to the Pacers.

    If they resign Hill and Hibbert, draft Draymond Green with the 26th pick, and sign Roy to something like a 2 year 20 million dollar deal similar to David West’s deal, we could have a real shot next year. And why wouldn’t Roy do that. There may be better teams out there that he could sign with, but he would be able to play behind Paul George, Vogel is really good at managing peoples minutes, and he joins a great locker room where everyone has a great work ethic and works hard. We wouldn’t have to rely on him, but him and Green could be those glue guys you need in order to compete for a championship. Someone tell me this isn’t a good idea.

  • AMFinocchi

    I think Hill will stay, and for not a lot of money. And I think he should be the starter point guard of this team. I also think we should trade Collison to get Kendall Marshall. We need a true point guard who can locate easier PG and Granger ready to shot, and who can give good passes to Hibbert when it’s necessary. I won’t waste time talking about Brandon because he won’t come here. It certainly would be a great sixth man for us (for any team actually), but Dallas without Marion are looking for a starter, and that’s Roy.

  • Jesse

    @AJ It’s not a good idea to pay a guy who retired because of bad knees $10 million a year. And after paying Hibbert and Hill, it wouldn’t even be possible. I imagine the amount will be somewhere around the mid-level exception or a little higher. There’s no strong verification that his knees will hold up–throwing any money at him is a risk. If I were the Pacers, I’m not sure I would do more than 2 yrs/$10 million.

  • Realist

    If we give Brandon Roy more than $5m a year, I’ll be upset.

  • Joe B

    This is very intriguing. I would assume Roy would like coming off the bench to provide a spark (less minutes=less wear on knees). He is way, way, better, when he is on the floor, than Mayo or Crawford. Lance, if he is ever given the chance, could learn a few things from Roy in the sixth man role. Two year, ten million dollar deal? The Pacers are well under the cap and could take this risk, given that Nash probably won’t come here. They have to sign somebody, right? Why not a low risk-high reward option? If it doesn’t work out, the core is still young two years from now and the free agent market might look better for the team.

    My hope: The Pacers can sign Roy to a two year deal that makes sense; Hibbert gets a four year deal; a quality SF or C is on the board to address Granger’s or Hibbert’s backup. Note: I would love to see Lou for another year, and if the Pacers draft a C, expect Lou to be gone in a hurry.

  • Zack

    @ Jesse

    Technically, that could work (giving Brandon Roy that much money), we would just need to sign him first, then sign Hibbert and Hill to new contracts. I sure hope Brandon Roy considers coming to the Pacers, he could be a great addition for this team. I think what everyone else is saying is great: 2 or 3 years at about $5 mil per year. Depending on what he wants, the Pacers could be pretty high on his list. If he wants to go to a team that can win now, the Pacers should definitely be ahead of Minnesota and probably Dallas (although they might get Deron Williams, we’ll see). Take a chance on this guy, if his knees can hold up, he can play limited minutes in a 6th man type of role with him being able to (possibly) take (and make) big shots at the end of games.

  • Mike

    @AJ… (and its a big IF considering we haven’t heard anyone with real credibility YET)

    Umm. Mike Wells is the Pacers beat writer for the Indy Star and not a blowhard blogger. I’d say he’s credible. And 10 mil for a guy who retired because his knees wouldn’t allow him to play anymore is a joke. I agree with realist. 2 years MAX. 4-5 mil. MAX. He can’t expect to get any more than that considering he personally chose to leave the league because of chronic knee issues.

  • Aj

    @Jesse and Mike

    I’m not saying that Mike Wells isn’t credible, I’m just always hesitant to accept reports with unnamed sources because frankly they run rampant and are hard to distinguish. I think all indications are that Larry Bird is probably not coming back which I’m comfortable with anyways because we already have a strong organization from the coaching staff to the players. Until Larry Bird actually says something though I’m going to keep my eyes and ears open.

    Now on to Brandon Roy. Normally, I would also be extremely hesitant to sign a guy who was basically forced to retire because of his knees, but he has the same treatment that Kobe had in Germany and I think it has to do wonders because he was second in scoring last year, and he’s not the only example. Plenty of other athletes have experimented with this procedure and most in not all of them have had great results. Does this mean that B Roy will have the same results? Absolutely not, but seeing all these other athletes increase the longevity of their careers is a good sign in my mind.

    Now about the money. If you only give him 4-5 million for 2 years, we’re not going to get him. In fact that would be an insult to a guy who’s a former all star and is ONLY 27 years old. I get his knees are bad, and I understand the ramifications if he can’t hold up over the season, but even if he did accept such a deal, it would have to be guaranteed money. We’re gonna have roughly 10 million in cap space after resigning Hill and Hibbert, pending a physical by the team medical staff and making an incentive laden deal at 10 mil per year would not only protect the organization, but it gives a us someone who was hit clutch shots throughout his career. We have so much depth and youth at this point, that adding a guy with experience to our bench is exactly what we need. and Mike you’re wrong he can expect more and he’ll get offered more from teams like Dallas who like to spend.

  • Aj

    Besides a two year deal is not that risky. If anyone in the organization is worried, we can add a team option or an early opt out clause after the first year. I know we just recently got out of the dark days of bad contracts and what not, but people clamoring that this deal shouldn’t be done because it’s too risky is ridiculous. Before he was forced to retire, Brandon Roy was one of the top 5 Shooting Guards in the NBA. You don’t want that coming off your bench and leading your second unit next year? C’mon guys.

  • Jack

    Here’s what I would like to see happen: We keep our core (Granger, Hill, West, and Hibbert), along with Collison and George. I’d like Dahntay to stay, too, but Barbosa and Amundson are expendable. We draft Draymond (hopefully) in the first round, and we sign Nash for a 2-3 year deal. If we can make these things happen, our starting lineup would look like: Nash, Hill, Granger, West, and Hibbert. We’d have DC as backup point, Paul George as backup SG, and then Stephenson, Dahntay, Draymond, Hansbrough, and Pendergraph to come off the bench. That’s a great lineup all-around. I’m not sure how feasible this is, but that’s what I would try to do.

  • Donald

    I saw something about B. Roy working out with Tony Wroten, draft that kid, and use the Pritchard connection and drafting his friend to entice him to come here and to teach that kid to be special. In the interim time Brandon Roy is a great combo guard who could play minutes off the bench in proportion to how his knees feel up to being the only other 1/2 in the rotation. Re-sign George Hill, cut AJ Price loose, trade Darren Collison for something; Guard rotation solved.

  • wesmont

    If his knees hold up,if he wants to come here,if he’ll take 5mil per year.If,if,if….who knows? We are a fine team,take Draymond Green,see who’s available to help.Don’t buy yesterday’s performance number’s.He’s been a great player…but who knows what he’s worth now.We are not Dallas,we are very close.Wait for a proven commodity.And for heaven’s sake,don’t trade Collison to move up.This draft is DEEP.

  • gregor t.

    I would love to have B.Roy as a 6th man. I know the Pacers dont go after RFA’s, but i would also like to see them make a play for Courtney Lee. It’s not a sexy move like Roy, or a talked about move like Mayo, but it could be a value move that gives the Pacers room to bring in another piece for cheap at next years trade deadline. Lee is solid across the board and a Hoosier. I would love to see him the Blue and Gold. Thats my hometown perspective, with bias. I do like Draymond Green to back up Granger as well. Or Jeff Taylor.

  • Jack

    well said @wesmont. we are close. we need to keep our good players and try to snag Draymond

  • Aj

    NOOOOPE! F^*KING MILES PLUMEE!!!!!!!! You gotta be sh*ting me. I’m so disappointed.

  • Lloyd

    This is my prediction for the Pacers rotation for the 2012-2013 season:
    PG: G. Hill / D. Collison
    SG: P. George / B. Roy / O. Johnson
    SF: D. Granger / P. George
    PF: D. West / T. Hansbrough
    C: R. Hibbert / M. Plumlee

    And yes I do think that the Pacers should and will sign Brandon Roy. He is the closer we have needed since Reggie retired.