Apr 14, 2012; Newark, NJ, USA; New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams (8) brings the ball up court during the second half against the Boston Celtics at the Prudential Center. The Celtics won 94-82. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

NBA Off Season Task: Should they stay or should they go?

This week, I’ll be going through teams and players they can sign or not sign.  Looking at each division like I’ve done in past weeks, so today features the Atlantic Division.

Boston Celtics

This is a tough team to go through because they have 13 players who are not under contract for next season, so I’ll throw out a few names and who they should resign.

Kevin Garnett  I say resign him for two years if the Celtics can swing it.  I would imagine he’s got that much time left in his career, and it helps to have that veteran presence on the team.

Ray Allen  Same thing as Kevin Garnett. Why shut the window completely if you think these two veterans can still contribute?

Brandon Bass Player option, but I hope the Celtics lure him back because I think he can do something for this team.

Mickael Pietrus A young player who you need on this team to play with Rajon Rondo.

Brooklyn Nets  

There’s only one guy who the Nets really have to worry about getting back on their team, and I actually don’t think he comes back.

Derron Williams  There’s an offer of about 17 million for this guy, but do we really think he’s going to stick around when there’s not much talent here to work with? I’d say the Nets let him walk and find some young point guard to bring in, and hopefully find those other pieces to add in the next couple of years to get competitive again.

New York Knicks  

There’s some guys available at point guard that the Knicks can resign, and the most obvious choice to me is Jeremy Lin.  So they would let Chauncey Billups, Baron Davis, and Mike Bibby all walk away.

Jeremy Lin  He was only signed for under $800,000, but I am guessing with the success he had, there might be a little more money for him.  But will he fit in with a full season of Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire?  I think Stoudemire would be fine with it, but who knows with Anthony?

Philadelphia 76ers 

There’s two guys who have team options with the Sixers, Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday.

Evan Turner  I think he would want to stick around and help this team grow, but who knows?

Jrue Holiday  I would imagine if Turner stays, he walks, so he can get more playing time somewhere else.

Toronto Raptors  

There’s a good core of guys who already have contracts here, so I say the Raptors build with a draft pick or two and some free agent if they can swing it.

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