Roy Hibbert Takes Fans to See Prometheus


Roy Hibbert is a nice guy. The Indiana Pacers center took his Area 55 fans out to the movies on Wednesday night, as they watched Prometheus.

Hibbert asked his fans over Twitter if they wanted to come to AMC Castleton Square 14 to watch and offered the fans free tickets. However, there was only one condition: they were not allowed talk about his contract situation or anything about next year.

It’s all about having fun.

Hibbert has been all over the place recently, recently also being on on Jimmy Kimmel with Jeremy Lin as they both faced off in his Skype scavenger hunt. He also just began a chat session with fans on ESPN (which started at noon).

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  • Conor

    Roy is awesome. If he leaves Indiana, the team will lose a lot of fans. How much he loves the fans, this city, etc., I doubt he will leave. If he didn’t want to stay in Indiana, I don’t think he would be hanging out with all the fans.

  • little B

    Hip Hip Hiroy!!! Can’t get much classier than Roy.

  • dwain

    how can u not lurv this guy :)

  • Josh Dhani

    @Conor I agree, he’ll most likely stay. He’ll probably re-sign with the Pacers before the Mavericks even have a chance to give him an offer in free agency.

  • Rich

    THIS SITE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Indy Cornrows is so much better!

  • Joe

    Gotta agree with Rich here. You guys are so slow with production. Breaking old news. It seems like I should start reading Indy Cornrows again.

  • John

    Yeah, I agree. Let’s all move over to Indy Cornrows. This site has been sad since the end of the year. I’m shocked at how bad this site is getting. This site is really on ESPN?

  • Evan

    Finally got others on the bandwagon! Thank goodness some of you know how IC is so much better than 8p9s. Tom Lewis > Jared Who?

  • NZ Buc

    No room for both? (especially in the offseason)

  • Jesse

    I could peruse the archives of this site and be more entertained/informed than at IC.

  • Josh Dhani

    @NZ Buc Completely agree. We can just read both. It’s like saying Heat Index rules and Peninsula is Mightier sucks although both are great team blogs in their own ways.

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  • Markus

    I wish I knew about this…. I live only 5 minutes North from that AMC!!!

  • Josh Dhani

    @Markus Haha same here Markus! I only live about 10-15 minutes away. Would’ve been fun.

  • Lebron