The Dallas Mavericks May Go After Roy Hibbert

One of the top priorities for the Indiana Pacers this off-season is re-signing Roy Hibbert. Hibbert is coming off his best season so far in his career, reaching the All-Star Game and showing he can be an anchor of the starting lineup on both ends of the floor. To ensure he remains in Indiana, the Pacers’ front office may be willing to overpay Hibbert a bit — and it looks like the Mavericks may be force them to do exactly that.

For Dallas, their Plan A is to try to sign hometown-native Deron Williams, who will certainly opt-out of his contract with the Nets and may leave some money on the table by not re-signing in Brooklyn. If Dallas is unable to get him, then they go to Plan B.

According to Mike Fisher of (via Pro Basketball Talk), Plan B is going after Hibbert. who is a restricted free agent. The Mavericks may be willing to pay Hibbert a lot, but since Roy is a restricted free agent, Indiana can match any offer if they wish. Presumably, the Pacers will match even up to the four-year max deal (of roughly $55 million) that Dallas can offer Hibbert under the CBA.

So no matter what the Mavericks do, there’s a good chance of Hibbert staying. It just might cost Indiana a little more.

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  • Realist

    Plan C: Watch as Indiana re-signs Hibbert and then D-Will miraculously decides that he doesn’t need to play in a big market and that winning is the main thing and signs with Indy to pilot us to a title.

    Hey, I can dream.

  • Melon

    Dallas will drive the price up. Pacers overpay Hibbert as a knee jerk reaction.

  • Derek U

    I like your dream realist, It’s one I’ve been drooling over for a few weeks now.. That’d be a helluva championship.

  • Aj

    We’re not getting D-Will. They guy didn’t completely sabotage a small market team just so he could go join another one. As for Hibbert, he and his agent have already made it known to the Pacers Organization he has every intention of resigning with Indiana. He’s extremely loyal to the organization as well as Frank Vogel, who instilled confidence in Roy since he came into the league. The Pacers and Larry are trying to save as much of their cap room as possible to continue to have flexibility on the market. I imagine that Roy will get close to a max deal, but he;ll sign back with the Pacers before the Mavs even come close to making an offer. It’s unfortunate too. They actually held some draft workouts with some interesting prosects yesterday, and this is all you guys can talk about. I mean Heck, If you’re gonna talk about restricted free agents, talk about George Hill. His contract situation is more appealing than this Roy Hibbert talk. It’s a done deal.

  • Jordan

    Here’s the chess game. Dallas (or any team) can force the Pacers to pay the maximum and debilitate them from building a stronger team. Or the Pacers can call their bluff and make Dallas take the hit.

    Its looking like Granger will be on his way out if this happens.

  • Evan

    I agree with AJ… let’s talk draft workouts. I don’t even know who they tried out or how it went…

  • James

    Hibbert can sign with the Pacers for less than what Dallas or whoever offers, right? The Pacers aren’t forced to match the price by default are they? This is assuming Hibbert is willing to give the Pacers a discount…

  • Tim Donahue

    If Dallas gives Hibbert a formal offer sheet, and Hibbert signs it, then the Pacers must match that deal exactly or let him go to Dallas.However, that only applies to a formal written offer that Hibbert has signed. Everything before that point is a negotiation.

  • Markus

    Dallas is only doing this to keep Indiana from going after D-Will. If the Pacers are forced to pay the max to Hibbert, they won’t be able to go after Williams which means one less team for Dallas to worry about.

  • papapapatrick

    hmmm can we count on Mark Cuban not overpaying Roy Hibbert?

  • Alan

    It doesnt matter… The Mavs will have to wait for the whole DWill thing to end and by then the pacers and Hibbert will already have been celebrating their new contract for a couple weeks. Worst comes to worst we give hibbert more money.

  • Jason

    Between the “Trade Paul George” thread and the one developing here, I’m guessing the average age of most commenters to be between 16-22, and to have a basketball understanding equivalent to a 7th-grade reading level. I’m all for small talk, believe me. Especially regarding the fun world of “what-ifs” pertaining to sports. But do any of you guys think twice about any of what you’re saying? At best, one in eight comments here makes sense, and that really takes away from the whole idea of having fun and/or interest in discussing things around your favorite team.

  • Donald

    Silly move for the Mavericks, I see this as a rumor and nothing more.

    Big Roy is not Tyson Chandler, and they did not keep Tyson Chandler. Roy and Dirk would be a defensive nightmare….for Rick Carlisle.

    I don’t see this for another reason; Mark Cuban isn’t in rebuilding mode, so Roy is doubtful as a plan B. Lets say the Nets retain Dwill, and Dwight Howard isn’t moved by the magic. Is your plan to win a championship to add Roy Hibbert at close to 12-15 million for 4 years? Does adding Roy Hibbert take you from western confrence first round exit, past OKC, past SA, and past whatever moves the Lakers make? Does your plan B to win now come with the chance Indy could out sign you anyways?

    Mark Cuban positioned this team so that the new salary cap wouldn’t force them to dismantle this team after a year or two, I doubt chasing Big Roy is in their plans. I like Big Roy, but I like him for our team where you pair him up with strong defensive wing players, and a bruising power forward. This whole rumor smells of a sports writer’s rosterbation, turned rumor, turned fact.

  • Chris

    Jason, what did your comment contribute to this thread? What basketball knowledge did you share with us?

    On a brighter note, Roy stays and this offseason is going to be as exciting as last years. What underrated moves are the Pacers going to make. Dwill is a dream (and a fun one), but we can still have a great offseason without him. I just hope either Dallas is bluffing or Roy gives Us a loyalty discount so we can keep building.

  • Aj

    Like I said, Hibbert already has made his intentions clear that he is re upping with the Pacers. As Tim said, the only way Dallas can mess up our cap space is IF Hibbert were to sign an offer sheet from Dallas. Which given his comments about resigning with the Pacers, him signing that offer sheet ISN”T going to happen! Why would he sabotage his team’s cap flexibility?! The only reason I could even entertain the notion that he would sign a qualifying offer sheet with another team is if he needed leverage in contract negotiations due to ownership low balling offers at him that he feels aren’t “fair value”. Other than that, this is a non-story. Get your act together 8 points 9 seconds. I know it’s the offseason, but all your post have been as abysmal as the Pacers Mental Toughness in Game 5.


    They worked out Draymond Green (Michigan State), Scott Machado (Iona), Tyshawn Taylor (Kansas), Royce White (Iowa State), Andrew Nicholson (Saint Bonaventure), and Mike Scott (Virginia). They have video interviews posted at They won’t hold anymore workouts until after the pre-draft combine and the Euro League Showcase in Paris set for June 15th…i think. I hope this helps!

  • IU Fan

    Read what I think Roy Hibbert is worth, and and what I think of roy here……

  • gregor t.

    After the Pacers re-sign Hibbert and Hill they need to find a true back-up for Granger. I like Jeffrey Taylor SF Vandy as a draft pick. Good defender with size, length, and improving range. SF free agent class is weak. Taylor looks like a good fit with more upside than Draymond Green, who i like as well. Post scoring off the the bench would help, too. I just don’t see that at 26 in the draft. Late season pick-up might be the way to go there for next year.

  • Jesse

    Wish Tim and Jared, Awesome site Great job would wean us off the season with some draft conjecture.

  • Aj


    Amen to that.

  • Ian

    Hibbert wants to re-sign with the Pacers but I find it unlikely that his agent won’t use other offers to drive up his contract. It would be nice if he’d at least be willing to delay signing so that the Pacers can work some other players in under the cap. I am not sure how practical that is.

    I wish the D-Will talk would stop. He is NOT COMING TO INDY! Do we really want a guy who forced his small market team to trade him to Jersey? And that team was a 50+ win squad, just like the Pacers.

  • rob

    Realist I love the dreaming man. I wish it could happen

  • Joe B

    The Pacers will keep Roy, no matter what. But, if the max offer comes it will limit big-splash free-agency moves. D-Will might make a move like David West. Who thought West was coming to the Pacers, honestly? But, the more you think about it, their personalities are similar and D-Will might prefer to avoid the major markets and join a team that had a great chance to beat the Heat. D-Will to the Pacers would make them the favorite out of the East. They proved they could beat the elite teams in the East without a great point guard who can score…

  • Stan

    Hib-Hib, Hib-Roy

  • Marcus

    Now that the bulls rose is sideline with a 12/ 14 month injury. It time for the pacers to work out hard this summer with frank new system in place and rule the east. Trade up two spot in the draft and get a good back up for granger or power forward for west. Or use some money on a good free agent. And yes resign West to a 3 yrs deal because he is a good free agent pick. A maybe sign KG from boston. Just a ideal. Now the time to make some move add good players to our bench.