Is it the Perfect Time to Trade Paul George?

I know very well that this column might not make me the most popular person in Pacer Nation, but I feel the need to at least broach the subject. “Potential” is a great word in the NBA. Sometimes it holds more weight than the word “results.” This season one might argue that young Paul George showed us considerably more potential than he did results.

I do consider it important to note that I am not dismissing the potential of Paul George nor   do I wish him anything but success on the Pacers or any other franchise because for a 22-year old NBA player with the world in front of him, he certainly seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

But the word “potential” has shielded him from criticism on a fairly consistent basis. It’s fair to say that his scoring has not been consistent, his offensive assertiveness has been lackluster at times and his offensive game plan does not always compliment his natural athleticism, however, I will admit his defensive ability is quite valuable.

Basically what I am getting at is the concept of “selling high.” Paul George certainly has potential that may lead many of us to believe that he will improve in leaps and bounds. However, he has not shown us enough to be able to say vast improvement is lock by any means. The whole league would agree that “there might be something about this Paul George kid.” Which means that if Paul George does not make a huge improvement this season then his stock will probably never be higher than it is right now.

As I was taking a look at Tim Donahue’s excellent post about the Pacer’s offseason possibilities (really a must read) I talked myself into everything Donahue presented. I can see the logic behind it all. But I got to thinking about “what if these things just don’t happen.” Perhaps just due to bad luck. Donahue points out that Eric Gordan may demand a max contract, which would be a huge risk. Irsan Elyasova seems like a great fit, but another team might bid high for him forcing the Pacers to over pay. And I absolutely love the thought of Steve Nash on the Indiana Pacers, but financial reasoning aside it just might not happen because, you know, what franchise wouldn’t absolutely love the idea of Steve Nash on their team? Who knows what exactly Steve wants.

And perhaps that leaves the Pacers with re-signing Hibbert (and probably Hill) and attempting to retain the same basic core. In that situation their best chance of becoming a better team would lie in the player who is the most likely candidate for strong improvement: Paul George (perhaps along with Hibbert). Which allows you to see how much stake is truly put into Paul George. And at that point one might may want to look at one of their best assets as just that: an asset.

So I think it is fair to say that Paul George (at a very affordable price) could bring in significant talent to the Pacers who already have significant talent surrounding him. So I have provided a few examples of possible (and financially plausible) trades that are just meant to show the kind of potential that might be brought in if the Pacers were to move George. Obviously I have no idea if both sides of these trades would agree to the terms nor do I have the ability to know if they would truly make the Pacers better.

Paul George to the Philadelphia 76ers for Thaddeus Young

This would be a conservative trade. This would be the type of trade that the Pacers would make if they did have an inclination that Paul George’s ceiling is a little bit lower than most people think. In his fifth year in the league, Young is a little bit more likely to be getting close to the player that he is going to be in the future.

The stats between Young and George are quite similar. In fact, George’s playoff scoring and rebounding statistics were better than Young’s. But Young also came off of the bench and scored more efficiently and took higher percentage shots (leading to a higher field goal percentage). Young is also a very versatile player who has shot 50% over his career and can slide back and forth from small forward to power forward while playing good defense at either position. He would not be a big name, but he would likely fit seamlessly into the Pacers rotation as a player who does not have to start nor does he take many shots away from teammates.

Paul George to the Denver Nuggets for Kenneth Faried and Jordan Hamilton

Perhaps this trade makes less sense because you would be trading potential for different potential. But part of me believes that the potential that Faried has to offer is significantly harder to find. The guy wasn’t supposed to be a factor in his rookie season, but he ended up playing significant minutes in playoff wins. He could very well be Hansbrough 2.0. He has a relentless motor, incredible strength and he’s got enough offensive skills to be more than just an energy guy. Plus his nickname is the Manimal and he dunks the ball really hard.

Jordan Hamilton was also just a rookie last season and he received very limited minutes. But his size and position allow him the potential to possibly be as good as Paul George is right now sometime down the road. He did not get much playing time for a deep Nuggets squad, but he averaged nearly 20 points per game as a sophomore at Texas.

This trade would bring in two second year players at a very cheap price. One of which would make an immediate impact on the floor. This trade would also be made with the idea that Paul George may very well demand a lot of money down the line if he does make a fair amount of improvement. Being able to acquire young quality players before then is a possible strategy.

Paul George to the Houston Rockets for Kyle Lowry 

Kyle Lowry is coming off of a breakout season. More recently, he is coming off of a trade demand-in-the-making. Apparently he does not believe that he can play under coach, Kevin Mchale next season. While I do not know enough to take sides in their dispute, I will admit that I am completely on the Kyle Lowry bandwagon as far as his future as a player in the NBA.

I do not mean to make a grand overstatement when I say that the difference between “potential” and “results” is the difference between Paul George and Kyle Lowry. All I mean is that I think that Lowry had a significantly bigger stake in winning games for the Houston Rockets than George did for the Pacers. Lowry is a triple-double threat who scores, rebounds, passes, plays excellent off-ball and on-ball defense and makes his teammates play at a high level.

Of course Lowry is a point guard which would mean that more changes would have to come. Either the Pacers would have to choose not to resign George Hill or to trade Darren Collison. I think both of these players have bright futures in this league; I just think that Lowry is a better player than both. With the absence of George the Pacers would have a very small back court, which means they would have to address this with some sort of low-key signing or look towards the draft for a bigger guard.

Paul George’s Future

It is probably very unlikely that any of these exact trades happen and if the Pacers choose to keep Paul George then they likely have a lot to look forward to with his presence. In fact, you wouldn’t hear me complain. But I do feel that the Indiana front office is in a position where they have to consider the idea.

In our last Post-Game Grades of the season Tim Donahue gave George a C+. Donahue wrote, “No way around it, Paul George spent most of the series and most of this game as a disaster offensively, and we could spend days discussing his travails running the fast break. But, he’s young, and he’s a good kid. Bizarrely, if you want encouragement, watch him guarding Wade from tonight’s game. It will make you feel better about Paul, and also make you appreciate just how ungodly unstoppable Wade was.”

Very well said. It leaves Indiana with a little bit of a dilemma: Do you wait for potential or do you milk that word for everything it’s worth?


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  • Granny Danger

    This is just nonsense in my opinion. I understand the logic of trading George now, but there’s just no way any GM would accept the proposed trades. Regardless of you saying ‘It is probably very unlikely that any of these exact trades happen’, it makes absolutely no sense writing a post about trades that have zero chance of actually taking place. Just a waste of time.

  • Conor

    I don’t think this article is nonsense, but I hope this would never happen. I agree that potential is no guarantee, but George has not had a ‘true’ offseason to work on his game. He came in as a rookie, and the next year a lockout restricted offseason. This offseason he will be able to work with the coaches and improve his game more. I would consider this a possibility if his numbers do not improve this next upcoming season, but the Pacers are a different team than others. They have 3 all-star caliber players (Granger, West, and Hibbert), and any of them could be the star for the night in terms of stats. They rely on every player and not one star every night, so that plays a part in his performances on this team also.

  • Jordan

    The proposed trades are arbitrary, but the premise is something that should be considered in my opinion. I like PG, his skillset, and potential. However, I do not think he should be regarding as an untradeable asset as he’s regarded by some Pacer fans. On the contrary, there’s alot of anti-Granger sentiment out there and I think part of the reason is because everyone is ready for George to be the franchise player. But after this season (and especially post-season), I believe its evident that:

    1) George is not assertive and consistent enough to be “the guy,” right now. To consider Granger as consistent is laughable, but he has a level of confidence that PG currently lacks.
    2) I consider PG a “tweener” but I think the 2 is more suitable for his game than the 3. Right now, he’s not strong enough for the 3, thus Granger’s presence is not forcing him to play out of position.
    3) George’s trade value is much higher than Granger’s. George is younger, cheaper, and has the upside that would be intriguing to other teams. If you believe that the Pacers are “one player away” than George would probably be the best asset to land said player. In theory, the possibility that a Good Team will trade an upside player for an established player on a Bad Team is more likely than any other scenario with interchanged variables.
    4) Extending the third point… let’s not forget how a lot of the fanbase felt after Hansbrough his rookie year. Hansbrough is a solid role player and I think PG’s is better now and has more upside. But, two years ago, the notion of trading Hansbrough for anything less than a 20/10 player was absurd (OK, I’m exaggerating). Potential is fun, but not guaranteed.

    I think George is a solid player now but has noticeable weaknesses in his game. However, he’s young enough that he can develop to be an all-star caliber player. I think Mark Boyle summed it up best on Twitter last night, when he said (paraphrasing) that no one has to go, but if the price is right, everyone is expendable…. No matter what, the offseason will be interesting.

  • Andrew

    All three are stupid trades… terrible ideas… not one of those trades returns equal talent, all things considered

  • papapapatrick

    paul george is our future, the pacers aren’t one piece away from competing for the championship, so we shouldn’t trade away our future.

    plus rookie contracts are so nice to have

  • Christian

    Like Jordan, I don’t think the idea itself is stupid at all. I’m sure it is being considered. The actual proposed trades I don’t really think are that great. First, when you’re trading one guy with potential, a team is not going to trade their own potential great like Denver with Faried. Denver even shipped Nene because of Faried. I also really don’t see Thaddeus Young as being that helpful. We’re trading a potential all-star for a packup PF who has already peaked. Lowry is sort of interesting but it is the type of thing that can only happen with a domino effect of other moves.

    In the end, I’m not sure this is a good idea. George is so young. Potential is a risky and loaded word but there are thing that make it less risky with George. He didn’t get a training camp this year, he’s smart and unselfish, and he’s great at defense. There’s no real red flags like, say when Bender could never stay healthy, or a Tyrus Thomas never seems to care. Those are unfixable, but when you see George, his issues are all a part of his growth and things he’ll learn by good coaching and training.

  • Realist

    He’s had 2 seasons (one shortened) and including playoffs has started less than 100 games. How soon are you ready to give up on him exactly?

    A 6’10 shooting guard (and we’re not sure he’s done growing yet) with ridiculous athletic ability, can jump out of the gym and defends the hell out of anyone we stick in front him – and as papapapatrick mentions, is a bargain for the time being.

    No way we’re moving him.

  • Nathaniel

    This sort of trade doesn’t make sense. The Pacers are one piece away from competing for a championship. But that one piece isn’t a good starter, it is a superstar. We probably have the best 1-7 in the league. But we aren’t even close to having the best 1-3. So, no trade for comparable talent makes sense. We either develop what we have (because we have a lot of room for development), or we grab someone like Deron Williams. The beauty of getting Williams is that we don’t need to lose George to do it. And really, the future looks bright either direction. Lastly, even though good GMs can leverage potential, let’s not forget why: George does have the potential to be a superstar.

  • Chris D.

    It’s hard to know who we should trade if we don’t know what piece we want. I feel we need a PG who can command the floor and be top 15 in assists. We need to get 50-60 pts. per game on avg. out of Hibbert, West, and Granger/George. So, if we can get a PG like that for Granger or George, I’ll consider it. But, I’d much rather keep our top three plus George and use the entire rest of the team for trades and/or cap manipulation to get a good PG. We have too many guards and none of them are very good.

  • Melon

    Move him. Its a no brainer. He’s closer to Jonathon Bender than any kind of superstar. The Pacers certainly cant afford to extend him based on potential (in two years). So for the next 16 months they need to be shopping him aggressively for picks or another value player. Otherwise its gonna be another 5-6 years before the Pacers are picking in the lottery (hopefully) and the money for free agents will likely be tied up in a keeping the guys on the roster. Paul is a shining asset, and as long as there are some teams who think he has the potential to be a “superstar”, then the Pacers owe it to themselves and the fans to maximize that possible profit. I should also say, I’ve watched PG for two years now and I havent seen anything that makes him look like a potential all star in the least. He plays decent defense, though he struggles fighting through off ball screens and chasing spot up shooters, and his offensive game is nearly non-existent most of the time.

  • Chris D.

    I take that back: We have too many point guards (Hill, DC, and Barbosa) and none of them is very good as an assist maker. Hill and/or George should be pure SGs, but that leaves us open at the point. I don’t think Hill will re-sign with the Pacers. Just a gut feeling.

  • kyle

    wow this is so dumb… I wouldnt want to trade paul but if we did none of these moves make sense. None of them make us better right now which is the only reason you would trade your future away. How about we resign hibbert and hill. Sign nash and trade collison and our 1st round pick to move up to about the 10-15 range and get a tyler zeller or thomas robinson to help our depth in the frontcourt.

  • Alan

    Realist is right, he you guys arent giving him a chance. The guy is only 22 and even the NBA analysts say hes an all-star in the near future. Jonathan Bender is nothing like Paul. And i like this team we dont need to make a big move. PATIENCE i know its hard but this team with dwest taking over the leadership role can be great. Also please stop with this i hate granger talk. He can do so many things and he doesnt need to be our “star” anymore. He fits with this team and is a big part of this team.

  • Ronal Eugene is Right!!

    Apparently Melon missed the Dallas game. There is a reason people think this guy has star potential Melon, and those people actually watch the games. Saying trading him is a no brainer is the dumbest thing you could have possibly said. Also, study up on your CBA and learn about Bird Rights. He can guard 1-3 and is improving on offense. Don’t judge his defense on the 4 games you watched against the Heat, no one was stopping James or Wade and don’t underestimate how important it is to have a guy that versatile on your team. Really what he needs to work on is his fundementals. He relies on his athleticism too much and it hurts him. If he spends this summer working on fundementals he will be much improved and no one will want to trade him. The truth is you could write this article about any player on the team because without a superstar there is no one on this team that’s untradeable, but you better get a damn good player in return. This team is close to being a legit contender so if you are trading Paul George you better bring in a piece that gets us to conteder status. I don’t think any of these trades makes the team any better, let alone a contender. The most intriguing is the Kyle Lowry trade, but is there one person who would look at that trade and pick the Pacers to win the East? No, so why make that trade?

  • Aj

    When its all said and done, PG is 22 years old, and yeah anyone can get traded. It’s a business, and I don’t mind fake trades because hey people like Bill Simmons spend countless hours on the NBA Trade Machine why can’t you throw out a few? But trading Paul George would be really really really really dumb. The guy is an elite defender…….AT 22!!!!!!! Yes he’s complacent on offense, but that’s a testament to his commitment on the defensive end. He’s playing for the USA Select Team this year, and I’d bet it all that he get more confidence on the Offensive end. And having a normal training camp will be HUGE for him. We’ve already seen Vogel put George in positions where he not only can score, but where he runs the fast break, gets feeds in the post, set up plays in the half court. Any fan that has consistently watched Pacers games all year can see that Vogel is tailoring him to be a “Do it all” Point Forward if you will. And this offseason he’ll learn what he does excel at and what he doesn’t and then focus on his strengths. All I know for certain is though, our transition game and our half court defense wouldn’t have been a TOP 5 UNIT without Mr. George. Have Patience man and quit trying to rile up Pacer Nation. Instead of writing more articles about Bogus trades you should give me Off season updates on Players. I wanna know how my dudes are doing!

  • Jordan

    Paul George is not an elite defender. He’s a good on-the-ball defender and below average off-the-ball and getting through screens.

    I honestly understand the infatuation with him… when’s the last time the Pacers had a player like him? Bender, probably, and he never came close to showing the same amount of promise.

    Again, I’m saying you have to or need to trade him, just that you should keep your options open. And it’s true that you can probably write the same article about every player on the roster, but it’s the pre-draft / pre-free agency in the offseason, so I don’t see any problem throwing out some hypotheticals.

  • Buck

    I’ve been saying since the start of this season, in five years PG will be a top 5 player in the NBA. The Pacers obviously have a plan for his developent, and defense was first on the list. Next season they will loosen his leash on O and let him keep growing on D. This past season would have been his senior year had he stayed in school, no doubt in my mind he would have been a top three pick had that been the case.

    I wouldn’t trade him for anyone any team would be willing to part with, and will be very dissapointed if the Pacers do.

  • Richard

    George Hill is good, but he isn’t a pure point guard. Darren Collison is good, but hes more in line to be the best pg coming off the bench in the league than a great starter (sort of like Ramon Sessions.) You can make an argument that point guard is your weakest position, but you’re more likely to address this in free agency than by way of a trade. You guys should seriously make a run at Dragic…or Linsanity (in Indi! Haha.)

    The next biggest weakness I see with your team is with the bigs you bring off of the bench. Hustling white men with no offensive polish and below average defensive ability. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with this, they just don’t work with your current roster. With a monster like Hibbert who can’t play 40 minutes a game, you need some better quality bigs. Throw some money at Ilyasova, I’d love watching him play pick and roll with Collison off the bench…

    If my Cavaliers win the AD lottery…I’ll trade you Thompson (or Varejao if you can find a way to make the salaries work) + a Casspi kicker if you want him for Paul George and I’ll buy your 26th pick for 3 mil and give you a second rounder if necessary.

  • Bruno

    I believe some are missing the point here; Paul George COULD very well turn into an All-Star kind of player, but he doesn’t HAVE TO. Granger, West, Hill and even Hibbert are supposed to score in volume. George has to develope into something in the likes of Scottie Pippen. This kind of player doesn’t come around much often, and when you get them, you don’t let them go.
    However, I think the article brings up a good point: Kyle Lowry
    Forget about Deron Williams, he’s obviously after the big paycheck, otherwise, why would he had left a good team with one of the best coaches EVER? I’m not sure where Steve Nash’s heart is at, but I would put my eggs in that basket. But we still need a good REAL point guard. And the best outside the Elite group, in my opinion, is Kyle Lowry. I just love that guy, and I believe he can bring two things the Pacers need desperately:
    - someone to run the offense
    - someone who can create (an make !!!) a shot when is needed (let’s say… the last 2 minutes of a game)
    Even though I would NEVER give up George to bring Lowry, I certainly would ask Houston what’s his price. (for the record I’d be willing to let go: collison, hansbrough, hill, and even Granger if the pacers can bring a good FA). And knowing that Lowry wants to leave the Rockets, I believe it’s more than worth a try.

  • Aj

    Paul George can guard 1-4. How many players can say that? Sounds elite to me…

  • Richard

    Houston wants a big.

    They have a ton of solid 3 and D wings. Paul George is a certain/arguable upgrade over Budinger, Parsons and/or Lee, but his skill set would make their other players redundant.

    If you want Lowry, you’ll need a three way trade.

  • Jordan

    Paul George is not strong enough (now, at least) to effectively guard all 3′s and the 4. I don’t recall him ever guarding a PF this season for a long stretch of time and just because he’s 6’10 doesn’t mean he can. He struggles with defending off the ball which is a key element of guarding the 2. He did a good job of guarding D-Rose in the playoffs last year, but even then, he did not shut him down (nor should have he been expected to). Basically, he’s not as great as everyone thought he was in last year’s playoffs and he’s not as bad as he was against Wade… closer to the former, but not elite.

  • Aj

    haha I don’t really know if he can guard the 4 either really although I’d like to think with his height and hops he could at least front a guy if he adds more strength. I was just going off the really good D he played on Glen Davis at times against the Magic in playoffs, most notably at the end of Game 4. I’ll give you that “elite” isnt the right word. I guess that should be reserved for players who make the All Defensive Team or have played more than 1 3/4 seasons, but thankfully being only 22 those are all things in which he can improve on going into next season with experience on the USA Select Team and a full Training Camp. I guess the more appropriate word here would be extremely “Versatile”. It stinks to think that Brian Shaw, a guy who has played a big role in PG’s development, might be leaving for a Head Coaching Gig, but Vogel knows what he has. He isn’t elite, but in a few years? Who knows.

  • Bruno

    Richard, you’re right !! I was just thinking that not even a Lowry-Granger (plus some extras to make “the money” work) would be enough for Houston. Definitely it’d take a three-way trade. I guess the Pacers will have to find someone looking to dump some salary, and maybe even have to absorb some big contract at least for the season. But if you can find a way to add Lowry without losing a starter and still keep either Collison or Hill, I’d call it a great move anyway.

  • Rich k

    Frank Vogel said today that he wants everybody on the roster to return. thats fine an dandy, but what frank dont understand is that even the teams thar are already elite or fresh off a championship, still tries to improve to keep that edge. Yes this team had a fantastic run, way better then last years team. but the only reason why, was because we added pieces to a good team. if we want to really be contenders an put fans back in the seats permantely, then we must make a move this offseason that will help that cause. weve got to stop settling for mediocrisy, take advantage of our cap room an bring in a player that will have an signifigant impact to take us to the next level. the team concept works with no star, only last for so long.

  • Jason S.

    I think Granger should be traded for George. Granger has likely peaked. Maybe he is a great 6th man, while George may be more. You can’t teach his wingspan.

  • Jason S.

    I meant Granger traded instead of George. sorry.

  • Donald

    I am a PG33 fan. This is not the right person to trade.

    Winning the East is about elite wing players. PG can defend numerous members of the Boston Celtics, the Heat’s best players, and Derek Rose. The problems that I saw this post season was our inability to feed Roy and David inside to exploit miss matches. Wing scoring wasn’t our main problem. I think asking PG to guard Dwayne Wade and shoulder the offensive lead is a folly. PG was +24 for the series while being asked to play some tough defense, trading PG for someone who is not as good of a defender at the 2 & 3 positions is not an option.

    Don’t trade PG33; he is too cheap, too good, and too well liked by the fans.

    We have other options. First resign Roy & George, Second draft smartly a number of athletic wing players(Moe Harkless, Evan Fourner, Jeff Taylor) who may be able to back up PG and Danny could be available, a center(Fab Melo, Arnett Moultrie) to make Lou expendable could be available, and this still leaves us free agency to better the team.

  • Melon

    Guy, how big of a fan can you be if you call him PG33? He wears 24, Granger wears 33. Im also not sure anyone asked Paul George to shoulder any offensive load all season, and he responded by not doing so.

  • Marcus

    i think by adding one or two more free agents to our roster will be a great move and by drafting a True PG or Power Forward and re-signing David West to a four year deal would make sense. West bring to the pacer that hard, working player who is hunger for a ring. Adding a 7 foot center to back up roy is another key issue. I think crawford from the Wizards is a good fit, or Lee from the rocket is a good fit. We got the cap space money so let use it on some soild players.

  • Joe B

    George did have results that validate the potential talk–he doubled his PPG and became a reliable three point shooter. In fact, all of this stats rose from his first year to his second. Add his above the rim capabilities and strength as a defender, and you have a future all-star, not just a rising-star. The sell high idea makes sense, but only if the Pacers were rebuilding with an eye on the draft, and they are not doing that. They are on the cusp of serious contender talk, and another year together plus the development of better point guard play will help this happen. Losing George would not be good.

  • 7IHd

    I love Paul George, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him traded if I felt it would legitimately move us closer to being a contender. However, none of those trades is appealing enough in value to justify passing on his “potential” in my eyes. Lowry certainly has enough value to offset it, but trading for him would mean also trading/losing Hill/Collison, so also not a very appealing option. I’m sure management knows better than I what’s best for the team, but none of those trade appeal to me as a fan.

  • Jordan

    I understand your logic behind moving George, but the trade ideas were abysmal. Come on, man.

  • Donald

    @Melon, have you ever been so mad you forgot your favorite player’s number? That happened to me. Of course PG24 and DG33 are different my bad. The original article mentions how PG looked out of place/bad in the offense; I contend the offense looked bad, everyone looked bad. The kid has skills, and is a starter for this team. Trading him would create a hole, we’d need to fill that hole somewhere. The idea of sliding George Hill over and aquiring a point guard has merit but I’d want to get some one with a proven pedigree back for my potential. I don’t know that kyle lowry is my guy here. Adding a guy like Steve Nash who wants to play for a contender and drafting smartly could make us a contender now, with PG on the roster. I keep him.

  • Joe B

    The Pacers won two games against the Heat, which is one more than most analysts expected. They had the potential to win this series, though, so that should not be missed. I think Vogel is right: keep this core together. Resign Hill and Hibbert and focus on improving scoring off the bench, which means a true backup center. When the second unit was in the Pacers offense was abysmal because they had no post-presence. No one on this team will get worse moving into next year, so why attempt to disrupt your first unit?

  • Alan

    I like Marcus’ idea Jordan Crawford of the bench would be a nice addition that way if barbosa asks for too much than we don’t have to give it to him. I think he would be a consistent scorer off the bench and is young which helps running with this fast paced bench. I think thats the kind of move we should make. Nothing big as Joe B said just suttle additions to the bench.

  • Tom

    Read the article title, said “no,” moved on

  • gregor t.

    O.K. 8.9! Lets talk Draft! The Pacers need a backup for Granger at the 3 that can at least try to defend Lebron. Who you got? I like Jeff Taylor from Vandy, Draymond Green from MSU, or Jae Crowder from Marquette. Do the Pacers go there or look elsewhere for value late in the first round? Anyone got a sleeper? What is the Pacers best move? Bring it!

  • Ced

    Oh man, NO WAY for those players, if you bring back Rondo or someone is caliber we can start to talk about a trade but Thad Young? Really?
    Paul George got a bright futur, probably not an elite scorer, but is defense on Wade and Lebron was really good at times. I can see him becoming a Pippen type of players and that’s pretty good to me.

  • Ben

    Those trades don’t bring back much for PG at all. The guy is in his second year and was a big reason for the success this season. He obviously made a lot of mistakes, and his offense was at times extremely poor. His defense is high level and for the 2 games we beat Miami he played great D on Wade. I like PG’s potential, especially with him working out with team USA this summer, as I think that will help improve as it did ith guys like Russell Westbrook and Eric Gordon. If we could get a superstar for him then I would be fine with trading him but not for any of the people you mentioned above. I do agree with trying to get Kyle Lowry, but not for PG as we would have no one to play the 2 spot, I would like to see a sign and trade with George Hill and Hansbrough for Lowry. This offseason will go one of two ways for the Pacers, We either make big moves like signing Dwill or trading for lowry, or we resign our players from this year and hope they improve. The future is bright in Indy and I trust Birsd this offseason to make the right moves.

  • Super Trade

    Collison,. HanSolo, and Granger for Aldridge. Oh Snap oh no he didnt!!!

  • Ronal Eugene is Right!!

    Can we trade Jonathan Auping?

  • Alan

    Id rather trade collison than hill

  • PG24ShootMore

    First of all, no. Don’t trade George. He’s too versatile and he’s still developing. And he does have amazing defense. Second, our starting five is fine. Actually the majority of our team is fine. People, we ARE a championship caliber team. We almost beat Miami. There’s no need to get rid of anyone in our core, especially when everyone besides West is only getting better. Third, let Barbosa go. He choked in the playoffs. He didn’t earn his pay. Instead let Jones take his spot. He’s a solid defender and can hit the open three. He’s also athletic enough to drive if need be. Or let’s see all that faith in Lance in action. He went off against Chicago’s elite level defense, so he does have potential. Either one can replace Barbosa. Fourth, let’s address our real problem. It’s our backup bigs. Lou and Hansbrough (god knows I love them both) aren’t talented enough to compete with other championship caliber teams. If we could trade one (or both) to move up in the draft and get a Fab Melo or a Thomas Robinson (David West junior anyone? His playstyle is sooo similar) we’d be set in that department. Those are my ideas. Mock them as you wish.

  • BR

    how about a article about possible lottery picks instead of this trash on the top of the page

  • Zack

    @Super Trade

    If I’m the GM of Portland and you call me with that offer (Collison, Hans and Granger for Aldridge) I hang up on you before you’re even finished saying Aldridge’s name. If the Pacers can swing that deal I would be ecstatic. How would you incorporate Aldridge, West and Hibbert with only 2 big spots? Doesn’t matter, the Pacers would never be able to swing that trade.

  • NoLookPass

    I have learned from various Pacers sites so far this summer that Tyler cost us the Heat series despite taking 4.33 shots per game and is our worst player. Barbosa was a great pickup and we should bring him back despite shooting worse than Tyler who was deemed out worst player as a Pacer. Lou should be our reserve PF despite no offensive game next year and if we package our fan voted worst two players in DC and Tyler together they will bring us back other teams star players.

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  • Real

    Kenneth Faried is better than Paul George. He’s better now, he’s going to be better 5 years from now. I love PG, I think he’s a young Tracy McGrady. But I would trade him in a heartbeat for the Manimal. George has the potential to be a 20/5/5 two-way player, but he will always be less than efficient offensively. His jumper is inconsistent, and he doesn’t have the stamina to keep hoisting 3′s after playing D for half the game. And honestly, his confidence issues may keep him from ever maxxing out.

    On the other hand, talking about potential with Faried is ridiculous. He’s a monster right now. He a super efficient scorer that draws a lot of fouls, rebounds like Ben Wallace in his prime, and plays killer D. The only thing holding him back is coach Karl, who only played him for 22mpg despite the lack of good options behind him. Calling him Hansbrough 2.0 is a disservice to a player who may well end up a top 3 player of his draft class.

  • Jenks Donaldson

    I’d rather see us trade Danny Granger because George has ALOT of potential. Granger is supposed to be our ‘Go to Guy’ but he can not create his own shot, let alone make a wide open one at times.

    Consider this: Granger for Tyreke Evans.
    Evans is a 6’8 Shooting Guard, who could easily play the 3.

    Also; I wouldnt mind dropping George Hill (Although he was key for us this year) to bring in Steve Nash. As a die-hard Suns fan and Pacers being a very close second place, Nash could bring leadership, 11 assists per game, and the opportunity to get a ring.