Larry Bird: "I Can't Believe My Team Went Soft. S-O-F-T. I'm Disappointed."

I wasn’t there and don’t even know exactly what Larry Bird means. So this is presented without comment. (image above via Mike Wells tweet)

In his story on Bird’s comments, Indianapolis Star Pacers beat writer added the following.

Those are the strongest words I’ve ever heard Bird say about his team – good or bad – in my seven-plus years of covering the Pacers.

And he ended his story well by framing what this might mean for the Pacers going into Game 6.

Bird has spoken. Now we’ll see if his players respond to being publicly embarrassed – on the court and by their president – or if they’ll curl up in the fetal position in Game 6 on Thursday.

Game 6 is on Thursday at 8:00 pm EST.

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  • NoLookPass

    They have been soft, we aren’t who got us here and smash mouth is dead unless its Tyler accidentally killing a guy time to time. We can’t do anything on them down low despite no Bosh while they are running a lay up drill on us. Worst thing to happen to us was Foster not being around the team, Lou had some good dunks and a few nice blocks but he isn’t Jeff Foster and this team needs a Jeff Foster for toughness, more leadership and a guy who will make the smartest play 99% of the time.

  • dwain

    u know things always seem bleakest before the dawn, and the suns coming up over BankersLife Fieldhouse next. Pacers blew game 5 we had some of everything, trying too hard, deer in the headlights, brutality by the zebras and the Heat, injury and a stinkin game plan. is it time to lay down and die? HELL NO!!! i can easily see the Pacers takin game 6 and throwing it bac to Miami where anything can happen in game 7. it has been a long fun ride this year and if we get beat we get beat, if the refs beat us then the whole country will see that for what it is and more people will drop pro ball forever…because there is really no point in watching if it is all fixed…
    the Pacers need to get back to fundemental basketball, the stuff that got them where they are, rebounding, good solid passing and run some real plays. Hell if Danny is hurting he can still limp to the basket for a layup(if someone can pull their head out their azz long enough to pass it to him), his 3 point shooting hasn’t exactly been stellar of late anyway. David West having a great game is critical, if his ankle is really hurt we may be screwed. Paul George and Roy and Hill need to step up and have career games…peeps this is a learning experience for these young guys, they are feeling their way through what a second round series can be like, what being pushed to the brink is all about. i see them learning all the way through this and i still think they can win it. Miami is full of themselves, the punished this team and they think our guys are going to curl up and die in game 6, time to see what Miami is really made of, to show them for the pusses that they really are and Indy is just the team to deliver that blow(figuratively speaking). i don’t wanna see thug ball out there from our guys, we are better than that and i seriously don’t think the Pacers have played dirty up to this point, Miami has and the country has seen it for what it is and those sorts of things have a way of working themselves out in a fairly called series…GO PACERS!!!

  • dwain, grammer?

    Two things, Granger will not be shooting lay ups on lebron, especially not while limping. West = sprained knee, not ankle. Do you even know what the work grammer means? Wow, learn how to write.

    You might be one of the dumbest people i know. Go Pacers!

  • Tommy

    They are soft, the whole league is soft and nithging compared to what it used to be , just like the nfl. They need to let these men play like men and stop with all these stupid calls! i wrote a recap for game 5 and a preview for game 6 on my site coem check it out and enjopy!

  • dwain

    pfffffffffffffftttttt, yeah saw the news that it was the knee, and u can stick the grammar up yer azz, this is a fan board not school…ding ding ding…was that a bell? someones been schooled

  • dwain Idiot

    What is the difference between this being a fan blog or school? You are unintelligent and come off dumb. Even all your points are way off. Did you ever attend school? Did you ever play basketball?

  • Joe B

    Psycho-T = Psycho T’d

    Haslem = Retalemed

    Pitman = Who, again, did that?

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