Paul George Named to USA Select Team

We knew this last week when a report leaked, but now it is official: Paul George is on the USA Select Team. The Select Team’s main purpose is to play against Team USA during its training camp in Las Vegas from July 6-12 in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics in London, which begin July 27.

Here is the full 13-man roster for the Select Team.

  • Ryan Anderson – Orlando Magic
  • DeJuan Blair – San Antonio Spurs
  • DeMarcus Cousins – Sacramento Kings
  • DeMar DeRozan – Toronto Raptors
  • Derrick Favors – Utah Jazz
  • Paul George – Indiana Pacers
  • Taj Gibson – Chicago Bulls
  • Gordon Hayward – Utah Jazz
  • Kyrie Irving – Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Kawhi Leonard – San Antonio Spurs
  • Jeremy Lin – New York Knicks
  • Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors
  • John Wall – Washington Wizards

This also, in theory, sets George on a course for perhaps playing for Team USA’s varsity squad. There are obviously a ton of wing players that will always be in contention, but having this on his resume obviously can’t hurt.

USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo said as much in statement.

“Being chosen for the Select Team is quite an honor, and it’s an important step in becoming involved in USA Basketball’s National Team program in the future,” said Colangelo. “In the past, current national team finalists like Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, Derrick Rose, LaMarcus Aldridge, Andre Iguodala, as well as many other outstanding players got their USA National Team start through the Select Team.”

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  • Joe B

    Nice. I have posted several times commenting on George’s increase in production this year. This helps prove my case. While Anderson got Most Improved, George got Improved Enough To Be Noticed By Team USA.

  • poot

    i’d rather not see any Pacers doing these things, but at least it’s our youngest. he may actually benefit a little from playing against some elite talent. and from what i see above, he would be the star of that team.
    C: Cousins / Favors
    PF: Anderson / Gibson / Blair
    SF: Leonard / Haywood
    SG: George / DeRozan / Thompson
    PG: Wall / Irving / Lin

  • Havoc

    You’ve got Wall and Irving on the team and you think PG will be the star? That’s asinine.