Heartland Summer Series Podcast Talks to 8p9s about Pacers-Heat

I had the pleasure of talking to Jimmy Cavanaugh of IUSportcom yesterday as a part of a two-segment edition of their Heartland Summer Series of podcast. Part 1 featured Jorge Sedano of CBS Sports talking Heat.  Part 2 features me talking about the importance of David West and Larry Bird, what Frank Vogel is thinking when he makes adjustments, what I think will happen with the contracts of Roy Hibbert and George Hill, and the crowd and rebuilding the relationship with the fan base and the city.

Anyway, go check it out and be sure to give Jimmy and Jorge follows (links above).

Fair warning: apparently, “fantastic” was my word of the day.


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  • Dianne

    Good conversation and well-discussed.

  • Realist

    Nice (fantastic even). I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed your brave prediction of the Pacers winning Game 4. Please let you be correct.

    Tim, you seem to profess a lot of love for this particular team (and I don’t feel differently). Would you say it has passed the ’98 team as your favourite yet? Or is that something to be evaluated at season’s end?

    [Also: Heartland (not Hoosier) Summer Series, in the paragraph, I think]

  • http://www.eightpointsnineseconds.com Tim Donahue


    I think I’m just enjoying what’s happening now. The ’98 team was probably better, but mostly, I just want to enjoy the ride.

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