Paul George Swats LeBron Late in Game 2

Remember who LeBron was supposedly scared to shoot late in Game and never should have dished to Dwayne Wade on Miami’s penultimate possession? Perhaps he was just worried that this would happen again.

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  • NoLookPass

    Even with that good run by the bench Barbosa is once again a team high -8 and now a -41 for the series despite the fact the Pacers are just -6 in total point differential.

  • NoLookPass

    Good thing they didn’t suspend Wade, he sucked unbelievably bad tonight.

  • poot

    thank you Pacer fans for your presence at BLF tonight
    it was by far the proudest i have been to be a Pacer fan since 2000

  • dwain

    omfg what a game, the Pacers are awake!!!! Go Pacers!!!!

  • NoLookPass

    Wade’s 4th bad shooting game in a row! He’s bound to wake up but I hope he sleepwalks at least one more game this Sunday and we protect home court so we can have 3 shots to close this out even if he does get hot.

  • JJ

    Pacers in six. Gold swagger all day. I was repping my Indy pride all day out here in San Francisco. Had the whole bar rooting for the Pacers. Let’s go boys

  • Realist

    Gold Swagger is goin’ viral. I f’n love it.