Dwyane Wade on Pacers After Game 2 Win: "They Celebrated Like Dallas"

File this story under “Pacers Piss Off Opponents Like None Other, Part IV.”

Apparently, after the Pacers won Game 2 in South Beach, they were excited. They hooted and hollered some. This is shocking, of course, because most underdogs don’t enjoy winning playoff games on the road. So of course Dwyane Wade went out of his way to talk about it at length after a reported solicited his reaction.

Chris Tomasson of Fox Sun Sports in Florida has the story, which mostly likely is rooted in ABC picking up an in-game quote from Game 1 when Pacers coach Frank Vogel tried to motivate his team to victory by saying, “Do what the Mavericks did — BUT DO IT BETTER.” The Dallas Mavericks, in case you missed it, upset the Heat in the NBA Finals last year.

“I heard they wanted to be like the Dallas Mavericks, in a sense,” Wade said about an apparent reference to Pacers coach Frank Vogel using last year’s Mavs team, which beat the Heat in Miami for the title, as motivation for Indiana. “I saw their little celebration at the end of (Game 2). I don’t know if they didn’t expect to win, but every night we go out on the court, we expect to win.”

Wade then was asked about the celebration, but didn’t elaborate on what specifically irritated him.

“They say their identity, they say they want to be like Dallas,” Wade said. “So they celebrated like Dallas, I guess.”

On the zinger scale of “every joke Shaq has made on Inside the NBA” to Gregg Popovich benching Tim Duncan and writing “DNP-OLD” in the box score, this is somewhere in the middle. It’s not as good as Wade’s comedic work mocking Dirk for being sick, which was legit sorta funny, but it’s marginally clever in the sense of properly framing some decent “calm down, young’ns, it’s one game” mockery. I’ll give him a solid B- in my Post-Game Comedy Grades.

And while the Pacers didn’t exactly rent out the hottest club in Miami and buy a bottle of $90,000 champagne, the video above clearly shows that David West also would have preferred his teammates just give each other some reserved high fives and walked quietly to the locker room. (via CBS Sports)

But the best part is how often NBA stars (and Larry Sanders) get fired up about the Pacers while talking to reporters. Derrick Rose actually called out Indiana for this same thing: celebrating after a win on the road. And after the Pacers won in Minnesota, Kevin Love felt the need to publicly express his long-time dislike of the franchise.

Interesting. Now that the Pacers have knotted the series at 1-1, however, I imagine that, more than trying not to upset Wade again, their goal is to find out just how pissed off Kevin Garnett can get at them.

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  • http://twitter.com/excitedstate excitedstate

    I love that the Pacers take their tough pills and get under the skin of their opponents.

  • Joe B

    I seriously do not get the frustration or the bafflement. A team that nearly every sportswriter has picked to win one (or maybe two, now that Bosh is gone!) game won that game–they were happy, and they did not do back-flips down the court–they won a close game and mildly celebrated with a few hops. You just beat the “taking my talents to South Beach” MVP on his home court to even a playoff series…why not be happy? Wades “We expect to win so-we-never-celebrate-at-all” is a joke.

  • NoLookPass

    I wish they would have shown what the others guys were doing when West kept calling for them to get off the floor.

  • tonyroma

    This is the FIRST TIME these players have ever won a 2nd Round playoff game. The HAVEN’T been there before, so how do you think they’ll act when they overcome a team who’d won 13 straight postseason games on their home court? Not to mention all of those claiming the Pacers would be lucky to even win a single game at home, much less actually compete with the Heat and beat them in their own building. Wade is just exhibiting how classless he really is when the going gets a little tough. He should be suspended for the completely unnecessary elbow-forearm clubbing he did to Collison after not getting a call against Dante on one of his twirling, flopping fly-jumper’s. I hope the league takes notice as well.

  • NoLookPass

    Tony that’s where the phase “Act like you been there before” comes into play.. If they feel that they aren’t the underdogs like they always say to the media then they should be like West and have the initial joy of the win and clap your hands then roll out and get ready for game 3 because they need to do it 3 more times to advance and 11 more times to get the job done.

  • Ray

    Didn’t realize that the Pacers have been trolling the Association so much this year. They need to promise themselves that if they win the series to all act completely stoic. Then, if a reporter asks why they were so reserved, they can say the just expected to win. Maximum trolling.

  • tonyroma

    No Look… Thats what I mean, they HAVEN’T been there before, so why should we expect them to act like it at an emotional time like that? I’d agree if we’d won by two possessions or more, but we just one a game at the last second! Veteran teams celebrate within degrees of how the Pacers did all the time. The Heat are never underdogs, so they can act as if they knew they were going to win. It was our FIRST time. All I’m saying is doesn’t it make you feel better letting them openly act as they were feeling in those precious seconds? Those seconds are why you play the game. D West has been there before and expects to go back. The Pups just won their very first skirmish against the big dog on the block. They’re allowed to woof for a second cause they know another fight is coming Thursday night and the big dog is p’d-off to the max.

  • BR


  • NoLookPass

    That’s why the first word of the phrase is “Act” Its alright to be happy at the time even West celebrated for a moment after the buzzer then he was over it and ready to roll. The other stayed out there for far longer with West calling them to the back. I wish we could see what they done but its just win 5 of 16 in the big pitcher it doesn’t mean a ton and means nothing at all if you don’t get to at least 8.

  • Flo

    Wade complains about the Pacers celebrating, yet they threw a party before they even played a game together.

    And another thing, when is the NBA going to do something about Wade and all these cheap shots he takes on people when he gets upset because the refs did not give him a call. Hit Kobe at the ASG, blatantly pushed Rip Hamilton out of bounds, and now decks Collison on the break.

  • RehmelJL

    I’m stunned that Wade has upended Lebron as the most obnoxious, spoiled, entitled player on the Heat Roster. Wade gets 90% of the calls to go his way, many of which are missed or bad calls (e.g., Chuck Norris kick into Amundson, or whoever that was, on a drive). Then, one of the few times he doesn’t get a call, he pouts like a spoiled child who didn’t get the video game they wanted.

    NBA players like to pretend like these things matter, but give me a break. If you play as hard as you can then this is not magically making you play harder. Wade may very well have a great game in game 3, just like most games he plays throughout the year. Quit trying to obtain some kind of arbitrary psychological victory. You lost, get over it.

  • googergieger

    Yeah don’t they know any self respecting franchise throws a celebration that would put a sweet sixteen MTV partython to shame before they win anything at all! #thedecision

    Wow I think my eyes almost fell out of my head from rolling them so hard.

  • Chris B.

    I have zero respect for Wade at this point. His entire games seems to consist of nothing but trying to draw fouls. If that was a non-super star that took a cheap shot at Collison like that then he would’ve been tossed and would possibly be looking at a one game suspension. Wade is lucky he got to stay in the game.

  • little B

    It is hard to see what actually the Pacers do, but if they didn’t flip off the crowd or the other team or something along those lines I don’t mind it (actually that would kind of be funny, but definatley not look good). Hopefully no one said they are king of the world, now that would be embarrasing. Anyways, you win a close game you deserve it. Live the moment. If Miami doesn’t like it then they need to win. Same way with trash talkers, only way to shut them up is to win. If this game was a blowout then I would understand waiting to celebrate. This was an intense game where emotions got all wrapped up in it.

  • Ronal Eugene is Right!!

    Tony and No Look pass’ argument about celebrations is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen on here, almost as dumb as that when that Mike guy called the Pacers an embarassment after Orlando game 1 and tried to say the attendance problem was because they’re frauds. This is a young team, the celebration was nothing. Miami has no room to talk about any celebration after the ‘press conference’ they had after creating the big three where they predicted 8 championships while “yes we did” displayed over every screen. I love how much this Pacers team pisses off the rest of the league. No Look Pass acts like he’s some authority on how teams should act after the game. Get over yourself, if you want to breakdown the series, let’s revisit your theory that the Pacers had no chance this series because of their horrid bench play.

  • Mike

    Anyone who has ever played team sports and been in playoffs/championships know the joy you feel when you win a game as an underdog. To compound this it was Miami’s FIRST LOSS AT HOME IN THE PLAYOFFS IN TWO YEARS. I’d say a little celebrating was in order. That or they go back to the locker room and wade puts his ear up to the A/C vent and listens to the Pacers celebrate in their lockerroom. Dude needs to get over himself and he shoudl be suspended one game for that blatant hit on Collison. Artest elbows a guy in the head… 6 games. Wade bulldozes (and easily could have injured) a much smaller player with no intention at all of going for the ball… two shot foul. Collison should have stayed on the floor holding his back.

  • Mike

    I may be wrong about that first loss claim… but they are pretty tough at home. Go over to the Heat Index and read the story by Wallace. A pretty unbiased account of what happened during and after the game.

  • poot

    Dwade career hightlights:

  • poot

    i watched the game on TNT overtime (big screen) and TNT (laptop) simultaneously (5 total camera angles at a time)

    The Pacers didn’t “celebrate” at all after the game
    Collison was the biggest offender, he did the MJ jumping air punch, ran by the Heat’s bench and yelled at them. Not sure what he said, probably something about how they can’t keep him down. I know that’s what I’d be saying after that flagrant. he also turned back around to the Heat bench on his way out, he could have left the court a lot faster.
    PG pumped his fist and sprinted to the other end of the court, no harm there
    Barbosa did a fist pump then waited for Hill near the 3 pt line so they could congratulate each. they loitered in the area but were not at all demonstrative.

    My initial reaction was surprised at how subdued the Pacers were after the win… I figured they were just tired. definitely didn’t see things the way Wade did

  • Joe

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but if that and the flagrant on Collison… along with Stu-pid Jackson and stern not penalizing him does not further anger the Pacers into dominating even more, then they don’t want to win. But they do, so they will get even tougher and I can see Miami struggling to get rebounds this next game.

  • Pawan

    Did he forget about the Heat’s celebration after they knocked the Celtics out last year, only to lose to the Mavs?

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  • Kate

    Umm, I’m a little confused about the claim that the Heat haven’t lost a playoff game at home in two years. As I recall, the Mavs won their championship on the Heat’s home floor. So yeah, they have a very recent home loss in the playoffs.

    As far as the Pacers celebrating, at least they waited until they had actually WON the game to celebrate unlike the Thunder and the Heat last year. Let them celebrate, it’s exciting. As long as they don’t over celebrate and have a “celebration hangover” for game 3, there’s no problem. Wade needs to put on his big boy pants and move on.