Danny Granger and LeBron James Have Disagreement

This little exchange by two guys who clearly weren’t going to fight each other happened around the 7-minute mark in the fourth quarter of tonight’s Pacers win over the Heat in Game 2. A little tangle up, a little exchange of unpleasantries, a little Brazilian dude running over to see what’s going on and a little bit of everyone calming down once David West came over. A non-event basically, but it came just two minutes after Dwyane Wade was whistled for a flagrant foul on Darren Collison while the game was ramping up in intensity. The Heat shot 5-for-14 (35.7%) from the field and 3-for-8 (37.5%) from the line following this little incident, for what that’s worth. The Pacers were 4-for-8 (50%) from the field and 5-for-10 (50%) from the line.

(video via CBS Sports)

  • lameson

    Lebron would definately win.
    BTW: you look strange in your pick… you should grow you hair…

  • Zach Winningham

    I think we all know that LeBron was just mad that his hairline was being exposed. He hates when his headband gets knocked off. His instinct is to dive for his headband to throw it back on as quick as he can. I love how tough Granger is, he’s not afraid of anyone. And obviously they’re not going to fight to avoid suspensions, but Danny was the more aggressive one in that situation and I loved it.

  • poot

    His instinct is to dive for his headband to throw it back on as quick as he can.
    that is brilliant, thank you for my morning laugh

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