Dwyane Wade Called for Flagrant Foul After Lowering His Shoulder into the Back of a Sprinting Darren Collison

As basically everyone on Twitter noted, this frustration foul could have easily gotten Dwyane Wade ejected. He went hard to the rim on the ensuing possession and was (perhaps rightfully … though it was a 50/50 call) miffed at the refs for not calling a foul on Dahntay Jones. Obviously this was an over-reaction. And who knows: Maybe the league will review it and suspend Dwayne for Game 3? #jokes

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  • poot

    all that matters is that home court was just stolen

    now all we need is some loud ass Pacer fans to fill up that arena

  • Realist

    David West telling the Pacers to stop celebrating and get off the damn court = BOSS

  • Evan

    #jokes hahahaha

  • Chris B.

    Cheap shot, shoulda been tossed.

    Don’t worry, the Fieldhouse will be rockin.

  • Luke

    FIELD HOUSE gonna be CRAZY on thursday!!!!

    listened to game on radio, and DANG, now that i see this play live seems excessive to me… if he wasn’t dwayne wade maybe that would have been a Flagrant II… who cares. we win!!

  • NoLookPass

    Would be sweet to get past the Heat and then go on to win the East. Only bad thing is to fully get the mainstream love the Finals may be needed since people are always going to throw up the asterisk of No Howard, then no Bosh and then Rose got hurt to open up the other side of the bracket at us. But I personally don’t care what the media says as much as others do and I could care less how many people got hurt as the banner just says NBA Champions.

  • Joe

    I hated Wade before the foul and I hate him even more after it. He clearly should have been ejected after that and if he isn’t suspended after for a game after that, then it’s obvious that the “offiicals” are trying harder than ever to fix these games.

    However, I don’t really want him to get suspended. The Pacers have shown that they can beat them with him. All that the Pacers will get is another “asterisk” comment on a series win if they do, especially after beating a Howard-less Magic. If they would not be taken seriously even if they win it all, I’d rather take the chance on trying to beat them with Wade. Plus, although the Heat might have been sparked after that crap flagrant, the Pacers should be the team with anger and determination in game 3.

    Wow, I just saw the play again, he was have a tantrum because the refs didn’t fall for his flop (Jones jumped straight up), what an absolute jerk and loser. He deserves so much more hate than Lebron.

  • Macho Man Randy

    The Colts could use Wade in the secondary with that kind of tackle!

  • tonyroma

    The play was an obvious flagrant 2. It was both excessive and unnecessary. There was no play on the ball, just a elbow-forearm blast to the middle of the back which could have seriously injured Collison. I will be absolutely shocked if the league doesn’t upgrade the foul to a 2 and if that brings a suspension, so be it, Wade deserves it. Does anybody think that if Artest did the exact same thing, he’d have been immediately ejected and likely suspended for another game?

  • Joe

    yeah tony, that’s true, and that got me thinking. Artest elbows Harden in the neck when harden was trash talking him and Artest gets ejected and a seven-game suspension (incl. 6 in the playoffs). Wade gets tempermantal because the refs didn’t call his flop and hits Collison in the back like it was football, and all he gets is a flagrant 1 which was in doubt.

  • NoLookPass

    Trying to compare that Wade hit to Ron’s elbow is extreme.

  • Joe B

    I don’t think it is a comparison between the elbow and the push, NoLookPass, but a comparison of personalities and histories: if Ron Artest/ Metta World Faux Peace had done what Wade did, he would have been tossed because of his history. So, the question is, why wasn’t Wade? He does not have the history, but should that matter? I do not think this will be upgraded to a flagrant two–though it could, maybe, just maybe, be. But, no, that hesitation equals no.

  • tonyroma

    Joe B—It HAS TO be upgraded to a F2 or the NBA is showing obvious favoritism to one of its marquee teams. I’ve looked at the replay at least 5 times. Wade was pissed about not getting a call on Dante, and as he ran back he measured Collison FROM THE BLINDSIDE and delivered a forearm smash to his back, and fortunately Collison went to the floor safely and didn’t have a higher balance point and go tumbling head-over or land hard on a wrist or elbow. The only reason it didn’t look bad was because the pass was in frame, but Wade was going to deliver the blow regardless whether Collison got the pass or not. It wasn’t a basketball play at all, it was a retaliatory overreaction meriting a severe sanction. Collison could have been horribly hurt and he was completely defenseless and unprepared for contact of that much impact.

  • bobby

    as the only jackass to get a flagrant during the allstar game, and by dislocating rondo’s entire arm i would say that yes he does have a history.

    he won’t be suspended though – just double-secret-probation

  • NoLookPass

    Very doubtful its looks far more worse than it really was. He runs into him hard from behind but it was as the ball was coming to DC, If it was any other player in the arena it wouldn’t look as bad but DC is so tiny so the contact looks more egregious. I know everyone hates the Heat and even more when playing the Pacers but I don’t see that as a F2. If DC had the ball and he did the same thing I could see a F2

  • tonyroma

    NoLook… The definition of F2 is “excessive” and “unnecessary” contact. Was it excessive? He knocked him from the lane into the photographer’s row, so that’s a yes. Was it necessary? What kind of basketball play was Wade making at that moment? He hit Collison in the BACK and he didn’t have the ball and he wasn’t positioning for a pick or rebound, so explain how the contact was necessary. You can’t. By definition, its a F2. Your comments:

  • tonyroma

    BTW, F1 is “excessive” contact, so the fact the refs called it makes that a yes. Again, was it “unnecessary” too? Per above, I don’t see how you could say it was anything BUT unnecessary.

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  • RehmelJL

    That was a good call, Jones went straight up. Kerr even said so. Wade is a cry baby who is used to getting all the calls.

  • NoLookPass

    The pass was coming and ended up hitting Wade in the head if there was no pass or DC had the ball it would have been F2. Its looks a lot worse than it was because DC is small but despite the hard contact DC slid and was standing before he got to the camera guys and nobody was looking for a F2 but Pacers fans online and fans that just hate Miami.

    People on the YouTube link want to liken it to the Blake and Smith play but that one was a direct blow to a guy with the ball and a lowered shoulder. Even if they called F2 it would been downgraded to F1 because they always have the two guys trying to be in the same space excuse and because the ball was coming is why its a F1 not F2.

  • tonyroma

    NoLook…. You’re completely ignoring the actual rule as I stated above, and was listed in the clip above. Wade’s hit was unnecessary and you’ve yet to print one word explaining how it was. Either respond to the rule, or please admit the play was unnecessary. What basketball play was Wade making when he hit Collison from behind? What was the basketball purpose of the hit? Its foolish to ignore the rule and give your own subjective opinion that doesn’t mitigate what the rule says.
    BTW look at the clip. Wade wasn’t looking at the ball at all. He was looking at Collison and prepared and followed thru on his hit. The camera doesn’t lie.

  • tonyroma

    I just watched it again. Wade wasn’t looking for the ball, he was measuring Collison for the blow. NoLook just undermined his own argument, the ball did hit Wade in the head because Wade didn’t care about the ball and wasn’t making a play on it. His play was to cream Collison and kept his eyes on him as he tumbled out of bounds.

  • NoLookPass

    Every FF is unnecessary that’s why they got the call. Big portion of our fan-base is coming off as babies here big time. I recall we were happy when Jeff dropped the hammer a couple times in the Bulls series last year and got F1′s Bulls fans wanted a suspension but he didn’t get one because its the playoffs and hard fouls happen in the playoffs.

  • tonyroma

    No, every flagrant isn’t unnecessary. There is no reason to dismiss nor demean those pointing out the obvious. Many people on the ESPN board are saying the same things, not just Pacer fans. Unnecessary is defined as beyond the force needed to impact a basketball play. Wade’s hit wasn’t based on impacting the play. Collison didn’t have the ball, nor did Wade care. He hit him because he was mad. When the league reviews it, it will be obvious if they do it without bias. Watch Wade’s follow-through and tell me what type of basketball play he was making. And as many others have pointed out, Wade has a history and has done these type of things in the past when he gets p-o’d.

  • googergieger

    Same kind of B.S. he pulled during that Bulls game where he blatantly shoved Rip Hamilton in front of the ref and all he got was a personal foul for his troubles. Really though explain how his team mate Lebron James is constantly championed for “aggressive defense” and has only ever fouled out once? At least to my knowledge.

  • NoLookPass

    Tony if the FF wasn’t deemed unnecessary then it would just been a normal foul. People looking for this to be a F2 call need to go and type in playoff flagrant foul and look at how much they let go in the playoffs. You have to damn near kill someone and it be in a blow out to get tagged with one. They have people getting busted open and bleeding and it still hold up as just a F2.

  • Troy

    If Hansbrough would of done the samething to wade as wade did to DC, what do you think would have happend? Flagrant 2 and ejection and prob. missed thrusdays game.

  • Troy

    It might not as been intense, but it was the same purpose as the guy who hit Blake Griffin. He was made bc on the other end Djones made a good D play and he didn’t get the call so he came back down like a safety and drilled him.

  • wil

    after analyzing this over and over many times, it wasn’t Wade intention to knock him out, Wade was running at full speed to get to Granger, now look very closely to how Collison run…. he was running diagonal to his right trying to block off Wade so Granger go in for the easy lay up, Wade is at full speed….( he probably saw that collision was doing that and was mad at the previous play. )
    he did not use his forearm to knock him out, its more like he was protecting his body, that was some could have been an illegal block by collison

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