Danny Granger: "I Don't Think We’re Underdogs"

Last year, when playoff virgin coach Frank Vogel continually reiterated that he though his Pacers could beat the number-one seed Bulls, it was adorable. Indiana had a losing record, not a ton of talent and a roster full of players with no playoff experience. Sure, they could be pests and fought hard enough to make it a close five-game series, but Vogel couldn’t have actually believed that, right?

Well, yeah, I think he did.

This year, then, it is no surprise the his attitude has permeated its way throughout the team. This squad, and rightfully so by the way it played all season, really does think it can beat Miami. Most members of the media would be shocked if Indiana won the series, and rightfully so. But nobody on this Pacers team — a team that believes it should have gone 2-2 agains the Heat this regular season — would even be surprised.

Chris Tomasson, a Heat beat writer for Fox, is on the scene picking up some excellent quotes from the team that illustrate as much. Here is Tomasson reporting this from Vogel

Indiana coach Frank Vogel just won his first NBA playoff series but he’s talking tough: “We feel like we’re one of the best teams in the league. We are not viewing this in any way, shape or form like a David versus Goliath type of meeting. We are not the underdog here. This is two heavyweights going toe-to-toe. That’s how we view this series. We feel like we’re one of the best teams and we’re looking forward to getting into the series.”

And this from Granger

Indiana forward Danny Granger is talking tough, too. At least he did acknowledge the Heat also have a “good team.” Said Granger, “I don’t think we’re underdogs by any means. Miami has more recognition with their Big Three guys, but I think we’re a good team as well. It’ll be a good match-up.”

And also this from Granger

IND Danny Granger-’You look at our record since the All-Star break we actually have a better record than Miami does after the All Star break

And this, the best quote of all, from the big fella

IND C Roy Hibbert takes bit of shot at Heat ‘We didn’t do it the easy way. It took time We didn’t do this by signing a couple of superstars’

They talk a big game.

Will they bring one to Miami?

  • Realist

    Of course we’re underdogs, but what’s wrong with that?

    I love the confidence that Vogel’s attitude has instilled in this team, which is totally called for. Nothing wrong with playing with a touch of arrogance, especially for a team that’s been confined to loserdom for a few years. But why do they have to say stupid things like “we’re not underdogs against Miami”? Oh well. Just bring it.

  • Zach Winningham

    Heat will win 4 games to 2 (obviously) BUT this series will get us a lot of exposure and confidence going into next season.

  • dwain

    @ Zack got to disagree i see the Pacers winning in 7

    @Pacers players, i have ranted and raved this season about all the things u guys need to do, but there is one thing that i forgot, it is the single most critical thing u all can do. U guys have improved so vastly on the O and D side of the ball, u have the talent and capacity to win this series, but do one more thing? Have fun! Look around at where u are at! Look at all u have accomplished this season…don’t let all the glam and spotlights get u too up or too down…but when this team, your team is having fun on the court, no one can beat u…nuff said

  • NoLookPass

    Not a fan of our guys talking so much, Its good to be confident but no reason to take it to the media and hype the other team with bulletin board material. I wish it was like Hockey so we could have drew Boston rather than the Heat in round two and at least make it to the ECF rather than it being Boston or Philly who we’re better than.

  • Luke

    Hibbert said it best (again), which is why it is gonna feel so great when we win that 4th. HIBBERT!!! I am PUMPED OUT OF MY MIND!!!!!!!!

  • Money

    Roy talkin tough lol. Tht tall slinky bum so easy to move off the block n now he tough. All I got is two words 4 roy
    Lebron James

  • Dollars

    What are these “HEATLES” you speak of?

  • Nick

    Yeah, I see this series going the distance. It’ll just depend who can execute in game 7.

    *Note all of that is only pertinent if the refs don’t take over and call every Heat flop as a foul…

  • TravtheHoosier

    Talk about SWAGGER! Meanwhile the Heat are smugging it up and sounding rather complacent. There’s upset potential here.

  • Geries

    “Fake it till you make it” – Steven Tyler
    So, I guess that is what the Pacers are doing: they are just believing on themselves, when nobody else is. Plus is not just the Pacers talking. Here is what James said, when asked what are his expectations on the series given that the pacers have give them problems (article states he paused before replying):

    “I don’t think they’ve given us too many problems, personally,” he said after a thoughtful pause. “We’ve played some great ball against them. I think we’ve given more problems than they’ve given us.”
    You can read the full article here:

    And it makes it more interesting when there is some buildup to a playoff series.

  • adam

    Good smack talk boys don’t let me down! TRUE INDIANA SPORTS FAN RIGHT HERE!

  • Chris B.

    As I said in an earlier post, my biggest concern is whether or not all of those no-calls on Roy when he went straight up, absorbed contact, and blocked the shot in the Magic series will continue to be no-calls when it’s LeBron initiating the contact instead of Big Baby or Ryan Anderson. I have a feeling they won’t be.

  • flampoo

    During the regular season the Pacers did a good job limiting the productivity of both Wade and Bosh. If we can work the paint and transition well, I see this being a very close, competitive series.

  • dwain

    coach V was on Rome today(for 5 mins) said no way were they coming into this series thinking they were underdogs…he also said they tell our guys not to flop. so we got some Jungle mojo workin too

  • NoLookPass

    Frank and the guys need to do us and them a big favor and shut up! Its Miami and we’re the Pacers calling them out to the refs is just going to get more ticky-tack fouls called on us. The Heat are going to shoot between 28-38 FT on us most every game of this series, so Frank needs to spend more time finding a way to keep up at the line or take some time to draw up some plays that actually work in late game situations rather than hype up a better team.

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