17 Years Ago Today ...

17 years ago today, Reggie Miller scored eight points in nine seconds against the New York Knicks. Let’s take a look back and enjoy one of the best moments in Pacers history. If it wasn’t for this, this site wouldn’t have this name. Thank you, Reggie.

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  • adam

    wow, i’m getting Old. If this was 17 years ago, that means i’ve been a Pacers fan for 18 years….

  • StatMan31

    This moment is the whole reason I never turn a game off early. I was an easily frustrated 15 year old when this happened. I got so angry that they were about to lose that I shut the game off early so I could pout in silence. When I turned it on a few minutes later I saw that they had won and my heart sank. Of course I was happy they had won, but I have kicked myself ever since for missing it.

  • Bruno

    StatMan31, I lived something similar but during the ’94 Playoffs; actually, it was the very game when Reggie changed history and score 24 in the MSG in the 4th quarter. At the end of the 3rd the Pacers were playing awful, and I was so angry and so frustrated that I went to my room to sleep; a while latter my brother’s cheers force me to come back and watch, but the best had already happened. I was so happy, but I still haven’t forgiven myself for missing one the most amazing moments of our generation. Ever since, I try not to give up on a game, ‘cos you just never know…..

  • Jesse

    Since we’re confessing…I was 12 and had left my friend’s house where I was watching the game in disgust. I had to listen to him gloat when he called me 15 minutes later (we didn’t have a TV). So I also missed it live. But I learned my lesson.

  • 7IHd

    I never get tired of watching this. Never.

  • Realist

    My favourite bit was how Bill Walton and the other commentators were just discussing what the Pacers were going to have to do if they wanted to have success in the series. “Well, they’re gonna have to play a lot better than they have today, that’s for sure” etc. Bwahahaha

  • trifecta3131

    THE MAN.

  • poot

    I watched this live. and when he hit the second 3…. I pooted.

  • Eli C

    I have no excuse for not remembering this game.

    I mean, aside from being two when it occured, but, yeah.

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  • poot

    I was 10 yrs old.
    I remember that before the game I was telling my dad that for my homework, I was going to write about how Reggie Miller was my hero.
    My dad’s response was “Ridiculous! You can’t turn in a paper on Reggie Miller! Lincoln, Gandhi, Einstein, Tesla! You have so many real choices, you can think about that during the game.”

    After Reggie sealed it with 2FTs, still out of my mind ecstatic, I turned to my dad and said, “NOW can I write my hero report on Reggie?!?”
    “No,” he replied, “That’s what everyone in your class is going to do after this one.”

  • poot

    and he was right. 20 reports on Reggie Miller’s 8pts9sec, 1 report on Nikola Tesla

  • Ian

    True story: Game 2, the Knicks came out with a vengence and beat the Pacers pretty handily. It was in NY. After the game I went out for drinks with a buddy in Broad Ripple. It was I think a tuesday night, we ended up downstairs at some bar (can’t remember the name, was next to ‘The Vogue’.) It was pretty dead. Probably around 1AM. Then my buddy says ‘hey, that’s Reggie Miller and Dale Davis’. Sure enough, at the end of the bar was parked Dale and Reggie in suits, having a drink. They looked kinda down. They must have literally gotten off the charter and come straight there. I thought about going up and saying something inspirational, as a few people did, but clearly they just wanted to have a drink and move on.

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  • http://www.eightpointsnineseconds.com/2012/05/17-years-ago-today/#comments im

    My friend told me about it and then i saw the video. Amazing!!!!!