Some Pacers' Players Went Out at Night in Orlando

“Our players were provoked into a verbal confrontation and ended up walking away from the confrontation,” said a rep for the Pacers. “To make something more out of this than what it was is ludicrous.”

Good thing it didn’t turn out to a big fight or anything serious. The Pacers currently lead the Magic 2-1 in their playoff series and will face them again for Game Four on Saturday. (video via TMZ.)

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  • Realist

    Tyler Hansbrough is a good North Carolina boy.

  • Wright

    I still want to know why Pacers players were out so late at a night club during the playoffs.

  • Shane

    Paul George’s birthday they celebrated after the win.

  • BR

    they had the night off….

    game>dinner and its already 12-1 am. If that’s too late, your too old.

    and being PG’s birthday I don’t think that is too ridiculous that the team would take him out to celebrate.

  • Darnell

    @Wright, BR makes a great point. Have you ever worked second shift? Being out that late may seem weird to old people who have been lucky enough to work first their entire lives and have the luxury to be in bed at a “normal” hour, but for those of us who have worked second shift it’s not strange at all. When I worked 2nd I would get off work around midnight and when I got home I would have to unwind a little bit before I could fall asleep, usually around 2-2:30 and I didn’t work a job that was insanely physical and I didn’t have thousands of fans screaming at me to make my adrenaline go crazy. Think about it, are you able to go straight home and go to sleep for the night the second you get off your shift? It’s reasonable that players getting off work at midnight would go out to unwind a little bit after a game, especially when it’s someone’s birthday AND they have the next day off. And if they choose to go out rather than stare at the wall until their able to sleep, the only place that is open is a bar. It’s not hard to figure out. It’s unfortunate that this non story made the news, but this is nothing like the Jail Pacers. If there was a shred of that on this team a gun would have been pulled.

  • Don

    It’s a damn shame there was video of this non event. The pacers players walked away and that should be the end of the non story. Lets compare and contrast 2 pacers teams. 7 years ago S-Jack got hit by a car outside a night club dispute after firing a gun into the air. This year pacers players walked away from some shouting and kyrylo hugged danny in the street. In one SJ signed a ticket to Golden State; in the this one there was no gun play, no injury, no story. I like this team.

  • 7IHd

    Just seems like pissed off Magic fans who can’t come to terms with their team sucking.

  • S.O.F.T lmao

    Thats why yall LOST!!! Celebrated to early now miami going to rest to go to the next raund!!