Pacers Bravely Step in to Help to Eradicate Player-on-Fire-Extinguisher Violence

This is presumably the fire extinguisher in the Amway Center, where the Pacers and Magic are playing Game Three of their first-round playoff series currently. Pacer legend and current TV/radio analyst Austin Croshere tweeted the image before the game with the following commentary.

The Pacers training staff is taking injury prevention to a whole new level!

Presumably, someone in the Pacers organization put the tape on there. I hope it was Brian Shaw.

If this all confuses you, see this story about Amar’e Stoudemire.

  • NoLookPass

    Good thing Danny/Hill are making jumpers or we would be getting ran right now. I know people aren’t going to like me saying this but Frank isn’t a good coach, he has tons talent who had great health and they make him look far better than he is.

    We have the size advantage so what do we do, you guessed it shoot tons of jumpers. Tyler played 8:40 of the first half and literally touched the ball one time inside the arc and that’s when he scored! How is that even possible? West was in for 18:04 and has taken 3 shots and we have 8 shots total from West/Roy/Tyler/Lou. As result Big Baby has 16 points and all 4 of our big guys have 10 points.

    If the plan is for Davis to shoot so many times he gets tired we’re off to a good start, how about tossing it down low and make their defense work and create some foul issues and or get some easy points at the line. We shot 5 FT at the break which is a joke for us and we are actually shooting more 3 than them, luckily Danny can to shoot but outside shooting can vanish at any moment.

    Frank is the king of finding something that works and then forgetting about it in a league that repeatedly exploits the same holes until corrected. Also Danny had 4 more TO this half and now 11 in the series he’s hit 4 TO or more in two of the 3 games after doing it just 6 times all season, if he picks up a 5th tonight he will match his season high 5 TO and the amount of times he did if in 62 RS games in just 3 playoffs games.

  • El Conquistador

    you’re right, let’s go back to Jim O’Brien!

  • NoLookPass

    We played the first half Jim’s style and it was a close game we took it too them in the second half and had a cake walk.

  • Just Joe

    If this confuses anyone then they’ve been living under a rock.

  • Nick

    NoLookPass and El Conquistador, are you both complete idiots?? if we still had O’Brien as a coach, we wouldn’t have made it to the playoffs, and certainly not to eastern conference title contention. Frank made the line-up changes that we desperately needed and that Jim was too stubborn to make. And Frank has a style of offense that the players were able to work with. Another thing, does the term “3rd place in the East” mean anything to you? We got rid of Jim for a reason, he was not the type of coach to get us to the playoffs. Frank got us to the playoffs in less than half a season last year and also beat last year’s regular season record by 5 games when 16 games were erased from this season because of the lockout. Frank finds something that works and then STICKS WITH IT, whereas Jim had everything that worked but just beat the crap out of it and left it for Frank to come and revive.