Big Baby Celebrates

This happened in the first half of Game 3 tonight against the Pacers after he hit a fadeaway.

No further commentary necessary. (via SB Nation)

UPDATE: Here’s another one.

  • Shaun T


  • Realist

    Pacers up 21 at 3qt. *high knees* all ’round.

  • adam

    Should have saved that energy for the second half….

  • NoLookPass

    Tyler’s big reward for his hard game changing defense in game 2 was getting the ball a grand total of 3 times in game 3 with a series low MP despite 20+ lead and West in foul trouble, dudes gotta hit his FT for sure but that was some lame ball movement on top of poor usage of your reserve big man vs a smaller team with no a lot of depth.

  • El Conquistador

    I think Tyler is just happy with being up 2-1 in the playoffs

  • NoLookPass

    No doubt he’s happy to be up 2-1 but everyone whats to be a part of the offense especially up 20 in the 4th, Pendergraph got up the same amount of shots up in just 2:30 and Lance doubled that in 4:37. When the game is in hand I always like to reward the hard workers and he’s the only bench player on the plus side of the ledger in the playoffs and is a major reason its not 2-1 Orlando.

  • Michelle

    When he does shit like this and growls things like “THANKS for having ME”, it is frickin hard not to like this guy.
    Oh, except for when he’s scoring all those points and stuff. That parts kinda easy to hate.

  • Jesse

    I like Big Baby a lot more after this series. He’s better than I thought. He would be great off the bench, but he’s not a FA anytime soon.

  • Derek U

    You talking about the pacer bench Jesse? Cause we don’t want him.