Stan Van Gundy Wants to Use Me as an Agent Provocateur – Probably Doubts My Intelligence

We’ve all seen hundreds – if not thousands – of press conferences, and an all too common thought when watching them is, “Wow, what a dumb question.”  Saturday night, I joined that pantheon by asking a question of Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy that was literally (check the 0:17 mark of the video below) cringe-worthy.

In effect, I asked Stan if posting up slowed the Pacers offense down and therefore, in some ways, made defending them easier. Check out the Zapruder-quality record of SVG’s response.

Unfortunately for me, the idea of the Pacers exploiting their size advantage actually hurting their offense is one of those concepts that is neither as clever as it sounds in your head, nor as stupid as it sounds when you say it out loud.  I do still believe that the Pacers need better balance in their offensive approach.

But really, that’s all kinda beside the point, not that there actually is one. I couldn’t really find a place to fit this little vignette into anything I was writing this weekend, but it’s never really a waste of time to see Van Gundy poke fun at a questioner — even if it’s me.

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  • dwain

    yeah Stan looks like the cat that ate the canary, wonder which side of his mouth he will be talking out of next year..prolly be a talkin head in the broadcast booth.
    i sure am looking forward to this team getting it together tonight and coming out on fire, right up to half time and then have our “lethal” 3rd quarter and be up by 20 coasting through the fourth resting starters and lettin the second team dogs loose on them. no lose no loss…flow effort win!!

  • NexSerenade (Mike)

    That’s awesome that it was you who asked that Tim. I saw the presser on NBATV and I wondered if a Bulls Blogger had slipped into the room! Great stuff.

  • Tom

    Awww that wasn’t that bad, don’t beat yourself up too much timmy