Post-Game Grades: Pacers Embarrass Themselves, Lose Game 1 to Orlando, Surrender Home-Court Advantage, Add Pressure

No post-game report here. Just the grades for quicker turnaround. Will have something more in-depth later tonight on the mess that was the Pacers late-game performance in this 81-77 game-one loss to the Magic. Here is how each guy played individually tonight. Agree? Disagree? Express your thoughts below in the comments or yell at me (@8pts9secs) or Tim (@TimDonahue8p9s) on Twitter.

David West
Probably the Pacers MVP but that’s not exactly saying a ton. Was effective late in the pick-and-pop game and OK playing bully ball early, but not as dominant as you would like. In part because he just missed some shots he should have made.
Danny Granger
I mean, it has to be the worst game of his career if you account for context, right?. There is really no way you could do worse than miss 2 FTs, a layup and travel in the final 1:04 of a game your team had been winning. Yeesh.
Roy Hibbert
Hard to criticize a guy that looked to have a triple-double with blocks locked up before the 3rd quarter was even over. Was a MONSTER in the defensive paint. But really need to get better post position and make the Magic “bigs” pay. Too few post moves. Too few times making Orlando feel tiny.
George Hill
Was Jameer Nelson’s whipping boy and showed no semblance of knowing how to defend the pick-and-roll in the second quarter. His teammates, it should be noted, didn’t help. Greg Popovich is rolling in his grave. The Admiral is rolling in his grave. Someone from IUPUI is …
Paul George
All out disaster in the 4th quarter. Passed up some shots he should have taken and missed 2 open 3-pointers that could have made the difference. Meanwhile, got beat on screens that freed Jason Richardson for 2 threes late when the Magic had seemingly no other ways to score. Just gross.

Leandro Barbosa
Not particularly helpful.
Louis Amundson
Did what he does for 9 mins. Was inches away from making a few 50/50 tip-ins. Could have easily had 6 and 4 in 9 mins with some friendlier rolls.
Tyler Hansbrough
Can’t be mad at 7 and 7 in 19 mins. Did his job even if you want him getting to the line more if he’s going to miss this many FGs. Want him to punish Magic “bigs” with physicality more. Certainly not a part of the problem.
Darren Collison
Revolting shooting line and an inexplicable pull-up jumper with 13 secs left and his team down 3. Makable shot, but get a layup or a 3. Still, he was spectacular defensively on Jameer late. Helped hold the Magic to 30 second-half points, which should have been enough to win. Perhaps the finest, most aggressive D I’ve seen him play as a Pacer.


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  • Him

    Here’s why I’m not worried:
    As bad as the Pacers played, they still almost won. They did almost nothing right and still almost won. I’m not saying the Magic were perfect either, but, honestly, I think this will be a good wake-up call. It better be.

  • jesse

    What exactly is vogel soing in timeouts in crunch time situations…because these are not plays! Hibbert launching a 3? Where are the screens? It’s hard to trust this staff in these situations.

  • cookiemonster8888

    I agree with jesse…we should have been taking advantage of our size inside against the Howard-less Magic. West was the only one shooting above 50% and instead of pounding it inside to him consistently, we ran post-ups and isolations for Granger (which clearly doesn’t play to his strengths). It’s only one game, so hopefully the Pacers and the coaching staff wake up and play more efficiently because they have a much better roster than the Magic (especially without Howard).

  • Pace

    Hey, on the bright side, at least no Pacers player blew they ACL tonight.

  • Rick

    I felt that the fans showed up tonight. To think that’s what I was most worried before the game started.

    I thought are defense wasn’t too great. They seemed so much faster than us most of the game. We allowed them to get the looks they wanted.

    Offense. What offense. What I assume were plays looked just plain stupid. The Pacers blew their dominance when they began carelessly passing the ball when they had the 10+ lead. Also I still feel like Hibbert wasn’t showing his presence offensively. I feel like he got pushed around too much.

    Am I crazy for thinking not enough fouls are called when Tyler has the ball? I feel like he gets mugged all the time and the opposing team gets away with it.

  • Travis

    west dominated, but every time granger got in the ball stopped going west’s way, west +5 granger -10 even tho they are in the same unit. I thought danny was over these shenanigans

  • Eli C

    The second to last offensive sequence offended me on every Basketball level. It was the most dreadful basketball possesion I’ve ever watched in my life as a Pacers fan (This spans 13 years, my entire memory).

    It’s bad enough that this was the EXACT SAME issue the Pacers suffered with Chicago last year, but watching Danny fall apart, seeing West get frozen-out, and to have to suffer through the Big Baby taunting the fanbase…

    I’m glad that I’m not a Knicks or Bulls fan right now, but that’s where the silver lining runs out.

  • NoLookPass

    We needed to keep that George, Collison, Hansbrough, Barbosa and West line going. We scored only 4 points the final 6:50 after we broke the line up after the had a 4 point lead. Those guys had 7 of our 8 second half assists and actually had ball movement and took good shots and we’re crashing the glass.

  • BR

    I know Granger has a “minor” injury, but he was playing some of the best basketball of his career. sits 2 games before the playoffs and completely bombs. If your hot, you got to keep it rolling, DWest was smart enough to know that.

  • NoLookPass

    Danny went cold before he sat two games as he shot 35.8% on 65 shots over his final 4 games of the RS with his FG% falling in each of the games. What sucks is he had made 95 of his last 100 FT and missed 3 today!

  • Ian

    Somehow I had a feeling that the Pacers would lose this game.

    I think it’s because it’s sort of a pattern they’ve shown all seasons. They get really up against the good teams, and take care of business against the bad teams. But the mediocre teams? The ones worse than them but not appreciably worse? I think they overestimate themselves and come out flat against those teams, and that is what Orlando is. It’s a worse team than the Pacers especially without Howard, but it’s still got solid players and is playing pissed off right now.

  • Mike

    This is why the Pacers attendence is down. Lose the games they should win, when it is most important. THIS WAS EMBARRASSING!!!

  • Darnell

    Hey mike stop going to games you bandwagon douche bag. Typical indy fan this is a horseshit town.

    Jared, write more articles about attendance. No reason to mention the sellout crowd, just write negative stories using numbers that don’t tell the complete story you hack.

  • Mike

    Day late and a dollar short… but talking about attendance, marketing and everything.. did anyone see the stands the game right after ours? OKC and Dal? Everyone in the stands getting a blue T shirt? Rally towels? At first I thought it was a Dallas game and Cuban was paying for it, but then I realized it was at OKC. Where is that kind of stuff for Pacers games? 18,000 seats. You can order that stuff in bulk for probably a dollar or two per item. Not a lot of cash. Those kinds of things get fans in the stands. T’s and free souvenirs. When you go to a pacers game, you don’t walk away with anything tangible besides watching the game. For most people, that’s not worth the time and effort to get to a game. I’m sorry, but that’s the reality.

  • Darnell

    And then Mike makes more of an ass of himself by saying the Pacers need to give free stuff out when in fact every fan got a rally towel at the game last night. You’re a moron Mike, you have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m glad you don’t go to games. we don’t need jerkoffs like you in the arena.

    Great sellout crowd last night. The rally towels were great. People were standing the entire fourth quarter and it was loud. Assholes like Mike were not missed at all.

  • Mike

    Ha. What a joke. ^ There is more than one Mike on this board. Nice job of making an ass of YOURSELF. I will even agree with the other Mike. 77 points at home against an undermanned team was embarrassing. No points in the last 5 minutes. Embarrassing. We had our chance to show the national crowd, who consistently downplay our talent, that we mean business. Coming out flat in game one and losing the most winnable game out of all the match-ups was, again, embarrassing.

    Darnell, we don’t need this ridiculous banter on this board. We’ve stayed away from it for as long as I’ve been posting (at least a couple years). No need to start trolling now.

  • Darnell

    Yeah there are so many people posting on this board right now, you definitely didn’t write that. What a lame comment, at least own what you said. Stop making stuff up like a douchebag liar to push some wierd agenda and I’ll stop pointing out that you’re a douchebag liar. I’m not arguing with your points about the game which you obviously watched therefore have a little insight on, even if your 5th grade English doesn’t allow you to analyze the game in any sort of interesting way. You are talking out of your ass about attendance though, and I’m glad you don’t go to games. This city is so bandwagon it’s pathetic. It’s no wonder the Colts already have tickets available with “fans” like Mike.

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  • Mike 2

    Darnell – I’m going to make this easier and post as Mike 2. “Stop making stuff up like a douchebag liar to push some wierd agenda and I’ll stop pointing out that you’re a douchebag liar.” Great one Darnell, you are really crushing some feelings on the board.

    “even if your 5th grade English doesn’t allow you to analyze the game in any sort of interesting way. You are talking out of your ass about attendance though, and I’m glad you don’t go to games. This city is so bandwagon it’s pathetic.” There are so many factual references here I don’t know where to start. You give such great examples then counter them with razar sharp commentary of your own.
    Let me fill you in. If you pay taxes in Indianapolis you support the Pacers. We built the Fieldhouse and drop ~15 mil a year from the CITY budget to maintain the place and the Pacers pay what to maintain their facilities? NOTHING. Second, seeing as every tax payer is in a way a “season ticket holder” the team has A FUCKING TON of support, even if we can’t make it out to the fieldhouse to shell out $200 to watch the Pacers play like a bunch of pathetic highschoolers. No points in the last 4 minutes? DG travels and missed two free throws? To win the game? Isn’t he the CAPTAIN? The Pacers are a BUSINESS and I will not FURTHER support a BUSINESS that time after time puts out a crappy PRODUCT. Win a damn playoff game at home when our starting center is 6 inches taller than their best inside player. Quit being an apologist, the Pacers are a WAY WAY better team than the Magic, especially now. They should win every game by 10+ instead of getting beat by the ancient Jason Richardson and Jameere Nelson, and embarrassed at home.