Leandro Barbosa Ready to Play in Game 1; Glen Davis, Hedo Turkoglu Will Play Through Injuries

Our roving reporter Tim Donahue is on the scene at Bankers Life Fieldhouse tonight and reporting that Frank Vogel has said Leandro Barbosa’s ankle has improved greatly since yesterday. He is ready to go without any limitations and will join Danny Granger and Paul George as the team’s only three players expected to see action at the shooting guard and small forward positions. That, as expected, leaves Dahntay Jones out of the rotation unless foul trouble or injuries occur and George backing up Granger at the 3 spot. “I like what Dahntay gives us,” said Vogel before the game, “but I like what Paul gives us more. It isn’t about being unhappy with Dahntay.” Vogel added that if they “can get more of Paul George out there, I want to try and take advantage of it.”

He also spoke about what both teams’ coaches know is, quite literally, the biggest mismatch: the Pacers front court. Vogel says that his team isn’t going to change it’s whole offensive flow just to force everything inside to Roy Hibbert, but did note that “every play is his play.” That doesn’t just mean post-ups though; the rest of the players need to make cuts and duck in for easy looks in the paint while Hibbert stays active all the time.

Magic coach Stan Van Gundy, whose depleted front court is also dealing with a Glen Davis ankle injury that kept him out of defensive drills yesterday, knows that the interior will be a weakness for Orlando. His plan is to force the Pacers big men to keep moving in hopes of wearing them out as they chase his long-range shooters around and rotate along with Magic ball movement. On the other end, however, he knows defending the paint, and simply defending Indiana’s shooters after kick-outs, will be a formidable challenge. “It’s not just Hibbert,” said Van Gundy. “They can post us up 2 through 5. And even on close outs, we’ve got little guys going at big guys.”

As for his team’s injuries, well, that’s just going to me another hurdle. Both Davis and Hedo Turkoglu will play hurt. “Glen is swollen and he’s not 100%,” reports John Denton of Magic.com. Van Gundy added Turkoglu “nobody would have said anything” if Turkoglu had decided to take the whole playoffs off with his injury. But like Davis, he will play. “They both want to give it a go,” said Van Gundy.

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  • Realist

    Cue NLP: our bench sucks.

  • NoLookPass

    I did Type out a long post but wasn’t done by the time the second half started so I just said screw it.

  • Realist

    Anybody else feel ill about now?

  • dwain

    the single worst performance i have ever seen a pro basketball team turn in for a playoff game.
    lackluster, missing free throws, not even trying to rebound, traveling, backcourt violations dribbling away the shot clock, looking around for someone else to do it…no flow no effort no win…gee maybe Orlando sweeps the Pacers if they keep this up

    the single exception is Roy, he played a beautiful game and gave it all he had, too bad he didn’t have any other team mates…just pathetic beyond words…packed field house treated to this

  • NoLookPass

    We beat ourselves and had some poor luck. Countless wide open shots or tips just didn’t fall and then we bricked 9 FT and turned it over a ton. If we took all the same shots but they we’re on we could have scored 100+ and had a cakewalk.

  • NoLookPass

    Roy’s blocks was awesome but he let Big Baby work him on several buckets and shot just 3-of-11 and 2-of-4 from the stripe with 3 TO, He and Danny had 8 of our 10 TO.

    Frank let the team down when he broke up George, Collison, Hansbrough, Barbosa and West when they looked nice. We had a 73-68 lead when Tyler and Blur left then we lost 13-4 over the last 6:40.

  • Chris D.

    Roy played a beautiful game? He got served by Big Baby. Roy’s inability to establish an interior presence was half our problem. Pacers had an easy April. They needed this wake up call. This is the first series this squad has ever been expected to win.

  • rick

    Roy Hibbert had 9 blocks, but also didn’t have a double double. Only scored 8 points on big baby and RYAN ANDERSON. HOW???????

  • NoLookPass

    This was our 4th quarter…
    4 on 2-of-4 for Hansbrough with a Blocked Shot
    4 on 2-of-5 for West
    2 on 1-of-1 for Lou
    2 on 1-of-3 for DC with a Steal
    2 on 1-of-4 for PG with a TO
    0-of-1 for Hibbert
    0-of-1 for Hill
    0-of-1 for Barbosa
    0-of-3 for Granger with 2 missed FT and 2 TO

    When Tyler and Lou are the most effective offensive players in the 4th quarter of a playoff game something went terrible wrong!

  • dwain

    @ Chris well maybe Roy had a great first half, but at least u could tell he was giving effort

  • NoLookPass

    Roy vanished in the second half, I felt like he got tired from going so hard in the first quarter. His line for the second half as 0-of-4 from the field for no points, 3 rebounds, 4 blocks along with 2 TO in 17:28 but he did get two steals. He was the only Pacer not to score in the second half despite playing the 3rd longest.