The Indiana Pacers' Top 10 Plays of 2011-12


Here are the Pacers’ top ten plays of the season, as compiled by the NBA. Otherwise known as the Paul George (#10, #8, #7, #4, #2) and Lou Amundson (#9, #6) show. Here are the candidates the video offers us. A few certainly don’t belong. But what did they miss? Speak now on your favorites and the largest omissions or forever hold your peace.

#10. Paul George punctuates and OT win over New Orleans by grabbing the deflection, crossing over Chris Kaman and busting out a Vince-Carter-in-the-Dunk-Contest-level-of-fludity-and-power windmill in transition (amazing … we have discovered a renewable energy source that could power the state of Indiana for the next decade … my #1)

#9. Lou Amundson over the head lay in vs. Washington (meh … no reason to be on this list)

#8. Paul George up-and-under layup in New York (whatever … pretty run of the mill)

#7. Paul George two-handed dunk on a give-and-go from Roy Hibbert against Boston (sensational … love this play … should be top five)

#6.  Lou Amundson grown-man-swats Orlando’s Earl Clark, who mistakenly thought he had an easy layup after Amundson turned it over in the back court (YES)

#5. David West sends a game vs. Cleveland into overtime with a waning-seconds runner (wonderful in context … pretty dull otherwise … wasn’t even a game winner … more bad defense than anything to over-celebrate)

#4. Paul George hits a 65-footer to close the half against Miami (these always make top ten lists … I’m never impressed)

#3. George Hill follow-dunks a Granger miss with authority against Minnesota (SICKNESS … George getting his Robert Pack on here)

#2. Paul George reverse, leaning dunk in transition after an amazing Lance Stephenson pass against New Jersey (this is what’s up … throw in the pass and this is obviously a better play than the PG dunk at #10, but whether or not you prefer this dunk or that one is more about aesthetic preference than objective quality … virtually equal)

#1. Leandro Barbosa saves a rebound while falling out of bounds, spots up behind the arc, receives the skip pass from George Hill, catches and shoots, gets fouled, makes the three, converts the four-point play (love it … so many great things happen on this play)

Regardless of rank, pretty nice little walk down memory lane of a tremendously fun Pacers season. And somewhat befitting this team that neither its best player (Danny Granger) nor its lone 2012 All-Star (Roy Hibbert) even make an appearance.

UPDATE: LICoolDre202 on Twitter already pointed out that they left out George Hill’s kick-save-and-a-beauty steal/breakaway/walk-off game winner over Golden State. That should definitely be on here. And probably number one. Perhaps the NBA left if off because of the blown kick call?

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