The Indiana Pacers' Top 10 Plays of 2011-12

Here are the Pacers’ top ten plays of the season, as compiled by the NBA. Otherwise known as the Paul George (#10, #8, #7, #4, #2) and Lou Amundson (#9, #6) show. Here are the candidates the video offers us. A few certainly don’t belong. But what did they miss? Speak now on your favorites and the largest omissions or forever hold your peace.

#10. Paul George punctuates and OT win over New Orleans by grabbing the deflection, crossing over Chris Kaman and busting out a Vince-Carter-in-the-Dunk-Contest-level-of-fludity-and-power windmill in transition (amazing … we have discovered a renewable energy source that could power the state of Indiana for the next decade … my #1)

#9. Lou Amundson over the head lay in vs. Washington (meh … no reason to be on this list)

#8. Paul George up-and-under layup in New York (whatever … pretty run of the mill)

#7. Paul George two-handed dunk on a give-and-go from Roy Hibbert against Boston (sensational … love this play … should be top five)

#6.  Lou Amundson grown-man-swats Orlando’s Earl Clark, who mistakenly thought he had an easy layup after Amundson turned it over in the back court (YES)

#5. David West sends a game vs. Cleveland into overtime with a waning-seconds runner (wonderful in context … pretty dull otherwise … wasn’t even a game winner … more bad defense than anything to over-celebrate)

#4. Paul George hits a 65-footer to close the half against Miami (these always make top ten lists … I’m never impressed)

#3. George Hill follow-dunks a Granger miss with authority against Minnesota (SICKNESS … George getting his Robert Pack on here)

#2. Paul George reverse, leaning dunk in transition after an amazing Lance Stephenson pass against New Jersey (this is what’s up … throw in the pass and this is obviously a better play than the PG dunk at #10, but whether or not you prefer this dunk or that one is more about aesthetic preference than objective quality … virtually equal)

#1. Leandro Barbosa saves a rebound while falling out of bounds, spots up behind the arc, receives the skip pass from George Hill, catches and shoots, gets fouled, makes the three, converts the four-point play (love it … so many great things happen on this play)

Regardless of rank, pretty nice little walk down memory lane of a tremendously fun Pacers season. And somewhat befitting this team that neither its best player (Danny Granger) nor its lone 2012 All-Star (Roy Hibbert) even make an appearance.

UPDATE: LICoolDre202 on Twitter already pointed out that they left out George Hill’s kick-save-and-a-beauty steal/breakaway/walk-off game winner over Golden State. That should definitely be on here. And probably number one. Perhaps the NBA left if off because of the blown kick call?

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  • Realist

    Haha, that Golden State play should be #1 purely because of the bench’s reaction afterwards. Dahntay’s face alone.

  • Him

    Watched that Hill play again. Not so sure that he kicked it as much as Ellis dribbled it off of his foot.

  • Jared Wade

    From the NBA after the game: “With 5.4 seconds remaining in the Indiana-Golden State game on Jan. 20, Pacers guard George Hill intentionally kicked the ball away from Warriors guard Monta Ellis during his cross over dribble. According to rule no. 10, Section IV.b, kicking the ball or striking it with any part of the leg is a violation when it is an intentional act. The officials missed the kicked ball violation which should have resulted in a deadball situation and Golden State inbounding the ball on the sideline nearest the spot of the violation.”

  • Nick

    The two best plays of the year were those two ridiculous Paul George dunks (# 10 and # 2). Between the pass, the dunk, and the great play-call, I loved # 2 just a hair better. I probably have re-watched that video over twenty times throughout the year. Such a great play. Here’s hoping that PG can have at least one of these exclamation point dunks to wow a more Pacers-aware viewing public.

  • NoLookPass

    I can’t remember them all now but it feels like they missed several good ones over the year.

  • Bruno

    This Top-Ten is missing my favorite play of the year:
    Remember Paul George blocking Jason Terry in Dallas on one end, and then nailing the 3-pt in the other end? It was on the 4th quarter of a much more intense and important game than Barbosa’s play against Milwaukee. I don’t know if it qualifies for number 1, but that play in Dallas MUST be a Top-10 for the Pacers Season