Pacers Will Host Magic for Game 1 on Saturday

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  • poot

    10 bucks this game gets put on NBATV

  • Michael

    Sadly, being a Pacer fan on the west coast, I am certain poot is right. This has to be the least interesting series of the playoffs, from a completely unbiased opinion. If Howard wasn’t hurt…. Ahh, hell, who am I kidding, I am still glad he is out.

  • Ronal Eugene is Right!!

    All the criticism about attendence today on twitter (which I think at this point is premature) has me wondering what the crowd will be like Saturday. We definitely wanted to play Orlando, but from a buzz creating perspective New York would have been a much better draw. Looking at a game like Philly last weekend makes me think that we’ll have a good crowd though. Philly is a team that is solid, but not flashy, and lacks a superstar to draw in big crowds. We still had a near sellout that game with at least 95% of the crowd rooting for the Pacers and a playoff atmosphere. There are plenty of examples like that this season that show that the fans are coming back, but good luck getting any media member to point any of them out when discussing attendance. They prefer to lambast the fan base while ignoring the laundry list of reasons many people in this city stopped supporting the team. We all want the turnaround to happen faster, but we have to realize that this is the first time in 8 years that the Pacers have had a team that is actually good and players that are likeable. People didn’t jump off the bandwagon because of some losses, there were legitimate reasons that people stopped going to games, and to pretend otherwise doesn’t accomplish anything and is just plain lazy. If the Pacers make a deep playoff run and next season they are still last or damn close in attendance, then it’s time to start talking about what’s wrong. For right now keep it in perspective, it’s been a shortened season of winning basketball after nearly a decade of embarrassment after embarassment and horribly boring mediocrity. The only thing that worries me about Saturday is it being announced with such short notice. I’m guessing most people who would like to go to the game weren’t able to keep their entire weekend open until tonight when the schedule is announced. And last night doesn’t concern me at all, it was very clear that most of the Bulls fans had bought their tickets early in the season before the game became meaningless.

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  • Sheff

    Hey Poot, I’ll take that bet!

    I’m pretty sure they show all the weekend games on ABC/TNT/ESPN. During the week, this series will definitely be on NBATV, but not the first game.

  • dwain

    i think the shortened season had allot to do with ticket sales too, plus the fact that some folks are still outa work. i moved away from Indy 15 years ago, so i can’t make the 3 hr drive back during the week for a game, drive home and get up at 6 am the next day for work, very often(but i have a few times). the NBA has clearly suffered from the perception that the players are only about the money too, lets face it Reggie spoiled us too…

    hope these guys can jell the way we have seen them jell before and walk right through this Magic team

    Go Pacers!!!!