Paul George Has Fancy Video Game Controllers

Last night, the Pacers’ youngest starter was awfully excited about some new video game controllers he acquired. “Gold plated !” he tweeted as he posted the photo on the upper left after thanking Zak of Laza Modz for making him custom Paul George Xbox components. Paul loves him some Call of Duty and was so grateful to now be able to play in style that he even got the guys behind the controllers some seats to last night’s Pacers win over the Thunder.

I doubt the controller is actually gold plated for real, but if it is, that’s pretty much the modern version of the Godfather: Part II gold phone. Regardless, pretty cool on all accounts.

UPDATE: Here is George’s new Call of Duty-style controller.

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  • Gavin Larson

    I am not sure Jeff Foster would approve lol!

  •!/Msquared122 Mike

    Can I get some of these? Hold the gold plating, please.

  • LaZa Modz

    Wow, didn’t know Paul’s Controller had a write up about it. Cool! Hope everyone enjoys!

  • LaZa Modz

    And for those wondering, Yes, it is real 24K Gold. We wouldn’t have given it to him if it wasn’t real gold!

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