Mar 31, 2012; San Antonio, TX, USA; Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel signals during the first half against the San Antonio Spurs at the AT

March Madness Ends for the Pacers

Quite the up and down month for the Pacers, but they are still right in the same place as they were in the beginning of this month, so you’ll have to say that’s good. They are fifth place with a half game lead on the Atlanta Hawks heading into this final month of the season. Hard to believe it’s going this fast, and there feels like a game every other day.

Looking at the overall month, the Pacers went 8-9, but still are 9 games above .500, which is a good feat for this team. It’s been a few years since this team has been this high above average. But the Pacers need to put some wins together as this month saw them hit a four game losing streak and hit other losses after it looked like they would be heading for a winning streak.

Most impressive win this month was against the Miami Heat, who as we’ve talked about before, have handled this Pacers team in previous meetings. Winning by over 20 points in the first two meetings, but then winning by 2 points in the third meeting gave me hope the Pacers could stay with the Heat. On Monday, the 26th, the Pacers end up beating the Heat by 15 points, and really physically handling them through the game. This looked like the game against the Clippers, where the Pacers put the pressure on Blake Griffin to do something, and he didn’t do much.

But after the Heat win, the Pacers went out and laid an egg against the Nets. This same Nets team that the Pacers have had success against. But following that up with a win the next night put a little bit of distance from that bad loss. This came against the Wizards, who the Pacers have problems with only winning by 2 points and 4 points in two games. One last game with the Wizards comes this week, and it would be great to just put that team away in the beginning.

Overall, if the Pacers can stay right in this fifth spot, it looks like it would be the 76ers facing the team. I would feel good about that playoff series, and feel confident that the Pacers could pick up their first playoff series win in a while. But it would be nice to get that momentum going towards the playoffs. No more 4 game losing streaks. No more bad losses to teams you should beat. Time to put the pedal to the metal, and get this team into gear for the NBA Playoffs.

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