DeShawn Stevenson, the Actor

It’s hard to believe Senor Beckly Mason of ESPN only gave DeShawn Stevenson a Flop of the Night honorable mention for this hack-acting job the other night in New Jersey. Honest Abe would be ashamed.

Then again, Jordan Williams committed a venial NBA sin: being a big man who flopped in the paint for no real reason and cost his team two points. So fair enough.

Tags: New Jersey Nets

  • adam

    Like a bosh…..

  • Aaron

    Flopping is getting out of hand if you ask me. Something needs to be done to address this. It’s really bringing the brand of NBA down big time. When I think of flopping, I think soccer, but I’m starting to think NBA more and more. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth; I hate flopping that much.

  • Z Nad

    lmao game against san an, lou calling a travel on duncan at the 149 mark left in the half is hilarious. he is so right.