Hey A.J. Price, What Are You Doing to Tyler Hansbrough?

During Indiana’s win over the Washington Wizards last night, point guard AJ Price started acting rather awkward with forward Tyler Hansbrough. Trey Kerby  describes the scene perfectly.

I don’t even know what is going on here. What is A.J. Price doing and why is he doing it? Why does it last so long? Does it have something to do with Hansbrough’s face mask? Someone answer these questions, please.

This is very weird but I like it.

Weird indeed.

Tags: Confusing

  • Mike

    Man I replayed this on my Tivo about 400 times… Looked like he was blowing bad breath at Tyler or something… idk but it was hilarious!!!

  • Josh Dhani

    I love how Tyler didn’t even notice though

  • Jamie

    It’s like he’s mad at Tyler for the bad taste in his mouth. It’s kind of creepy looking.

  • adam

    maybe he was burping in his ear?

  • Kelly

    Looks kinda sick to me. He most definitely has a problem.

  • Josh Dhani

    I guess this is what happens when you’re on the bench all day

  • thejoshbaker

    I really, really hope Hibbert can shed some light on this. Way too funny.

  • tideofunc

    AJ obviously knows he’s on camera as his actions cease when someone walks by and blocks his antics to the camera. he’s probably p****ed off that TYLER’S getting more minutes, although certainly deserving of many more, and is expressing it in his special way to the always imperturbable HANSBROUGH; who obviously could care less. i don’t care either as long as PRICE passes the ball to TH, in a good position to shoot, when they’re in the game together.

  • dwain

    i’m not at all sure this is funny, in fact it looks seriously mean spirited on AJ’s part, makes me wonder if this is where the benches attention is instead of being “involved” in the game…is this indicative of why there is no effort/”intensity” on the court? is this thugish behavior…are we going to go down that road again?

  • b.r

    watched this video 15 times….. said what the hell 20 times for each time i watched it. I guess t-pain is tasty and AJ wanted a taste.

  • Jason

    dwain, “thugish behavior” … you’re kidding right?

    This is the kind of stuff that makes sports fans look like total losers. Odds are that clip caught AJ in the middle of some sort of joke that shouldn’t mean anything to anyone else. Who cares? To try and connect it to anything else, particularly “thugish” behavior (when he’s acting like a 6-year old), is just foolish.

    These guys are in their early- to mid-twenties, they are going to be clowning around, and the cameras will occasionally catch it. Just leave it at that.


  • dwain

    is he teasing Tyler for chocking?

  • dwain

    @Jason ok i’m an over reacting loser fan, i can live with that :), what i can’t live with is divisions in the team i follow that go from the bench out on to the court. i need every dang one of them pulling together with all they got out there. i need to see “TEAM” everywhere, bench court locker room practice…us against them

    srry Jason i am not a basketball X’s an O’s expert, all i got is how it feels to me, what it looks like to me…how it comes across to me is all i can offer…i didn’t like the feel of this or the way it came across, i hope it’s nothin and i am happy to be wrong

    Go Pacers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    Tyler and AJ are pretty tight friends. Unlikely to be mean-spirited. He’s probably burping in Tyler’s ear because there’s a moment where Tyler has a quick smirk and then it goes away.