March 26, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert (55) grabs a rebound against the Miami Heat at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Indiana defeated Miami 105-90. Mandatory credit: Michael Hickey-US PRESSWIRE

Pacers Pick up another Signature Win

If this was college basketball, the Pacers would have improved their seeding among teams they picked up a great win last night against the Miami heat. It might have been just a regular season game in March, but this had the feel of a playoff game and the Pacers brought that smash mouth style to this game to get by the Heat 105-90. Sure the Pacers could have brought a good fight and lost, but they needed to show that they want to contend this year, and this helps solidify that case.

Danny Granger led the way for the Pacers with his 25 points. But at different moments, a different guy stepped up. How about Paul George hitting that three pointer from beyond mid court to putting the Pacers up three? Darren Collison having his hands on the ball at different teams when on defense and putting up a breakaway dunk at one point that forced the Heat to call a timeout. How about Roy Hibbert making it look easy against Joel Anthony and then playing defender and swatting away a lay up by Lebron James?

Just a few of the highlights put up by the Pacers in this game, and one that saw the team put together a third quarter where the Pacers outscored the Heat 29-19. Rebounding was another reason this team won this game as they held a 49-33 edge. Turnovers could be another facet to the game as the Pacers forced 17. They just looked to be the more physical team, and the Pacers caught this Heat team coming off a double digit loss, so you would think there would have been more intensity coming from the Heat.

Sure it was regular season game whatever number, but this one could be the one that sticks in the Heat’s memory banks after they were handled by this Pacers team. That can be a factor come playoff team, and these two teams could meet up then. Giving a fighters chance to the Pacers if that happens.

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  • Sam McPhee

    It’s rare to see writers from opposing teams not get carried away with beating the Heat. Knee jerking is America’s biggest problem and it just drives me crazy that one or two regular season losses say more than a season of work and a history of success. 
    I was a big fan of Collison at the Hornets and thought he would be the missing link to the Pacers really becoming a perennial mid seed playoff team. He’s sometimes been a bit inconsistent but man he was great in this game, the difference maker for me.

  • JackWinter

    Do you think this game was more of an outlier or indicative of the Pacers’ chances should they meet Miami in the postseason? Until this win, the Heat were 3-0 against Indy this season and thoroughly crushed them in two of those meetings.  It’s tough to believe – for me, at least – this result was much more than Miami being bored with the regular season and reverting back to some of the offensive problems they showed last season in the halfcourt.  

  • Sam McPhee

     @JackWinter It’s gotta be an outlier, I don’t think there’s a single person that can say oh well judging from that game Miami are going to have a really hard time beating Indiana should they play second round, they’ll get swept if they do. Miami have sit that kind of 3/4 part of the season where everyone is realising the regular season doesn’t matter and they’re starting to wind down before the playoffs. 
    Yeah like you said they’re getting lazy with everything they’ve been doing, I think they probably know they’re going to be the 2 seed and I don’t think it matters to them, they got Chicago in 5 last year won 2 games in Chicago so nothing worries them, they’ve just turned on auto pilot and I don’t expect them to be overly impressive again until the playoffs, that’s what they were built for.