John Wall's Game-Tying, Buzzer Beater that Neither Tied the Game Nor Beat the Buzzer

In the post-game piece on the Pacers 85-83 win over the Wizards last night, we covered how well Paul George played defense on John Wall on the game’s final possession. Wall definitely got the best of him on his second (or third) counter move to try to get off a shot, but George only needed to dig in for so long, roughly 6 seconds. And that he did. For 6.5 seconds. The basket was waived off due to the fact that it clearly came after the clock expired. Pacers win. (via Ball Don’t Lie)

Tags: Washington Wizards

  • Jay Neal

    In the Washington Post today, it said the play was drawn up to get Crawford a look, but Wall says he didn’t think he was open. He looked quite open to me, especially after the NeNe (moving) screen. The way Crawford was shooting, I’m certainly happy Wall didn’t think he was open.

  • boombaby

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the Crawford 3. (And being a Xavier grad, I was scared to death of it going in.) The play got Collison switched onto Crawford, and then there was a good (illegal) pindown screen to free Crawford. If the plan was for Wall to go to work, they wouldn’t want to bring PG into the picture, and just have Wall attack DC.

  • dwain

    i sure am glad they won this one, but man they didn’t close very well. D West pulled our fat out of the fire with all those tip backs on poor shots, we should have won it by 5 or 6 points…in which case that last play would have been meaningless.