Twitter Video Preview: Pacers Host Knicks for St. Patrick's Day

After a vomit-inducing loss in New York last night, the Pacers can clean themselves up and get themselves right tonight in the Fieldhouse with a rematch. Indy got smacked in the mouth early, and spent the rest of the game waiting for it to end. Unforgiveable for a team that is fighting for playoff position, standing 2-1/2 games out of third, but also 2-1/2 games out of seventh.

It’s time for my twitter preview, but in this 140 seconds, I give you the added bonus of letting you know why it’s really a bad idea to move George Hill in as the starting point guard. What I don’t touch on in the video is that given the playoff race noted above, it’s a tremendously bad idea to break up the most stable lineup the Indiana Pacers have had for years and replace it with a unit that has only played together for 19 minutes – and played together poorly.


You can follow Jared Wade (@8pts9secs) and I (@TimDonahue8p9s) during the game on Twitter for the Pacers’ side. From the Knick side, keep up with Mike Kurylo (@knickerblogger) and be sure to check out our True Hoop sister site:

All for the sake of Marie.

For those who cannot access the video due to the music – click here for a version without the music.

For my fellow stat geeks and obsessive-compulsives, I give you the fact sheets.

Pacers Fact Sheet

Knicks Fact Sheet

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  • Bruno

    I’m sorry, but I’m officially giving up on this team. It has absolutely NO PRIDE at all. I’m old-school, and good teams of yore would have never allowed something like this to happen. Not without a fight. So disappointed, after so many years I thought we finally had a team we could believe and be proud of. I don’t mind winning or losing, as long as you give everything you’ve got out there. This team lacks heart, a leader. So disappointing. I trust Larry will see this and do something about it; until then…

  • richard

    if coach vogel dnt tweak this line up n take collison out n jones out of the rotation, im goin to stop watchn the pacers n find a new team. this team is gutless. im a fan of 26 years n this mediocore approach is getting real old. granger is way over paid n he is a bum, trade granger!

  • JRC

    Ugh… I see 8p9s writers haven’t got the heart to post their review of the Pacers second straight collapse to the “mighty” Knickerbockers. In case you read this guys, don’t bother posting that one. You’ll only manage to aggravate yourself by thinking about that game.

    P.S. Someone needs to send the memo to the Pacers that the Knicks are not good. This is totally antithetical to their “beat the teams you should but not the teams you shouldn’t” mantra.