Paul George Thought the Dunk Contest Was a Joke

Paul George rocked the dunk contest on Saturday night. Coming in as the favorite to win after Iman Shumpert was out with injury, George somehow lost as Utah’s Jeremy Evans was announced the winner.

George had some high-level dunks, as leapt over both Dahntay Jones and Roy Hibbert on his first and then turned off the lights for a sweet glow-in-the-dark 360 windmill on his second. His last one was disappointing unfortunately, as he failed numerous times trying to get a Larry Bird sticker on the backboard with one hand while throwing it down with the other.

After a strong showing compared to his competition, he still lost.

His response? George told the Indianapolis Star that this year’s dunk contest was a joke.

“(Not to) take nothing away from the dunk contest, (but) it was a joke,” George said. “I guess whoever had the biggest celebrity involved in their dunk was going to be the winner. I guess I should have tried to reach out to some people.”

I completely agree with George. The dunk contest has turned into a prop contest. I also didn’t like the new rules. It took a round off from the dunk contest, along with the fact that only the fans could vote for who would win. Next year, the NBA should definitely bring the old rules back and have judges back on so it won’t be simply a popularity contest decided by a fan base that overwhelmingly can’t even dunk.

Along with that, this class wasn’t good at all. They all had some decent dunks, but there was no true star like the competition has had for the previous years. And that is something that George also thinks needs to change.

“you have to have the faces of the league come back and get involved in it,” George said. “That’s what really made it big back in the day when you had Jordan and Dominique going at it. That was the All-Stars and the guys that were the men in the league. That’s what fans want to see.”

I’m looking at you, LeBron. You should definitely join.

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  • Flint

    Couldn’t agree more, no one came close to matching Paul’s combination of creativity and athleticism. This was the first time I’d watched the Dunk contest in years, might be the last. Robbery.

  • Michael

    I didn’t watch the dunk contest, but saw highlights throughout the next day and I can’t believe George didn’t win. The 360 Windmill was Vince Carter-2000s-esque, and jumping over Roy seems waaaay harder than leaping over the guy in the mailman outfit/motorcycle/whatever. I think if the ball would have glowed in the dark or the stickerslap would have gone in one try, he would have walked away with it.

  • Realist

    Doubt it, Michael. People are idiots.

    Is there any truth to the rumour that Budinger was 2nd by 1% ?

    Anyway, Paul George was robbed.

  • poop

    Yes the final results were: Evans 29%, Bud 28%, George 25%, Williams 18%

    If you had to rank the dunks in order it’d be:
    Evans #2 (2 balls)
    George #2 (lights out)
    Williams #2 (360 w/Rubio)
    Geroge #3 (Larry Brown sticker…lol)
    Budinger #3 (blindfolded)
    Geroge #1 (hibbert)
    Evans #3 (mailman)
    Budinger #1 (pdiddy)
    Williams #1 (tomahawk over motorcycle)
    Budinger #2 (tomahawk)
    Evans #1 (ear camera)
    Williams #3 (off backboard)

    it’s hard to say since there were so many misses that diluted the dunks, the thing that makes Evans 2-ball dunk so amazing is he got it on the first try. same with George’s tron dunk. The next few could have been even better, had they got them on the first try. Evans ear cam dunk could have been great if he was able to do the 360, but he practically bounced the ball into the basket and it ended up being pretty much the worst. George was more consistent, but in the end the misses cost him.

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