Paul George Windmill Dunk Punctuates Pacers OT Win Over the Hornets

A dunker who can blend power with fluidity is a joy forever. And there are few who do so as well as Paul George. I have a feeling he will be your next NBA Dunk Champ. Thanks for coming out and all though, Chase Buddinger.

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  • dwain

    what a queasy feeling watching this game gave me, missing FT’s that could have put the game away(50+ points given up in the first half), The guys legs just looked like they were made of lead at times, i am really glad they got away with a win…but they just barely got away with a win against a team that has a total of 7 wins this season. After the AS break Pacers have a really rough stretch of games coming up, the squad that squeeked out this win isn’t going to win those tough games. Somebody is going to have to step up and carry us through those games.

  • Sam

    dwain, in the Pacers’ defense, the Hornets are playing much better as of late and aren’t as bad as their record would indicate

  • Ram

    Why is Chase Budinger in a dunk contest at all?

  • Zach Winningham

    I hope we’re not too tired to put away one final “Must-Win” before the AS break. Would be a brutal way to go into the weekend if we lost in Charlotte. Team has been struggling at the line lately. All in all, good win tonight…good teams find a way to win tough games. Things are looking up. That stretch of games after the break looks really really scary though. Getting Hill back will help but we need to rest up for that stretch and try to break even in those games.

  • Eli C

    Ram, Chase has incredibly leaping ability, he just doesn’t get to show it often because his first step isn’t all that.

    As for this quote:

    “A dunker who can blend power with fluidity is a joy forever.”

    John Keets said that! That’s my man, John Keets!

  • Joe B

    Jared, again I have to ask if there is any real consideration for George concerning most improved player? Is this award given to second year players? The sportswriter eye-catching dunks aside, his game against the Mavs and his increase role in the offense has every meaningful stat improving by leaps, especially his three point percentage and makes. Moving from bench to starter who gained notice mostly for his D on D-Rose to now full-time starter who has proven he can put up 20 any night and play above average to great defense at times makes me want to believe I am not blinded by, well, his eye-catching dunks. Thoughts?

  • adam

    Where was the bench tonight? Did vogel give them the night off?

  • Realist

    Agreed. Our bench is a bit crap. It needs George Hill ever so badly, but even then, many question marks.

    Rumours of Indiana’s bench being the best in the league and what not have been greatly exaggerated.

  • little B

    To Realist: I think your right to some point. I think they have been exposed alot recently.
    Pacers bench was one of the best last year and at the beginning of this year. This year they just don’t have a scorer without Hill out there. The other teams realize that Hansborough is the only threat so they just let DJ and AJ do whatever they want since they aren’t high percentage shooting players and double team and crash on Psycho T every play. The bench is pretty weak right now. The beginning of the year Vogel was didn’t really have the bench all on the court at once, but now he does and almost throws them in and tells them to just hold the game where it is and let the starters do the work. But its hard when the starters are only playing around 34 minutes each. Until last night. Hope the starters have the legs to come through tonight. Bobcats will probably want to repay for the drumming they go Sunday night. So I would expect this game to be close as well.

  • Mike

    Hansbrough rarely gets double teamed. There is sometimes help coming from the weak side when he’s down by the basket. Teams can afford to do that because he never passes the ball. He’s also shooting 38% this year. Missed wide open jumpers that he was taking from way too far out last night.

    I think as a whole the 2nd team doesn’t run the offense at all. Hell, the first team doesn’t really run it too well either. When Tyler gets it, he’s a black hole. The offense stalls like crazy when he gets it. Mixing some of the starters with the second teamers has helped because they can’t run out there by themselves without Hill as a scoring threat.

  • Derek U

    It’ll be PG and Budinger in the dunk contest. Chase is underrated. Probably one of the worst classes on paper, but I know it’ll be better than last years dunk class already.

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