Could George Hill Start for the Pacers?

George Hill is set to return to the Indiana Pacers pretty soon, and Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star brought up an idea that Hill could be the starting point guard instead of Darren Collison. Indiana’s coach Frank Vogel even thinks he’s “that good.”

“Quite honestly as good as [Darren Collison] and Paul George have been playing, George is going to be a guy who continues to push for those starting jobs,” head coach Frank Vogel told Wells. “He’s that good of a player and we’re looking forward to him getting back.”

As far as Wells’ thoughts on the matter, he wrote that it would be better for Collison to come off the bench since him and Tyler Hansbrough make a solid combo together.

Teaming Collison and Tyler Hansbrough together in the second unit will be a positive for Hansbrough because they’re familiar with each other and it should help him get out of his season-long shooting funk (38 percent shooting). Collison and Hansbrough were effective in running the pick-and-roll together last season.

Hill is set to return some time in the next couple of days.

Who would you rather have as the starting point guard: Hill or DC?

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  • nathan

    Well I certainly agree that collison and hansborough work together well. It wouldn’t be bad if hill started.

  • Chris D.

    DC. Hill only looked good when he played for the Spurs. We should have kept Leonard.

  • Mike

    I’m up for the idea. Collison doesn’t seem to be the PG who is going to lead us to the promised land. Not saying that Hill is either, but no sense in not giving him a run to see how it goes. I think it’s best if he sits out the next two games though. No need in rushing him back. It seems that all too often someone tries to come back a little early and ends up reaggravating an injury.

    And I hate posts that talk about ridiculous hypotheticals… but…. we have room to pick up a player next year. Deron Williams is a FA. What are the obstacles to us getting him? Besides being a small market… I don’t know too much about the CBA, our balance sheet and Deron’s value. But the dude is a beast. We’re one solid PG away from being a legitamate title contender. I know Eric Gordon is an option, but we already have a at least a couple guys who can line up at SG. Collison is just too small to guard his position and for whatever reason, cannot run the pick and roll for anything. He misses the pass at least half the time.

  • richard

    Start Hill, he’s better defensively, better scorer, better descision maker, bigger to guard some of the teams bigger point guards, most of all experience winner coming from an winning organization.

  • Sam

    If we don’t continue to start DC, we are facing the Jarrett Jack/TJ Ford situation all over again

    do i need to continue?

  • Ronal Eugene is Right!!

    This talk is way too early. Everyone seems to be conveniently forgetting how much Hill struggled running the offense early on. That and coming off missing 11 games, thinking of starting him now is ludicrous. He was playing much better right before the injury, but he needs to show more consistency before you can really start talking about starting him. This shouldn’t even be considered until mid-March.

  • Andrew

    DC… no question. Ghill is an excellent talent, but his prescense is needed with the second unit to keep them grounded, and playing solid fundamental basketball. The second unit has struggled to score points and compete with the other teams starters in the fringe minutes between when we sub our starters out and the other team takes their guys out… GHill aslo should remain the backup PG because His contract is up after this year, he may not be back, and we cannot afford to hurt DC’s confidence, especially when up until recently he was having a monster year as a PG… if you start GHill, then it should be at the 2. He is a solid 2 on a team with no Shooting Guards. Paul George is a 3, not a 2… he can play 2, but he is a 3… and he really ought to be playing 3… but unfortunately (and fortunately) we have an all star 3 in Danny Granger, so we’ve been playing two 3s instead of a 2 guard… When all these guys were healthy, the rotation Vogel was using was working wonderfully… IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT…

    Oh, and Go Pacers!!

  • Mike

    Andrew – Glad you’re not the GM. Monster year for a point guard? 11 points, 5 assists and 43% shooting? And Vogel admitted that he had AJ in the game late against NJ because DC couldn’t guard his position. I think if AJ is starting, he averages 10-12 ppg, and 6-8 assists easy with the starters.

  • Bruno (from Argentina)

    This is a tricky one; on one hand, a think Hill can be a good point guard, and it’s true that Hansbrough can benefit from having DC on the second unit. On the other hand, you have to think about what you lose by doing that. First of all, if you give Hill starter minutes at the point, you pretty much eliminate AJ from the rotation. Who becomes the second unit shooting guard then? Well, you’ll have to give Stephenson much more minutes there, and honestly, the last thing I want to see is more Lance out there (it’s like playing Russian roulette with this guy). As much upside as he may have, I think we’re still missing a solid 3-pt threat now (too bad that Mayo trade didn’t go through).
    To sum up, I think we’re better off Hill coming from the bench; DC is still young and has the talent to play and the will to improve, let’s give him a chance. AJ is playing solid again from the bench, and when the team is healthy is as dangerous as anybody. Still, I agree we’re a move away from contenders.

  • Realist

    Steve. Nash.

  • gregor t.

    DC is a true PG. Roy Hibbert is a true C. Few teams in the NBA have a better 1-5 combo. They are both young and improving. The Pacers need to keep this core together and see where they can take it. If Hibbert leaves next year i doubt the PG argument even matters. The Pacers dont need stars to win. They need a good team that goes 10 deep with players that want to be Pacers. And that may not be the case with both of these guys.

  • A-Train

    DC’s been having a better year, and the stats don’t show it. Sure we’d like to see more pts/asts/better fg% but he’s been running the show well, distributing and getting the guys their shots, and he’s still improving. Hill is on the bench cuz he’s a potent scoring 6th man and all good teams need that. He gives the second unit confidence and helps all of their games, if his absence hasn’t said all that already. DWest leads the starters, Hill the bench.

  • JRC

    I think patience is the way to go here. I love having Hill – the second unit went from one of the best, to very average when he went down. Plus, DC hasn’t been bad this year, IMO. He’s been average to above average (at times). This is only his third season. I say we let him “gel” with the team a little more before giving him the hook.

  • Joe B

    This is a defensive match-up question. We have seen Vogel bench Collison because of his inability to slow the elite point guards in the league. To DC’s credit, this is hard for everyone, but Hill’s experience could help bolster the defense on these guards: he is stronger than DC and less likely to give up easy baskets.

    I’ve mentioned in other comments I thought DC would have taken a bigger step this year with his second year with the same system and coach, especially with his passing. If Hill can distribute the ball better consistently, he starts.

  • Jesse W

    Had we drafted Marshon Brooks like I was hoping, the Pacers could go full throttle to bring in an elite D-Will level point guard using Granger and DC as bait.

    I can’t believe we brought that guy in and passed him up.

  • RoadPacer

    DC is one of the reasons why we are giving up so many points of late, hes not a good defender and his assists per game is terrible. The Pacers are ranked near the bottom in assists per game because od DC, its time to try sonething else.

  • Mike

    Agree that DC isn’t having a bad year. But I can’t help but watch us stall so often on offense. Guess what, the pg has the ball in his hands on virtually every offensive possession. DC seems to get him into trouble a lot more than he should. And all too often I see him giving the ball to our big men at the top of the key.

  • richard

    we need to add before the trade deadline, either a defensive big man to come off the bench or somebody thats a scorer who can create they own shots without using picks. every team in the league at least have 1 legit creator or an defensive pf. its time for us to stop settling for mediorcrisy. most of the good teams are still trying to get better.

  • Jack

    I think that we should continue with Collision out there, he can dictate the offensive play better than Hill can. He may be a bit streaky at times with turnovers but he will grow to be a better player in time.

    How about AJ Price as a third PG, not bad, he seems to improve every game.

    Why not go for D Williams, as someone mentioned above, would take us to the next level like Chris Paul did in LA.

    I also still think that we need another scorer, Danny hasn’t been putting up a lot of points lately.

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