Twitter Preview – Pacers Kick off Seven Games in Nine Nights by Hosting the Jazz

So, I told you in Saturday’s TwitLonger preview for the Magic game to watch the third quarter. I should ap0logize for that. Nobody should have to watch that third quarter. It was the Pacers’ worst offensive third quarter of the season (67 pts/100) – killer in a 4-point game. The Pacers have used their starters more heavily (66% of the minutes) than all but four teams in the league, and that wear and tear showed on Saturday night.

Also, it’s not great news for a team that looked dead on their feet after four games in five nights that the next 9 nights bring seven (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) games.  It’s time for another Twitter video preview – I’ll give you my thoughts in 140 seconds or less.

You can follow Jared Wade (@8pts9secs) and I (@TimDonahue8p9s) during the game on Twitter for the Pacers’ side. From the Jazz side, be sure to check out our True Hoop sister site: Salt City Hoops. Also, be sure to give Spencer Ryan Hall (@saltcityhoops) a follow.

Aaaaaaand…Jazz hands.

For my fellow stat geeks and obsessive-compulsives, I give you the fact sheets.

Pacer Fact Sheet

Jazz Fact Sheet

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  • Jesse

    Is there any word on Foster’s return? I expected him to be back by now.

    Depth is clearly a very real issue. Love the mngt’s moves on the starting lineup, scratching my head on how our bench became thinner over the offseason. Though part of that is Hansbrough’s struggles.

  • Joe

    From Mike Wells:

    The Pacers could get some frontcourt help soon. Center Jeff Foster, who has played only five games this season because of back problems, went through his first full practice in weeks Monday. How his back responds will provide an indication about when he returns to the lineup.

  • Jesse

    Thanks, Joe.

    We could have used his 4 pts/game! (or whatever it is)

  • Matt S

    I hope Hans keeps that flash of brilliance we saw on Saturday – also that Vogel keeps hot-handed players in, regardless of who they are.