Post-Game Grades: Whatever

There is no way I’m analyzing or taking the time to grade the performances of guys who participated in the dumbest game I’ve ever watched. Enjoy the Super Bowl, Indiana. Stay safe and legal. Everyone gets a C except Tyler, Lou and Lance who can each have an A.

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  • Zach Winningham

    Best win of the year in Dallas followed by the most frustrating loss of the year. Magic have no field goals in the last 4:41, two technicals late, TWENTY-FIVE TURNOVERS. Unreal.

  • Realist

    Our starters were just tired, obviously and that’s why our bench looked so good. Don’t know why he benched Hansbrough in the 4th at all, but I can’t question Lord Vogel.

  • JRC

    Yeah. That sucked. Add to that, the Purdue loss to IU. For me, a real #$@! sandwich. Ah, well. They’ll be another game in a few nights (I do love the compressed schedule)… Utah on Tuesday.

  • AesopRockOn

    Zach Wittingham, there is no way this was more frustrating that the Kings loss. Not even the same fieldhouse.

    This game was like that final scene in Talladega Nights when Ferrell and Cohen are both running feebly trying to reach the finish line, both barely able to cross because they’re so beaten and broken, and then it turns out that nobody wins at all.

  • Zach Winningham

    The Kings loss was frustrating. No question. But with the Pacers having won 10 road games capped off by a monster win at Dallas, it would have been nice to come home and win a game “you’re supposed to win.”

    Another reason for it being so frustrating is the high intensity of the game and how many technicals and near-fights went down. We were beyond motivated with hatred for the Magic tonight and they still beat us at home, the night before the Super Bowl, full house on hand.

    We were tired? We are a younger team than Orlando, and they played last night half-way across the country as well, and while the Pacers slept in their beds last night the Magic slept in Kentucky and had to take another day-flight to get to Indy for the game.

    The Kings game…they put a new zone defense on us that we had never seen and had no good shots. Tonight, we had PLENTY of good shots late and golden opportunities blown. The Kings scored 26 points in that infamous 4th quarter, they were really putting it to us. Orlando DIDNT MAKE A FIELD GOAL in the last 5 minutes! The Kings game took us by surprise, tonight’s game…we wanted it BAD and couldn’t pull through, against a worse team. Beyond frustrating.

  • Jake

    I was unaware Cleveland was halfway across country Zach.

  • Mar

    Law of averages caught a near-gas-empty Pacers. I’ll take this loss coz in spite of the result, the will and effort to win is there. Even if Danny canned that game tying three, I still believe Indiana will lose in over time. That jumper by Danny and Paul got no lift at all .. indicative of tired and weary legs. Go take some sleep, enjoy the Super Bowl weekend and pound the visiting Jazz next.

  • Jared Wade

    For the record, the Magic played vs. the Cavs in Orlando Friday night. Then, after the game, they flew to Cincinnati (and stayed in nearby Convington, Kentucky) and slept there before flying to Indianapolis Saturday afternoon. The whole thing was pretty stupid and based on the fact that they couldn’t get a hotel room in Indy. (By the time th lockout ended and the new schedule was created, the whole town was already booked up for Super Bowl.) Stan Van Gundy wanted to just sleep in Orlando and fly to Indiana the day of the game but the NBA doesn’t allow day-of travel due to the fact that weather/mechanical issues/etc. could disrupt the flight and jeopardize the start time of the game. SVG was pretty pissed about it and thought the NBA should allow them to do what was “easier” for his team (staying in Orlando).

    SVG: “It’s not a game day I’ve ever had before. Our original plan was just to stay at home last night and fly in here the day of the game, which would have been a lot easier on us, but the NBA wouldn’t allow that. So instead they made us do the double flight. It would have been easier the other way, but what was easier was not what the NBA was interested in.”

  • Drew d

    Stan van and the magic are babies. Who cares if you have to come from cincy? Its not like they ride coach. They travel in luxury. And i live 30 minutes from Indy, plenty of hotel rooms here. That whole story is a non-story. Stop crying, millionaires.

  • Conor

    I agree that this was not one of the best games to watch, but you could tell that the team was exhausted. They had 4 games with one day of rest in between all of those. I understand that the offense and defense looked terrible at times. There were many occasions where I thought “why did you do that?” and etc., but if they still almost win playing that terrible, I can’t be mad. Four decent wins in a row before losing the last one out of exhaustion is fine by me.

  • Sam

    tired legs…nothing too serious

    can’t win them all

    move on

    should have a bounce back victory over Utah on Tues

  • Matt S

    It should also be noted that the Pacers didn’t get home from Dallas until 4 AM saturday morning. I’m willing to bet they were all still tired Sat night – they played like it, at least.

  • Eli C

    Maybe so Matt S, but this was a game that I think championship teams win. I was catching flashes of 98 during that game, when, even watching on TV, you could see the desire of the crowd and the want to from the players.

    I really think if Danny nails that three to tie it at 80 that the roof comes off and Orlando is flattened, but to see just how many chances they had to win, and how Orlando kept them in it all the way until the had to start fouling Anderson is really dissapointing. I’d easily call this the worst loss of the year.

  • Zach Winningham

    Took the words out of my mouth Eli. I didn’t see as much tiredness from the Pacers in the 4th Q as I saw pure desire and hatred for the Magic, and with the crowd behind them and still unable to pull it off was extremely dissapointing. And the Pacers not getting in till 4am…honestly, what time did the Magic get into Kentucky? Maybe a little earlier but honestly both teams had the same situation with travel, and in fact the Magic had it worse. I hope we come out on fire against the Jazz.

  • Joe B

    Tired legs-schmired legs. Attack the basket. Howard is there but you have to make him work, get some blocks, but potentially pick up some fouls, and maybe the Pacers win this game. When I saw the 30% shooting in the first half, I knew it would not get any better…just one of those nights, all too common nights, when Granger starts and does not stop shooting threes.

  • little B

    1.Not sure I understood the pass to Hibbert down low with a little over 4 seconds lefts against Dwight down 3 points? This is an O’brien lapse, out thinking the play.Yes we were awful from 3 point range, but that was not going to be a gimme 2 point bucket for Roy? I belive a few years ago we tried to have someone score against Dwight on a last second shot and he swatted it.
    2.Anyone concerned that Danny has almost gotten in atleast 3 fights this year, not to mention the few times last year? I like Danny (even though he is struggling), and I love his intensity, but I think he is going to get a bad name across the league if he continues to get technicals and be involved in scuffles all the time.

  • Eli C

    1. Gotta force the play, Roy’s a legit 7-footer who can score on Dwight and might draw a foul as well, not to mention, with the timeouts on hand there was still time to play the foul game.

    2. As long as that bad name isn’t with his teammates, I’m fine with it. It establishes a tone for the team, “we don’t back down, we aren’t scared, and we’ll punish you if you step to us.” Combined with the fact that, as I can recall, he hasn’t cost the team a free-throw so far, I’m down with it.

  • Matt S

    Little B: On point 2, I’d be more concerned about the perception of Danny with fans around Indy, if he continues to get involved with on-court scuffles. After the brawl, the general perception of the NBA around here is that every player is a thug until proven innocent. For people that haven’t been following the Pacers the last couple of seasons, they watch the evening news and see Danny Granger jawing and shoving somebody on court and have a negative image of him.

    The Pacers have to be especially mindful of that kind of shit, considering the organization’s past.

  • Richard

    Wow I was not aware they didn’t make a field goal in the last five minutes.

    Really pisses me off even more.

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