Kevin Love: "I've Said It All Along, I Don't Like the Pacers"

After the Pacers beat the Bulls in Chicago last week, Derrick Rose took exception to Indiana’s over-exuberance in celebrating the win. “I can’t wait to play them again,” he said, vowing revenge. Pacers Coach Frank Vogel later jabbed the Bulls back with some words, which my mom told me, unlike sticks and stone, can never hurt me. Thus, a sorta-feud was born.

Now, another young, usually mild-mannered NBA All-Star is lashing out at the team from the Hoosier State after getting beat on his home court. Look at how much Kevin Love doesn’t like the Pacers. (My emphasis added)

I’ve said all along,” Love said, “I don’t like the Pacers.”

Love and Pacers forward Danny Granger almost came to blows with 23.7 seconds remaining the third quarter after Love was whistled for a foul and Granger approached him aggressively.

Players bumped into each other, with Michael Beasley and Martell Webster helping separate the pair. But like just about every fight in the NBA, it was all talking and no punching.

“I know that none of them were going to do anything,” said Love, who finished with 21 points. “Just play ball. It’s part of the game — a hard foul, everybody is getting fouled out there.”

The escalating feud between the two teams extends back to last season, when they split a pair of physical contests with each team winning on their home court.

“(They think) they are so tough,” Love said. “They take those pills and they got all that toughness. I don’t know where that comes from. They all think they are tough guys. I just don’t know where that comes from. It just blows my mind. They are all tough and that makes me laugh.”

The teams won’t play each other again until April 16 at Indiana, but it appears Love is already looking forward to it.

“I guarantee the next time we play them, it will be just as physical,” he said.

I’m not sure what pills he is referring to but he is clearly an authority on who is and who is not a tough guy. He has a scraggly beard and all, you know.

UPDATE: Danny Granger responded to Kevin Love on Twitter.

In response to @kevinlove’s “pacer toughness” comments… We don’t act tough, we just play hard. If we have to be tough then we will be…

In addition to wins, these Pacers sure are racking up the feuds.

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  • Doug

    All along? Since when?

    So a physical team managed to put you off your game a bit (he still had a good line).

    Cry more.

  • Joey Justice

    Does this mean that grammar challenged Timberwolves fans are going to be over here trolling now too?

    Also, you know what made me laugh, Kevin? You getting your ass handed to you on your home court. That made me laugh. You not getting a max deal kinda made me laugh too, though that was more just at your organization than you yourself.

  • Tom

    wow. surprised he’d start talking about how he’s “laughing” at a team that just beat him. sorta strange. don’t know about you guys, but if I get beat up by somebody I don’t go around talking about how their toughness is laughable… try winning first, till then shut up

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  • Ram

    These fake superstars need to shut up. Rose, now Love. Shut up. You’re not good. Get over it. Pacers4life. Stomp on your weak skills. You’re nothing without Rubio and nothing when you get amnesty’ed after blowing your knees out when you get fat again. Loser.

  • JRC

    It’s like the Pacers are the “Bad Boys” or something. I think the Derrick Rose stuff was overblown, but this is just stupid. Maybe yapping while fouling someone “hard” isn’t the best idea. At any rate, good win Pacers. I know it is just the Wolves, but I was not confident about this one considering it was the back end of a back-to-back, and we were without George Hill.

  • Derek U

    Ram, if you seriously think Rose isn’t a real all-star, then you’re dumber than Luc Longely Express, and makes me question your BBall prowess.

    Love and his face lettuce should just take the L and worry about next week. Personally I can’t wait for april 16th now, should be a good game against a good team.

    and Joey, not sure if minnesota has internet. I don’t expect any fans (if they have any) to come trolling the boards.

  • Ram

    Rose is an overrated, bad volume chucker. He’s a worse Allen Iverson despite being 3 inches taller and a terrible basketball IQ with no court vision at all. Terrible player, and it’s a joke he’s even considered good.

  • Joe B

    Really surprised by Love’s and Rose’s comments. I think the issue is that when the schedules were made, certain teams had already scribbled a W for the Pacers visit. When it didn’t work out that way, their feelings were hurt from mild celebrations and an aggressive reponse to a ridiculous foul away from the basket. This is what happens though when superstars who are used to winning do not–they have to poke fingers at the other guy and claim a moral high ground.

  • nik

    Pacers play hard. They are so crafty. That is why they are hated. They will sneak into position and leave an opponent a very difficult decision: either to submit, and lose the play (this happens a lot and it must be frustrating being someones bitch like that) OR they can initiate the contact in order to try to take back position. Love, like most stars, is one of those kinds of players. Once the contact starts, Pacers give it right back even harder, no delay, instant recoil. Ref has to call on the one who started it or not call anything. So these stars get calls against them or get pushed around hard and don’t hear a whistle. They’re not used to that, and they get pissed off. Rose, Love, there will be many more on the list this year. Personally I love it, give em hell Indiana

  • Bryz

    Wolves fan here. No, I’m not going to troll you. No, I’m not going to get into an Internet fight with anyone (pew pew pew!).

    I’m also not grammatically challenged, and I’ll have you know that with the additions of Rick Adelman and Ricky Rubio, the Wolves are becoming perhaps the saviors in Minnesota sports right now. The Twins were terrible last year, the Vikings were too, and the Wild went from 1st in the NHL to out of a playoff spot in about a month. The Wolves, despite being a sub-.500 team still, could be considered the most exciting team Minnesotans have right now.

    Love has been complaining all season. I don’t think it has anything to do with his contract, but it’s become commonplace to see him argue with the refs night in and night out. It’s rather frustrating, to be honest. He deliberately fouled Granger out of frustration, no doubt. But I have to believe that his frustration was directed more at the refs for not calling more fouls, as Rubio had been knocked around a bit and seconds before Love’s foul that started the mini-fight, Barea had been run over by a Pacer.

    Some Minnesotans are wondering if this is the beginning of a rivalry between the Wolves and Pacers. Maybe we’ll find out in April when our two teams meet again.

  • Joey Justice

    That wasn’t meant as a dig towards you or Minnesota fans, Bryz, but towards a Bulls fan who’s been trolling here lately. It doesn’t sound like you took offense to my comment, but I just want to make sure you know there was none intended. Ha, at least not towards you and your fellow T-Wolves fans.

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  • TeddyMexico

    I don’t even know what the h*ll Love is talking about. Aren’t teams supposed to be/play tough? The Pacers sure as heck aren’t dirty if that’s what he’s getting at. In fact, the pacers play one of the purest forms of basketball in the NBA. No superstars, lots of ball movement, good defense.
    If Love wants to close-line a player with 23 seconds left he should prepared for the player to stick up for himself.

  • Matt

    Haha that joke at the end about Kevin Love was just that; A joke. Just like the Pacers. If ANYONE knows what it means to be tough it’s Kevin Love. This is a guys who delivers consistent stats night in and night out and has scars to prove it. If you’re mad about Love’s comments, do something about.

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  • Jon Brown

    All this from the guy who stomped the shit out of that guys face!?

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