Pacers Win on Strength of Best Second Half Ever Against Orlando

From Elias Sports Bureau:

From Elias: Indiana quickly erased a three-point halftime deficit and rolled to a 21-point victory at Orlando. The Pacers outscored the Magic by 24 points in the second half (58-34), by far their largest second-half edge in any of 83 regular-season meetings with Orlando. Indiana’s previous high was a 17-point margin after the intermission in April 1993.

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  • TooBigNdaPaint

    The work-in-progress Pacer ‘OFFENSE’ is beginning to show signs of development. I, personally, blamed VOGEL on the recent LOSSES with his blind-faith matchups that favor the opponent even when it’s obvious (after a couple of minutes) that the opponent has a physical or talent mismatch against you!!!! I also get annoyed at the Pacer habit of NOT going more to the HOT HAND. They have had chances to build LEADS against even the BEST TEAMS but they don’t RUN PLAYS for a Pacer player with the HOT HAND which lets their momentum get away (especially when they’re trying to build a LEAD). Jeez, I now have to just RECORD the dang games because I can’t believe some the game managment ‘stupidity’ that I’m seeing out there from VOGEL and it just pisses me off to eternity. I’m just so used to watching the NBA in the 70′s and 80′s whereby NBA Coaches knew how to manage games based on physical mismatches (size and/or speed and/or length) and who had the HOT HAND in each quarter of the game…..I truly MISS that type of coaching. Now, we just SEE forced repetitions of passing the ball to the OPEN guy (which is a great concept if all 5 guys have it going that night but we all know it doesn’t work that way)!!! I DO enjoy the fact, however, that Larry Bird FINALLY grew a BRAIN and finally signed 5 guys on the starting unit that can ALL equally score or shoot the dang basketball (as well as the first two guys off the bench). I used to BEMOAN the stupidity of our former GM who had a PG (Tinsely) and PF (Jeff Foster) and/or backup Center that could NOT shoot the dang basketball a lick. It was like playing 3-on-5 every single night of the week and we had NO freaking chance to ever beat LA or any top-tier TEAM although we finally managed to make it to the NBA FINALS (by God’s grace mostly)!!!! Final Note: We doing Lance a disservice by NOT putting him in the D-League where he can play 30 minutes per night. He’s NOT progressing worth a poop because he cannot get into any kind of basketball rhythm by playing only a few minutes every night. You can tell his confidence is NOT very high and I don’t blame him a bit. Lou Amendson may be a wasted Roster spot although I understand WHY we signed him. Pendergast and Foster will be basically non-factors this year….IMHO.

  • Zach Winningham

    In response to a couple things from TooBig…

    I completely agree about Lance Stephenson and Lou Amudson. I honestly don’t think Lance is ready for the NBA, mainly because of his discipline. He is still too “street baller” for an organized NBA offense. There’s no question that he has ball skills, maybe the best on the team, and was probably the best one-on-one player of all-time at whatever playground court he grew up on. He’s a little out of control sometimes, but that could also be because he’s desperately trying to impress Vogel in his few minutes per night.

    Lou Amudson is a trade I will never understand. The Warriors got a steal with Brandon Rush there. Lou had a couple good moments yesterday against the Magic but he has consistently been hurting us more than he helps us. It makes me cringe when he gets the ball and starts bulling his way around, everything awkward, turning the ball over, etc. I know Brandon Rush wasn’t really fitting with the team, but glancing at the Warriors games from time to time and seeing his size and his comfortability on the court, and even three-point range, makes me really wonder why we made that trade. If we kept Rush, and gave him the same amount of minutes as Amudson, would Rush have not helped us more to this point this season? Is there more to this trade that I missed?

  • Ronal Eugene is Right!!

    I personally blame RANDOM full capitalization of words in a PARAGRAPH for making a post completely unreadable. JOB was way better, FIRE VOGEL NOW!!!

  • Ronal Eugene is Right!!

    Not that logic has any place on a blog comment section, but I couldn’t disagree more with both of you. First, Tinsley wasn’t on the team that went to the finals and Foster was a rookie playing a minimal role. That was not luck that got them there, Pacers were a great team that year and had they not run into the start of the Shaq-Kobe dynasty they would have won. Next, it is incredibly stupid to say that Lance is an out of control street baller and then say how dumb it is that they don’t send him to the D-League where he could dominate the ball in one-on-one matchups for 30 minutes a game. Lance has made a lot of strides, but he does need more time. If you actually watch the games you would see that at least 3 out of 4 times he touches the ball he is looking to distribute and he gets a lot of turnovers from teammates not being ready for passes. Getting more time with teammates will develop the needed chemistry. Also he’d have about 20 assists by now if our guys could hit a shot when he sets them up for wide open 15 footers. Next, the Lou trade wasn’t bad. They couldn’t give Rush away and now the have a servicable big. His problem has been fitting in and playing within himself. He needs to kick out the rebound instead of going up and getting swatted 5 times, but he will learn and last night his effort was much improved.

  • Pacers311

    Wow, a lot of misinformed and irrational statements made in just these three posts. Zach made the only sense by making good points about Lance and Lou. I was pissed when I heard they traded Rush. But here is the upside, we don’t have to keep Lou after this season and could maybe work out a deal with another team for more cash or another talent. Lance is very much still in his days playing street pickup games in Brooklyn. This kid loves basketball and I could see him playing in the league for sure. Our team is so packed he doesn’t get that much time but I’m not worried about it. Why aren’t you all excited about this team? Stop hating on Bird and forget about Jim O’Brien. Vogel has way more potential to do more with this team that Jim O’Brien ever did in his glory days at Boston. Yes Jim didn’t have as much talent with the recent deals we’ve made but neither did he play our younger more talented core, he was arrogant, and old! I bet Paul George would be on the bench if JOB was still coach. Our players are clicking more than ever and we should be grateful what Bird and Morway have done with our super small market team. No one ever gives the Pacers love or attention (Thanks D-West for choosing us over Boston). Maybe because they can’t shake the Detroit Brawl? But I didn’t think Bird would switch this around this fast. Now we are in good position to build a great team and maybe even add an Eric Gordon this summer. I’m psyched to be a Pacers fan, I forgot how awesome it felt because our team has been patient and matured. Jeff Foster not a factor this year? Foster is one of our best defensive bursts off the bench and hell be of great importance in the post season against the harder to handle Centers (Bynum, Howard, Bosh/Anthony, Noah/Asik/Gibson). More importantly our team can play defense now. Fire Vogel?

  • Zach Winningham

    It has been frustrating seeing how well the Pacers are doing and not getting any run or attention whatsoever on any media outlet, especially ESPN. I think we have a really talented team this year, and it’s nice to see the franchise turning around. We had the Pacers dominance and excitement in the 90s, the Colts streak in the 2000s, and hopefully the Pacers again in the 2010s. Maybe it’s good that we’re flying under the radar. By NO MEANS (thought I’d jump on the capitalization train) should we fire Vogel. I think he’s doing a great job. And Jeff can you not love that guy? He comes in, plays hard, good defense, energy, rebounding and occasional put-back buckets in the paint. And for a nostalgic Pacers fan, it’s awesome to see him out there and remember the old days with Reggie and the gang.

  • TravtheHoosier

    Did Rush really do anything for us? Aside from a few good games here and there,he was completely zoned out. He needed a new scene. He got one. He got a good one. Marc Jakson and the Oakland fans really revived him. He wouldn’t be playing well if he were still in Indy. He was burnt out here (no weed pun intended).

    The trade was good for both teams,’cause we got frontcourt depth (which has paid off,saving guys from playing heavy minutes),and the Warriors took a gamble that paid off for them as well. Win-win.

    Also,Foster’s rotting corpse is our 2nd best bench big. Really not too far off from Hans. Crazy people in here.

  • Pacers311

    Reggie, Reggie, Reggie….Nostalgic is right. Still have an old-school early 90s Flo Jo Pennant of him on my wall. Yea, it looks like the colts are a little unsure what’s going on. I’m not a big football fan but it will be interesting to see what happens with Manning. Hell yea to another Pacers run…we can make some noise in the playoffs. I hope to see the Ax Man (Foster) back on the courts soon. I’m looking forward to these next few bust out games vs. NJ Nets and MIN T-Wolves. Should be a couple of nice wins if we stay focused. And well be wearing those throwbacks.

  • Derek U

    What will be interesting is to see the city flip from the colts, to the pacers. It’ll happen, hell it’s already happening.

    311, You nailed it man.

    Zach, the trade was good. You remove a player who didn’t want to be here, and added front court depth that the team doesn’t have since they let Mcbob walk. He looks disoriented but he plays with the same intensity that hansbrough does, just doesn’t have the same skills. Give him time! Only comment of yours I agree with is the media attention they get, which is almost NONE. Unless THEY beat SOMEONE like the lakers, then it’s just “Why are the lakers playing terribly?”

    And I slightly agree with the Stephenson comments. I can’t stand seeing him handling the ball most of the time. I don’t know if it’s the shoes, or just his blind drives to the rim that result in charges, or turnovers. I love him on the fast break tho, boy can he push it.

    But to say that JOB would be doing better, and to fire Vogel is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. JOB almost ruined this roster; my only complaint with Bird is why did he take so god damn long firing JOB’s worthless ass. Vogel is a young coach and is learning the game much like this roster is.. I don’t like his lineup changes often, but they’re playing good. Just wish they’d step away from the JOB offense; It’s like watching high-school ball.