Frank Vogel Has a Retort for Derrick Rose

After the Pacers beat the Bulls in Chicago last week, reigning NBA most valuable player Derrick Rose thought that his opponents celebrated just a little too fervently after the win. “I will never forget how they celebrated just from winning this game,” said Rose, presumably looking skyward in the rain like a movie anti-hero whose loved one had just been slain by an evildoer. “I can’t wait to play them again.”

Now, Pacers coach has a retort for Mr. Rose.

“I don’t know if we really celebrated any more than a lot of teams celebrated when they get a road win,” Vogel said on “The Scott Van Pelt Show” on ESPN Radio. “I know they’ve got a couple guys on their team who celebrate on every play. I just think it’s the thrill of victory.”


Maybe he was referring to Carlos Boozer who screams with the joy and/or agony of a billion men every time anything happens? Or maybe he meant the always over-the-top Joakim Noah who embarrasses himself regularly in public? Or, perchance, even the occasionally non-robotic Luol Deng?

Either way, from what I’ve heard, the Pacers weren’t exactly popping champagne bottles after the game. But that’s all well and good. Because whatever the celebration actually was, it has led to Rose calling out a team that is theoretically beneath his and that team’s coach responding in kind.

And them’s feudin’ words.

And we likes us some feudin’.

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  • JT’s Hoops Blog

    Derrick is just being a sore loser. Save it for the game and quit yer cryin’

  • Ram

    He’s probably crying in his sleep now that people realize his MVP was fraudy as fraud.

  • Doug

    “”And them’s feudin’ words.

    And we likes us some feudin’.””

    Ha, nice.

  • Shiki31

    Indy needs to find a defender who can play Rose tight without slipping on his tears. Yeah! Take that!

  • Luc Longely Express

    Coach Vogel just signed his starting point guards death certificate.
    R.I.P. Darren Collison, it was nice knowing you.

  • JRC

    Just to add a little more fuel to this (overblown) fire – Did Rose object to the Heat players high-fiving after the game on Sunday? :D

    In all seriousness, I can’t imagine Rose meant those comments to be taken as strongly as they have been. Also, pretty much every athlete (and person, for that matter) uses revenge/disrespect as a motivating factor. Let me also add, that I find it hard to hate this iteration of the Bulls (despite some of their fans’ best efforts). The only hatred I have for them is the lingering exhaustion from the Michael Jordan era – and even that was more from the repeated propping up of his supporting cast as being great (I mean, c’mon, Reggie Miller would be on the “50 Greatest” list if he had played with Jordan… wait, they were both SGs. Nevermind).

    In summary – Bulls, we hate you. :D

  • Mike

    Shiki – No one can guard Rose. And that’s all you guys have. If you hadn’t won that (rigged) lottery, you’d still be at the bottom of the Central. You know who was drafted 9th that year? DJ Augustin.

    And can we stop with the “MVP” chants every time Rose touches the ball? Is that the best you all have got?

  • Derek U

    I feel this comment has been way over blown, but Vogel handled it well.

    and Ram, he was the MVP last year. People forget what MVP stands for, most valuable player; to their team, not the league. The bulls would have been nothing last season w/o Rose, hence his MVP, and rightfully so. To say it’s fraudulent is beyond arrogant.

    Mr. Luc Longley Express, what you’ve just said … is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this blog is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Jordan

    Derek U, thank you. Just… thank you. In other news, Miss Lippy’s car is green.

  • Luc Longely Express

    Dude, your pompous and petty. calm your ass down. your two well crafted paragraphs dont impress nobody.

  • Luc Longely Express

    Derek U, STFU dude, your a petty pompous little man. you know what the hell im sayin, dont be an ass.

  • Joey Justice

    It’s “you’re,” as in the contraction for “you are”; unless you mean to imply that somebody owns a pompous and petty, or a petty pompous little man, which really just brings up more questions than answers.

    On the plus side, you did use the correct version the second time in your first post. 33.3% may be a crappy shooting percentage, and an even worse percentage involving the use of basic grammar of a language I presume you’ve at least attempted to speak all of your life, but that’d be a helluva BA if you were in the Majors. Kudos.

  • Derek U

    L.L.Express; the internet is serious business, if you can’t handle it step off. All you do is come in here and try to blast some bulls v pacer trash talk anytime this blog takes a whiff of Chicago.

    And forming well crafted pargraphs on the internet is the true measure of a gangster, and someone who may know their shit. You can know everything in the world, you come in butchering your own language then you’re going to look like a fool, and never be taken seriously.

  • Luc Longley Express

    yeah joey i ment that someone on here owns a pompous and a petty, ur so smart.

    “internet is serious business” ………. what are you a lolcat ?

  • Derek U

    No, I’m literate.

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  • Luc Longley Express

    “forming well crafted pargraphs on the internet is the true measure of a gangster” – now thats some real dumb ass shit right there.

    talking tuff, and insulting people on the internet dont make u look very smart, asshole.

  • mrhandy25

    Have the Pacers ever had an MVP, or won an NBA title,just curious???