Twitter Video Preview: Can the Pacers Sweep the Celtics in the Garden This Year?

The Pacers played their best, most balanced game in the United Center on Wednesday night to notch a big win over the Bulls in a brewing rivalry.  Friday, it will be the Celtics, winners of four of their last five. Here’s another brief video preview of the Pacers’ upcoming game. Inspired by Twitter, I’ll give you my thoughts in 140 seconds or less.

You can follow Jared Wade (@8pts9secs) and I (@TimDonahue8p9s) during the game on Twitter for the Pacers’ side. From the Boston’ side, keep up with @celticshub and be sure to check out our True Hoop sister site: CelticsHub

Enough with the formalities, can the Pacers make Friday their 13th win of the season?

For my fellow stat geeks and obsessive-compulsives, I give you the fact sheets.

Pacer Fact Sheet

Celtic Fact Sheet

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  • Louie Gleixner

    I got a question maybe you would be able to answer. I’m looking to the offseason for a second and the possibility of obtaining Eric Gordon without losing anyone. If I’m right we will have about 20 million in cap space and needing to resign Roy and Hill. I am thinking that Roy is going to get near a max deal and deserves that. However, I am not sure how much Hill will demand but with all this speculation of us going after Gordon, the only way I see it possible is if we trade someone to free more cap and right now I think Granger is more reliable and healthy to consider trading. So, basically what I am getting at is I don’t see it very possible and more of a pipeline dream. I do however see us go after Mayo again. Thoughts?

  • Adam B

    Love that you had the Black Keys as your music of choice!

  • Lou

    Those are some clean-looking excel images!

  • Tim Donahue

    Louie: That deserves a post of its own, and I think Jared is working on one. You identify a lot of the issues surrounding the Pacers’ pursuit of Gordon, which will be…complicated.

    Adam B: You can thank Rocksmith – the video game where you use a real guitar as a controller. My son got it for Christmas, and “Next Girl” is one of the songs I’ve been trying to play (I play the guitar as if I have plump polish sausages taped to my fingers). As an old guy who never listens to the radio any more, the only places I get “new” music are on video games, commercials and TV shows.

    Lou – Yup, thanks for the note. I like the cleaner look, too, but over the years, I’ve gotten in the habit of leaving the gridlines on numbers-heavy presos because the people I present to like the lines as a visual aid over the cleanness. But, you were right – in this environment, clean is better.