Derrick Rose "Will Never Forget" How the Pacers Celebrated and "Can’t Wait to Play Them Again"

The Bulls were a vaunted one seed with the best record in the league when last year’s playoffs began. They considered the Pacers a speed bump on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals. It was a competitive series in the sense that the games ended with the teams having scores that were close to one another, but there was really no doubt which franchise had the better squad. It was the classic “gentleman’s sweep” in which the superior team is gracious enough to give the scrappy underdog a bone before sending them fishing.

So in that sense, Indiana/Chicago is far from a rivalry. But after a big Pacers win tonight in the United Center, which the Indiana players were apparently pretty excited about, and this quote from Derrick Rose, we might be able consider this a fued.

Check out this quote reported by K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune.

DRose: “I will never forget how they celebrated just from winning this game. I can’t wait to play them again.”

Indiana and Chicago of course had some pretty heated games back in the 1990s. Reggie Miller used to get under the skin of the best player ever as Reg yapped at MJ like a little lap dog. We’ll see if anything comes of this or it just blows over.

UPDATE: Ronnie Brewer had something to add the next day.

“When you’re walking off the court, you’re in the same corridor,” Brewer said on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “And we were walking into our locker room, and you could hear those guys celebrating, cheering, screaming, and that kind of hit home with a lot of guys on our team.

“We’re all competitors. They’re in our division. Every time we play them it’s a tough matchup. And especially in front of our fans, you don’t want to have a letdown and lose at home. To hear them do like that adds a little fuel to the fire. We talked about it after the game.”

So, not just Derrick.

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  • boombaby

    Haha, Derrick Rose, U MAD

  • pacejmiller

    The Pacers do get a bit carried away sometimes…but they really earned that win.

  • bambam

    Seems a little immature and douchy to me I think D rose needs to grow up and get over it.

  • Realist

    Surely he must understand that it’s all out of respect. We don’t excited when we beat New Jersey or Cleveland. But if we beat the top team in their gym, then yes, happy days.

    Chillax, Derrick.

  • DrTruth

    The Bulls were down with 2 major injuries, first to their starting SF and second to their best defensive big. I echo Rose’s sentiment.

  • Luc Longely Express

    Thats two people on the pacers team i feel like punching in the face, Hansborough, and your dumb ass coach.

    im pretty sure rose was talking about him, because dude acted like he just won a prize. too bad rose cant dunk on his stupid ass.

    Still though decent win, without Taj, no Deng, only 9 working toes on Rose. see you next game.

  • TravtheHoosier

    I think ya’ll seem to be forgetting that the Pacers were without a key piece of their own; MVP of Pacers’ fans’ hearts,Jeff Foster. Also,Hibbert has a broken nose. Stop whining about injuries.

  • JRC

    Wow, huge egos do get bruised easily. Oh noes, the Pacers “celebrated” a victory on your home court. I’ve always been a big fan of “act like you’ve been there before”, but this is a little bit much. It was a close game, and I think the Bulls would’ve been a little bit excited had they pulled it off (especially if they had done so on the strength of that Scalabrini three at the end).

    @Luc Longley Express: Do you not see the irony in a fan of the team for which Joakim Noah plays wanting to “punch the face” of Hansbrough, ostensibly because he gets under your skin with his “hustle” plays?

    All in all, it was a good game last night, and made better by the fact that the Pacers were able to do something they hadn’t in a while – win on the road in a close game against a good team.

  • bj

    We just beat the number #1 rank team in nba on their home floor,enough said…D rose get over it,youre better than that!

  • Mike

    I specifically watched the end of the game to see if we celebrated too much. We didn’t. At least not from what I saw. I think we were more hyped after the LA win. And it’s not like they weren’t pounding their chests and yelling the entire game after they made some big play (as they always do). Get over it. You lost. Get back to your locker room and on to the next.

  • Ian

    Even without Gibson and Deng, the Bulls are a 55 win team. Isn’t this the deepest team in the league? Ronnie Brewer stepped up. Asik is practically interchangeable with Gibson. They added Hamilton over last season.

    The Pacers were on the 2nd leg of a back to back (and after playing a quality Orlando team at that), after playing a 3 game west road trip, while the Bulls not only had an off day the night before but had another ‘off day’ playing the Nets in Chicago the night before that. And the game was at the United Center one of the toughest places to play in the NBA.

    Despite the injuries the Bulls had to be huge favorites going into this game. All this whining from Bulls fans and Derrick Rose is silly. Rose is a brilliant player, but all the touch fouls he gets in his favor I think have warped his idea of what compeditive basketball is.

  • Derek U

    Man, didn’t expect chicago fans to come in here with excuses and tears. Good win for the Pacers against a top team. It was a total team effort, and they left everything on the court.

    Way to comeback from a tough loss to the magic!

  • MachoMan Randy

    So……is it trendy for Pacer fans to go on Chicago message boards and hate?! I think that the only reason Rose and so many of these fans are lashing out is because they’re scared. We just outplayed them albeit without deng (who seems to defend granger extremely well) and Gibson, who is a proven commodity off the bench. Still the Pacers have shown that while Chicago should win the Central (and they should) the Pacers are not going to roll over and give it to them! I think Derrick Rose is awesome, a gentleman, and last years MVP easy, but come on dude. Relax!

  • Kleenex for Rose

    You mad bro?

  • Jon

    What does he want them to do? Frown and keep their arms pointed downwards after the game is over?

  • Luc Longely Express

    @JRC, dont assume.

    Its not Hansboroughs hustle plays that annoy me, its his face, and your dumb ass coach has the same “i wanna punch the crap out of it” face too. i can see Joakim having that effect too.

    you guys played a good game and kicked out butts in our house. but come on, its january and your coach acting like he just won a free car.

  • Bryan

    The Bulls know that the Pacers are only a step away from ruining their stranglehold that they have in this division. I can’t wait to see them next game either so we can beat em again.

  • Logan

    Rose needs to shut up and get over it. I have zero respect for that guy and don’t think he should have been allowed in the NCAA and maybe not even the NBA. He freakin cheated by paying someone to take his SAT’s. I love seeing him taken down a peg.

  • Steve Holliday

    You talk about punching Hansbrough and Vogel in the face while your coach stands on the sideline doing his Rodney Dangerfield imitation and wining about every call. The Pacers beat you on a tough back to back after playing poorly the night before and playing terrible in the first half of this game. They did it without one of their missing pieces so don’t use the injury excuse. Deng would not have played any better than Brewer did. The cheap shot Boozer did on West late in the game deserved the punch in the face. I just wish it would have been on Hansbrough, he may have gotten one. Stop crying, take your medicine like men because we can’t wait to kick your a__’es again.

  • boombaby

    @Luc Longely Express

    haha U MAD

  • Joe B

    Bulls = same team with slightly worse total defense (Hamilton) Pacers = improved team with solid trade addition and free agent signing (Hill, West) and more experienced core of young players who continue to take positive steps in their game (Hibbert, George, Collison, Hansborough). The future playoff match-up, if it happens, will be closer than last year–maybe even scary for the Bulls.

  • PGforThree

    Yo lets chill. No need to be starting stuff. I agree with Luc Longely Express. Vogel was a little too chipper in the win running off and high-fiving the assistant coaches.

    We gotta stay even keel. Championship teams don’t celebrate anything because they have a lot more work to do. We had a great win but we got a lot more things to prove before we can celebrate.

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  • UNC fan

    Gezzzz Bull fans are u kidding me…put ur big boy panties on and man up….as far as punching hansborough in da face,,,hell ur players been beating up on him every game so give it ur best shot……lol……………….Bulls going DOWN

  • Rick

    This is just Chicago media trying to drum up interest in a rivalry and the fans are eating it up. They did it last year too when Granger said the way to beat the Bulls was to control Derrick Rose. Uh… yeah… duh! But the media played it up as an insult and got Rose to seem all bothered and whiny about it. I don’t think he would have ever even cared had they not shoved microphones in his face over it.
    BTW, did anyone listen to any of the Pacers players afterward? Hibbert mentioned how it was great to get a win there because the Bulls are such a good team. Isn’t he such a bastard?!
    D Rose in my opinion should be MVP again this year. They guy is phenomenal. The Bulls are the best team in the league. Freakin’ act like it. Rose should be insulted if they hadn’t been celebrating.

  • Joe G

    D-Blows is overrated. I can score 20 if I shot 40 shots a game. I hate all Chicago fans. Arrogant pieces of crap. Tom Tibbydough is a piece of crap too.

  • Joe G

    D-Rose couldn’t beat Fred Jones in 1 on 1.

  • Luc Longely Express

    hey a little trash talking amongst the fans is kinda fun. but saying rose is overrated and cant beat fred jones 1 on 1 is just crazy talk.

    Tibbydough was funny, but not as funny as your coaches rat face or Hansborough flailing post moves. bring it Indy !!

  • Realist

    Already brought.

  • Tap

    Never forget…never forget.

  • Derek U

    I think indy already brought it Luc.

    But to come in here with your talk about punching faces makes you look like an incredible douchebag, like the rest of Chicago.

    And those flailing post moves that tyler pulls eats boozer up and sends hansbrough to the line all day. Boozer can hardly handle him, and makes boozer look like the bitch he is all game long.

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  • http://[email protected] D Brooks

    Hahaha Indiana pacers!!! Will never never win an NBA ring!!! Hahah Chicago 6 rings and Indiana -6. You Guys are negative because you are so far behind. I hate Indiana with a passion!!!!!! No one likes the pacers. And even if you beat the bulls! You will never come close to beating the miami heat.

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  • realshiiit

    honestly Derrick would f**k Hansbrough’s corpse with a torn acl and an amputated arm

  • realshiiit

    D Brooks eat your heart out… but bulls maybe in 2

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