Paul George Got Jokes

The Pacers pooped their pants tonight in the fourth quarter against the Kings zone, watching what was once a 16-point lead turn into a four-point loss. Plenty of teams give up big leads but it was the utter futility they displayed doing it that was so ugly. They scored 8 points in the fourth, committing 9 turnovers and shooting 3-for-16. Yikes.

Paul George led the charge of horrible, committing three bone-headed turnovers in the period. But it looks like his confidence isn’t shaken. Check the tweet he sent out after the game. “Dropped the ball tonight! #Literally”

That there is brilliant. And the very fact that he is one of about three people I’ve seen/heard use the word “literally” in a proper, non-extraneous way in the past, oh, six months makes his mistakes forgivable.

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  • ya boy

    jared wade, you sir are a dumbass… pacers will bounce back

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  • Joe B

    If the Pacers hit more than one three, they have this game even with the terrible rebounding and turnovers. I’m a huge Paul George fan…he just couldn’t find the three…or hold onto the ball in the fourth. He could, though, chase down one of his turnovers and initiate crazy block mode….before another King cleaned up the mess.