Pacers Defeat Celtics 97-83: Frank Vogel Post-Game Press Conference

For the second time in a little over a week, the Pacers handled the Boston Celtics in relatively easy fashion. As I tweeted during the game, it’s been a long time since I thought the Pacers were just plain better than the Celtics, but I think I believe it now.

The Pacers stand at 9-3, and undefeated at home. If they continue winning – by hook or by crook – then it might be time to start talking about this team in terms of not just grabbing, but expecting home court advantage in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

But enough of what I think, give a listen to Frank talking about the game, the tempo, and the upcoming West Coast trip.

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  • Pervis

    No post-game grades? I always look forward to the post-game grades :(

  • MJS

    +1. Checked back about 5 times. Where my grades at?

  • Tim Donahue

    That’s my bad, fellas. I promised Jared some notes after the game, then ended up crashing like the doddering old man I am. Working on it now.

  • Joe B

    Paul George had a great game–there were at least two plays that deserved the ironic head shake that says, “No…that didn’t just happen.” Any early picks for most improved player this year? Would George be a part of that conversation? All numbers up minus a small dip in FG% at this time, and his 3P% is off the charts. Really, he could be in a position to nearly double the majority of his numbers from last year with only a 50% bump in playing time.