Granger, Hill Are Game-Time Decisions vs. Philly

Danny Granger is questionable with food poisoning, and George Hill is still not 100% due to being tossed onto his backside after getting tangled up with Gerald Henderson during Saturday night’s game against the Bobcats.

Mike Wells of the Indy Star reports.

Danny Granger (food poisoning) and George Hill (back) will be a game time decision tonight vs Philly

What will really get certain fans riled up is if Danny doesn’t play and the ball movement looks crisper than ever. As for Hill, he has had it going the last two games. He shot 11-for-18 (61.1%) against Boston and Charlotte, including 3-for-4 (75.0%) from behind the arc, after starting the season 19-for-48 (39.6%) and 4-for-16 (25.0%) from deep.

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  • Tim Donahue

    In George Hill’s first three games as Pacer, he shot 8-for-27, but in the last five: 22-for-39, that’s going from .296 to .564. He missed all 8 of his treys in those first three games, but has hit 7/12 since. His eFG% over the last five games is .654, and his TS% is a ridiculous .748.

    For all Danny’s struggles, the offense is still scoring 7 more points per 100 with him on the floor, than with him on the bench.

    These would be tough absences visiting a good Philly team.

  • Ronal Eugene

    Gerald Henderson isn’t the cleanest of players. Watch the video as Billy Packer tries to defend him and say it wasn’t a dirty play and question why Hansbrough was in the game. Henderson clearly goes to hit him in the face.

    And, yes, I’m purposefully trying to ratchet up a rivalry with every team in the league.

  • JT’s Hoops Blog

    Fortunately for the Pacers, they have a deep bench to offset the loss of hill and Granger.